Why am I getting spurious triggering in Watchlist of all 330+ Percheron Immigration Category profiles?

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This lingering spurious triggering in Watchlist of Percheron Immigration Category profiles is a big problem because is inherently defeats the purpose of having a Watchlist.

I have had this problem for a long time and keep suspecting that this triggering of profiles in Watchlist is caused by a change in the Percheron Immigration Category page.
asked in WikiTree Tech by Anonymous Lambert G2G6 Mach 1 (10.5k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
What do you mean by triggering in watchlist? Is it altering date changed?
When 330+ profiles appear ail of a sudden in the Watchlist which profiles are in the main not actual valid changes, ithere can be no assumption other than that this such events have been triggered in error due to softtware error and not as normally expected by a series of changes made by members to a very small number of profiles.

It is simply not practicalf for me to check 330+ profiles the vast majority of which are not valid changes.

There can be no doubt that these events are spurious mass-triggererd  anomalies  inherently caused by a software bug.

Wikitree needs to fix this software bug.

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Claude, please explain what you mean by triggering.  Are you getting messages about all of them at once as if there was a change, in a big long list?

Talk to whoever was working on sorting out the migration categories, that might be part of it, I know they were restructuring the tree for that recently.
answered by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (199k points)

Let's try this last comment, now hidden, over again.

Q1. Are you getting messages about all of them at once?

Q2. If there was a change in a big long list?

A1., No. A2. Yes.

This problem is spurious including in terms of having been occurring, with different frequency levels, for years. So this is independent of recent sorting out of migration categories.

WikiTree needs to fix this software bug.

What is the use of having a Watchlist which causes spurious triggering of 330+ profile names, the vast, vast majority of which are not actual valid changes?

Some expert in WikiTree needs to get to the bottom of this software bug.

I should not have to go around chasing after who is the right expert.

ok cousin, then tag it with technical tags rather than French roots etc, can't change them myself or would add them for you.
Re-tagged to Rootstech? & Categorization.

add the errors and tech tags too

Tech won't be accepted (it's a retired tag), I tagged bugs.
Current tagging: categorization bugs errors
really isabelle?  I tried a few to see what came up that would be appropriate, and tech was still there.
tech does not work for me.
Yes, tech comes up but once you enter it, it disappears. The team is aware of the bug.
You have category WikiTree Tech, so you should set the category, not the tag.
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I think you are saying that the "last edit date" displayed on your watchlist was changed on many profiles, apparently due to an edit on a category page, even though there were no edits to the profiles themselves. This does make it difficult to use that column on the watchlist to keep track of your own work.

This problem has been reported in the past.
answered by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (912k points)
This indeed correctly describes what I am saying, Ellen.

In my case, the spurious triggering of all profiles in the category occurs in the Percheron Immigration Category.
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I do not understand, what exactly is the problem. 

What is "triggering of profiles in watch list"?

Are you talking about changes in profiles on your watchlist, that you receive weekly or about something else?

answered by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (364k points)
Talking about profiles showing up on my watchlist as having been recently edited. Upon checking, I can find no changes listed in the Change log. This is not something new. It has been happening for many months.

It makes trying to use the Edit date sort of no value for determining which profiles need work.

It is not always a change on a Category page, as many of these profiles do not have any categories.

It appears that sometimes it results from the posting of a Comment on the page, but not always.

It has been impossible for me to track down what is causing the edit date to change.

I have identified the change. This


image was added to another person as primary photo.


23 sep. 2018

(80952512) 19:14: Claude Lambert added Aubin-42-1.jpg as Primary Photo for Éloi Pelletier [Thank Claude for this](80952486) 19:13: Claude Lambert edited the People in the Photo and Photo Date on Aubin-42-1.jpg (Lambert-3243 updated photo) [Thank Claude for this]I have let Jamie know about this. 
This apparently helps solve the problem for Claude Lambert, but does not apply to the similar edit change dates occurring in my watchlist.
Ellen Smith's comment above interprets my G2G question above 'Why am I getting spurious triggering in Watchlist of all 330+ Percheron Immigration Category profiles?' exactly the way I mean it..
Aleš appears to delineate the problem more precisely down to this problem occurring when an edit to Aubin-42-1.jpg triggers all related profiles to appear in Watchlist.

All Percheron Immigration Category profiles (as well as other Perche province crest related profiles) are in theory linked to Aubin-42-1.jpg.
Were all this profiles on your Watch list before 23rd, or were they added at this point?

Generally Primary photo should be the image of the person and should be only on one profile. This is different usage of Primary photo that was not intended.
Aleš,This raises another pronblem because I am prompted whenever copy of a existing image is uploaded, this prompt suggesting that I not duplicate the image.

This prompting is consistent with Wikipedia practice which prevents duplication of an existing image . . .

Aleš, Does that mean that images of crests of Maine, Normandy, Orléanais and other provinces should not, for example, be multiple-linked in Percheron Immigration Category (or for that matter in any other category)?

I don't really know. I am waiting on Jamie's response about this. Maybe it can be corrected, now that the problem is identified.

And images shouldn't be duplicated, if they are the same.

While we're at it, there is a vulnerability to multiple-linking an image to say 300+ profiles in that deleting the image would be disastrous. It should simply not be possible to delete Aubin-42-1.jpg. Aubin-42-1.jpg should be locked to garden-variety WT members including me.

This in turn raises the issue of forcing that an image that is multiple-linked to be 'neutral'. That is, it should not be possible to multiple-link 300+ profiles to an image identified as being one of a number of Aubin-42 images.

Note that all Wikipedia images are neutral and not specific to any one Wikipedia article.

I am not sure, but I think the image stays.
it is ok to have the image stay. But will the image be locked?

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