Did Richard Lane (1600s) stay in England or move to Virginia?

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Various family trees link a Richard Lane, who died in Virginia, to parents Thomas Lane and Anne Bagot of England.  There are records for the two Richards – one born in England and one died in Virginia.  But it is not clear that they are the same person.

In Wikitree, the two Richard Lane profiles are Lane-11071 (born in England) and Lane-235 (died in Virginia).  The known sources are as listed in the profiles.  (Sources for the link from England to Virginia appear to be personal family trees, some examples are listed but others can readily be found.)

As this connection would link American lines with Magna Carta related lines, it is of some interest.

Evidence and opinions for or against are welcome.

WikiTree profile: Richard Lane
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Based on the information in their profiles and in the one MyHeritage link that I could access, I don't see any evidence that Thomas Lane (c1634-1708) is the son of Richard Lane - whether or not he stayed in England.

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lane-235 (Richard married Alice Ann Burwell, died Surry County, Virginia). His WikiTree profile has a transcription of a will said to be his, but the wife named is Elizabeth and there's no mention of a son Thomas. Sources on that profile include two MyHeritage links. The sources for the MyHeritage page that I could access were WikiTree (with "Confidence: Direct and primary evidence") & FamilySearch (also with "Confidence: Direct and primary evidence" but different information) - neither offers a clickthrough (everything I click takes me to the login/pay for a premium MyHeritage subscription page, so I don't know for sure which WikiTree profile it's citing or whether or not the FS link is to a record or a pedigree file, but based on the information displayed for it, I would guess a pedigree file). The FamilySearch entry also notes "There seems to be an issue with this person's relatives."

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lane-11071 - Richard died in England unmarried. The profile explains & has links that support he wasn't the one who died in Virginia as well as links showing that his parents were Thomas Lane and Ann Bagot. 

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lane-495 - Another Richard Lane, neither the one who died unmarried in England nor the one who died in Surry County, Virginia & his profile has text/sources to support this (it appears that this Richard is the one referenced by the FamilySearch source given in the MyHeritage page that I accessed).

Conclusion: We have three Richard Lanes:

  1. Richard Lane-11071 (c1626-before 1663), died unmarried in England, son of Thomas & Anne (Bagot) Lane
  2. Richard Lane-495 (1596-before 1657), died before 7 August 1657, the date of his wife Alice's petition as a widow, son of Roger and Beatrix Lane
  3. Richard Lane-235 (c1610-1687), of Lawne's Creek in Surry County, Virginia, whose will is dated 18 March 1686/87 (according to the transcription on Lane-235); parents unknown but frequently shown as son of Thomas & Anne (Bagot) Lane.

It appears to me that all three profiles need to be retained, but that the profile for Richard Lane-235 (of Virginia, with the 1687 will) needs to be detached as son of Thomas and Ann (Bagot) Lane.

answered by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (312k points)
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And I can find no evidence for Alice Ann Burwell b 1612 either (whether or not she married a Richard Lane - and if she did, on 11 Jan. 1661, then she's not the mother of Thomas Lane born 1630).

In fact Richard married 11 Jan 1661 (location nowhere mentioned) and Thomas married shortly after 11 Jun 1661.  Odd that.

Which leaves 2 more questions - Jan 1160/1 or 1161/2, and Alice or Ann?
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Well, if you have to choose between evidence or opinions, go for the evidence!
answered by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (248k points)
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The two My Heritage links listed on the profile for Richard Lane-235 do not offer any sources.

One is a link to a Geni profile.  Profile includes the same will of Richard Lane as is posted to Wikitree.  But then ignores that the will refers to his wife as Elizabeth and simply states she was Alice Burwell.  So just the usual unsourced claim.

The other link has two sources.  One apparently is back to Wikitree.  The other is to a different Richard Lane, born 1596 and died 1657 in the Bahamas.  (That is a real Richard Lane-495).  So again there is no original source provided.
answered by Paul Gierszewski G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)
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Further notes:

- I have checked Ancestry, Family Search, Geni and My Heritage, and Google, and Wikitree online Virginia Colony resources.  I have not found any original sources to link Richard Lane-235 who died Surry Virginia around 1686 with Thomas Lane and Anne Bagot of England.
- In contrast, there is a reasoned basis for believing that their son Richard Lane-11071 died in England, as documented in his profile, including the Visitation of Staffordshire in 1663.
- It might be argued that as the youngest son, and being from a royalist family during the English civil war, it was possible that he tried his luck in the colonies in the 1640's.  However it seems unlikely that the family would be unaware of this, yet there is no mention of it.  And as he was from English gentry, it would also seem likely that he would have been more visible in Virginia if he actually went there.
- I have also not found an online record for marriage of Richard Lane and Alice or Ann Burwell in this timeframe in England or Virginia.  Further suggesting this is fictional.
- The only evidence on this Richard Lane-235 of Surrey is his will, which provides no indication of his parents.

I propose to disconnect Richard Lane-235 (born ?, died Virginia) from Thomas Lane and Anne Bagot, and leave Richard Lane-11071 (born and died in England) as their son.
answered by Paul Gierszewski G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)

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