Eleazer Lawrence - which is which?

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I'm trying to track down the Eleazer Lawrence who died in Groton Mass. in 1818 at the age of 83 (birth year ~ 1735).  I find 4 relevant Eleazers - who are all probably a single ancestral line.  I've put down relevant events where I could find them.

1 - Eleazer Lawrence Sr 28 Feb 1674 Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony - 09 Mar 1754  Lawrence-1290  managed by Jeffrey Steele    
Birth:  (Note - this is Major Eleazer Lawrence)
Eleazer, s.Peleg and Elizabeth, Feb.28,1674.CTR (GROTON)
Married Mary Scripture (Eldest daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth) had 10 children
Lived in Littleton, died in Pepperell(?) Mar 9, 1754 80th yr of his age - death recorded in Littleton MVR
“Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown Mass including Waltham and Weston” Henry Bond MD
Said to be of Pepperell:
1 Elizabeth b Feb 28 1699; m _____ Buttrick and died before her father leaving heirs
2 Peleg b Jun 1 1701; of Pepperell
3 Jonathan b Oct 4, 1703; of Littleton
4 David b Dec 26, 1705 d Sept 28, 1790 aged 85
5 Eleazer, mentioned in his father’s will
6 Mary.  m. ______ Fletcher
7 Sarah, m in Groton Jan 28, 1735/6 John Cummins of Groton.  7 Children
8 Samuel b. May 2, 1714 of Ashby
9 Experience, b Jun 22, 1719; m. Jabez Keep
10 Prudence b Apr 7, 1722 m Mar 4, 1742, Peter Parker b. Aug 6 1719, son of James and Abigail (Prescott) Parker, of Groton.  4 Chil.
   1 Eleazer, b Ap 4, 1743; m Jan 22, 1767 Abigail Lawrence
   2 Sybil b Nov 6, 1745 m Nov 21 1769, Benjamin Lawrence
   3 Peter, b Jan 15 1747 (?) of Shirley, wife Mary
   4 James, b. Aug 23, 1751 (?) of Shirley wife Sarah. 10 Chil

3 - Eleazer Lawrence Jr abt 1707 Groton, Middlesex, Province of Massachusetts Bay - 28 Sep 1790  Lawrence-4618  managed by Roger Williams    
No Groton MVR Birth recorded.
Eleazer, [Lawrence.CR1] jr., and Lucy Tuttel [Tuttle.CR1], both of Littleton, June25,1731.  (Recorded in Groton MVR)
“Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown Mass including Waltham and Weston” Henry Bond MD
1 Lucy Feb 29 1731/2 m Feb 20, 1755 Thomas Cummings
2 Peter Feb 20, 1732/3 d Sep 27, 1735
3 Eleazer Aug 11, 1735 “Perhaps he was the Eleazer Lawrence of Westford, whose inventory was dated Sept 1, 1788 and admin granted to widow Sarah in 1790.  Had a dr. Sarah under 7 years Eleazer Lawrence adm f.c. E. sud Ap 1, 1759”
4 Josiah (twin) Aug 11 d. Sep 27, 1735
5 Mary Jul 27, 1737; m. Jan 21, 1762 Jonathan Fletcher (? son of Joseph and Elizabeth of Groton)
6 Simon b Jan 11, 1739; m 1769 Sybil Robbins. He settled in Westford. d 1795. Estate settled in 1797; wid Lucy; chil. Luyc, Lydia, Sarah, Lucinda, Susanna, and Olvie, under 14.  Zachariah and Elizabeth above 14 yrs. Simon, eldest son.
7 Susanna Nov 3, 1740; m. Oct 15 1761 Isaac Spaulding
8 David Jan 26, 1742.  His estate was admin Nov 6, 1790 by his wid. Hannah and son Dea. ____ Lawrences esq who d. in Littleton in 1827
9 Sarah b. Jan 4 1745 d. Mar 28, 1753
10 and 11 Twin sons b and d Jan 1, 1747

4 - Eleazer Lawrence III 11 Aug 1735 Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts -  Lawrence-10172  orphaned record, managed by me now.
Birth (as mentioned - recorded Littleton MVR)
    Son of Eleazer and Lucey Lawrence.  Twin to Josiah
Eleazar of Littelton, and Rebecca Haynes, Dec. 15, 1757. [Eleazer of Littleton. MR]
Children:  (All born in Ashby)
Lucy, d.Eleazer and Rebecca, at Littleton, June10,1761.
Stephen, s.Eleazer and Rebecca, at Groton, Oct.28,1764.
Stephen, s.Eleazer and Rebecca (Haynes), bp. Nov.4,1764.CR1 (Groton)
Sarah, d.Eleazer and Rebecca, Aug.16,1766.
Mary, d.Eleazer and Rebecca, June17,1768.
Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Rebecca, May18,1770.

5 - Eleazer Lawrence 19 Jul 1754 Littleton Middlesex, Province of Massachusetts Bay - 1804  Lawrence-4668  managed by Roger Williams   
    Time was short at the library (Littleton MVR is not online), I did not find his family in Littleton MVR.

"Groton" encompassed a much wider area that it presently does: (Shirley separated from Groton in 1753, Littleton in 1714, Pepperell in 1775, Dunstable in 1673, Harvard was pulled from Lancaster, Stow and Groton in 1732, Ayer in 1871).

— events unattached to any Eleazer yet, but leaning towards the 1735 one.

Eleazer, Mar.,1818, a.83y. (GROTON) <=== who is this guy?

Eleazer, and Sarah Foster [resident in Westford. int.], Feb.28,1780.*
Joel, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Jan.8,1781.
Silas, s.Eleazar and Sarah, Dec.26,1784.
Sally, d.Eleazer and Sarah, Dec.3,1786.


Eleazer, Lt., who served in the French and Indian War,1788. GR2
Sarah Foster, w.Lt. Eleazer, ,1840. GR2

There is an FaG entry (#38895430) for an Eleazer who died in 1788, a Lt from the Indian wars (1754-1763).  He has a SAR marker.  That claims to have married first Rebecca Haynes and second Sarah Foster.  Groton MVR has the death of ______ wife of Eleazer in 1811, if that is Rebecca, then that poses a problem for Eleazers marriage to Sarah Foster in 1780.  Although you will note that Rebecca stops having children in 1770 ~mid-thirties?  Meanwhile the headstone clearly states that he died in 1788 - although also clearly, that is not a 1788 headstone, but a 19th century headstone.

--Frustrated, I could use some fresh eyes and thinking.
in Genealogy Help by Jack Parker G2G2 (2.8k points)
edited by Jack Parker
I like Eleazer (b 1707) as the Littleton Lt..  81 years at death is a good run, but makes no sense with an SAR marker (he went to war at the age of 68?) and a wife with whom he was having children at the tender age of 73.

If Eleazer (b 1735) is the Littleton Lt - and the dates sure look good, then who is the guy who died in Groton in 1818?

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by Meridith Burwood G2G6 (6.1k points)
Thank you, I did not know where he was.

no problem! also just realized he does have a wiki profile up-

They all have Wiki-tree profiles.  ;-)

I've removed two of them who are obviously out of bounds.  I've added children for two of them, which makes the line clearer.  I'm keeping the 1754 Eleazer.  The 1674 Eleazer lived in that section of Groton that became Littleton.  This is true of the 1707 Eleazer as well (note he is called "of Littleton").  Eleazer is credited with marching to The Alarm on April 19 1775, I can imagine a 68 year old doing that and thus earning a SAR marker, without necessarily doing further, although 8 years is a long time for a widower with kids to not have a wife - what was he doing if not participating?
Oh wow thank you!

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