My brick wall gr gr grandfather William Rainey Hughey Sr had a nephew from Texas visit him...

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A couple of months ago I subscribed to and surprisingly I found hundred's of articles about my brick wall gr gr grandfather William Rainey Hughey Sr in Oswego Kansas. I clipped and printed them all. I even have his elusive obituary now! His obit states that he was born in Spartanburg, SC which I knew "and was raised in the south." That is vague. Too bad no specific state or siblings or parents mentioned in it but I am thrilled to have it.

A good lead I have learned from an article in though is that William Rainey Hughey Sr had a nephew W H Hughey from Trenton, Texas come to visit him in Oswego KS. A fellow Wikitreer lead me to a William Henry "Bill" Hughey who was born in 1851 in Georgia that lived in Texas many years with his wife and children.

I have learned since that William Henry Hughey had a father named General Jackson Hughey born 1825 in South Carolina. (General was his first name, not a title, I gather, as there was no war when he was a young man and no military info on him in Fold3.) This means General Jackson  "Jack" Hughey was my William Rainey Hughey Sr's brother. This is amazing. So far it fits. This info is starting to crumble my brick wall. I am still searching for more info on this new family but need your help. These brother's probably had more siblings too. DNA cousin matches will one day verify that! I want to know parent's names. I am looking in 1830 South Carolina records for more possible leads and info. This would mean my William Rainey Hughey Sr was not born as of yet, but his brother General Jackson "Jack" Hughey would be. I can't afford to re-sign into Ancestry and look at records. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks all!
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Still looking for the father and mother....

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I will have to put this in small amounts since I can't put everything all on one page. But I will give you what I have.  I will give you what I know for sure are the right ones but I will also give you ones that might be yours but not sure. I hope you understand that I do not know your family and from one census to another things often change then you kinda have to put pieces together.  

W. H. Hughey - marriage 20 Dec. 1877 to Mary L Callahan in Murray Georgia.

Henry Oscar Hughey - death 4 Feb 1968 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas B. 9 March 1888 Atlanta, Ga   Father is W. H. Hughey, and Mary Elizabeth Callahan.

W. H. Hughey - Marriage 1 Dec. 1907 Gordon Ga, to Dessie Rockley.

W.H. Hughey - & Leily Vaughn married 23 Nov. 1886 -Appling, Ga.

1870 Kansas U.S. Census      William R. Hughey - age 38 SC b.1832

Sarah Hughey  ----age 29 Illinois b. 1841;   Elvina Hughey  -age 9 Illinois b. 1861 ;     Celia Hughey   ---age 8  Illinois b. 1862.

William M Hughey  ( William R. Hughey)  burial 1864 Abbeville SC b. 18 May 1819 Died 6 Nov 1864 Upper long Cane Cemetery Find a grave memorial # 140741782  Spouse:  Elizabeth J. Buchanan    No children.

William Hughey enlisted as a private in Company A, 1st South Carolina Calvary Regiment on March 19, 1862 in Abbeville, SC. He died on Nov. 6, 1864 in a hospital on James Island. Elizabeth Hughey b. March 1825 SC. died 4 Nov. 1897 age 72 Upper Long Cane Cemetery ---Find a grave memorial # 103807106

William H Hughey b. 1 May 1851 -------died 7 Nov 1921 Laws Chapel Cemetery Cass Co. Texas Wife Cara ?  She remarried after the death Of William. to James H. "Jim" Freeman on 26 Dec. 1925 .  She had 3 children by William and they are:  Lake Hughey 1911 -  1927;   Arvil P Hughey 1916 - 1922;  Grady Ryan Hughey  -  April 16 1919 -  Jan. 13, 1978 Laws Chapel Cemetery.    

If I find anything else I will let you know. I might could find something at the genealogy center but I will have to wait til Monday to go. But I will look to see what they have in the Heritage books.  If you need anything for me to do just let me know. Nancy.
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Yes, some of these ARE the family I am searching! Numbers 1, 2, 5, and 9 are correct. Thanks!!!

Here is General Jackson Hughey's profile in familysearch;

Here is William Rainey Hughey Sr.'s profile in familysearch:

It is difficult to find them on anything together. I was lucky to find that article!!!

I will look more into John B Hughey possibly being the father. Another Wikitreer some months ago also suggested a John Hughey as the father. Hmmmmm. In it had an article about John Hughey in SC having an unknown number at his death. Yikes. Wish someone would have counted them all!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will take any fresh eyes I can get on this!

P.S. Some DNA 2nd to 3rd cousin matches to me and my Hughey relatives have their brick wall Hughey ancestors as a Joseph Hughey born ca 1815

and a Narcissus or Narcissa Hughey (Knott) born 1827.

Somehow they are connected to my line too.  Just more confusion I'd say! Lol.
Your suggestion of William H Hughey who married Mary Callahan is the actual William Henry I am seeking. He is William Rainey Hughey Sr's nephew! Thanks!
Found this on Findagrave:

memorial #80202136

William Rainey Hughy, Sr

You might already have seen this, but it is worth a look. Hope this helps.
William Rainey Hughey, Sr

Burial:  Oswego Cemetery

Oswego, Labette County, Kansas, USA

Section 3 grave 21.
Yes Dennis. This was a great find for me years ago. As a matter of fact, I am the "DebraPolly" at the bottom of his memorial that has sponsored the page. Thanks.
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In the 1820 Census I found on MyHeritage a "Geo Hughey" in Spartanburg, SC. Maybe that can tear down another brick of the wall.
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Thank you Jelena! I have also seen 2 George Hughy's show up in the  Spartanburg, SC 1830 census too, along with a John Hughe, Thomas Hughy, and a William Hughy. Sure wish they did more info back then. I have been trying to research George as a possible father too. Wish I had plane ticket money to fly down to Spartanburg SC to look through their records! Thanks again! If you have any more ideas, please post!  :)
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I saw your post and I thought I could help.  ON Wikitree, they have a page with John B. Hughey b. 1789 - 1866  born in South Carolina.  Check it out, this could be the father.  I will do more research I think the  has the family tree on it.  I also found that General Jackson Hughey b. 1810 died in Georgia 1880.  I will try to find him for you. In the meantime look up the page on Wiki Tree and see if John B. Hughey is in your family.   Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Nancy
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I have done some more research but I went to and I went through the Genealogies. And I found some things that may have a baring on your family. But I am not sure but this is what I have so far.:  But I need to remind you that I believe there are more than one William Hughey and more than William Rainey Hughey because I have more than one date of birth. Now it could be his son, not sure since I don't know your family. But I will give you enough that I hope will help you find your uncles, cousins, aunts and who ever you need to find. Here goes:  General Jackson Hughey b. 1810 -died 1880 in Georgia.

John B. Hughey -----B. 8 Sept 1789 - died 4 July 1866 born in South Carolina.;   Martha Hughey b. 1777- died 1857       Children are as follows;   Ann Hughey b. 1822 :   Mary Hughey b. 1820-----Rebecca J. Hughey---B. 1828 - died -  1909;   Martha Hughey b. 1832----Nancy Hughey b. 1821 ---- Elizabeth Hughey b. 1835 ----- George W. Hughey b. 1835 ---died 1910-----John Hughey b. 1823 - 1867,  ----Thomas Jenkins Hughey b. 1830 - 1861  ----Samuel Hughey b. 1822.

Parents of John Hughey b. 1789 -  father George Hughey 1758 -1838 ---Mother is Isabel  Hughey b. 1763 and died 1839.  Children are as follows:   William Hughey b. 1785;  John Hughey b. 1787;    James Hughey b. 1791;   Mary "Polly" Hughey b. 1793 - 1840;  Nancy Elvira Hughey b. 1794 - 1850;   Samuel Hughey 1796;  Elizabeth Hughey b. 1798 ;   Frances Hughey - b. 1800;  Margaret Hughey b. 1805.

In researching this, I came across Huey, Hewey The name could have been changed through the years.  I will have to write the rest later. Nancy
Thanks for your research help Nancy! My William R Hughey was born in 1831, so I wonder if this family is his...Jackson was born in 1817 or 1825 I think. I do know the different spellings of Hughey's is common. I feel pretty sure my Hughey's came from some Huey's in Ireland due to DNA cousin matches but cannot connect them as of yet. The name John Hughey does seem to come up a lot, so maybe a John Hughey is the father. Would love to see something with Jackson and my William somewhere attached to John. Well, I am happy to have some new eyes on this brick wall!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
This is all so interesting!
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I found this in a newspaper "Chronicling America"  however I don't have the date just yet but I can get it.  I am not hooked up to my printer or otherwise I would have made a copy however I don't know if anyone is interested or may know what family she is actually from. But I just need to report that.

Hi. Yes. I found this couple on and many articles about them. Don't know if they are connected but lots of good reads. I'll keep plugging away! Thanks.
Hi Nancy, I did read on about her suicide some months ago. She may very well be related to my family! Still searching too. I didn't know about "Chronicling America" Hmmm. Will have to look!
Jan, I did find a lot on and read about Elizabeth and their hotel etc. I may have even been the one who clipped the articles. She may very well be related to my Hughey's. I'm still actively looking at her...

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