Researching Drew bloodline. Wondering if it ended with my father, William Samuel Drew Jr. Aka: William Samuel Becker

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I did find out James (Jas) Drew was William Samuel Drew ‘s father. He married
in The Tree House by Linda Nevins G2G2 (2.4k points)
Is there a profile for us to look at, Linda?
Yes not certain how to direct you to it nevins 226 but can you see it from that?
Yes it is. I have made contact thru ancestry with one of my long lost 1st and second cousins who gave me a bit of information but very little. They sent me a picture of my grandfather I never knew. William Samuel Drew born 1893 with a death date of 1924 from polio and pneumonia. His father was a James Drew married to Catherine Cruch Creech. I have hit dead end on drew family other than possible sister Jesse Drew Hamlin. I cannot tell where there are others in the family, as possible aunts and uncles.

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Looks like someone on Family Search is working on this same cluster of Drews  from this following family chart. By clicking through you can find a few primary sources and get the overview of how the family is organized, possibly connect back one more generation from their work:

If you can't open the link or get deep enough to see the sources, you may need to sign up for a free login with them. They do list the mom as Lanie Catherine Creech (possibly a second wife to him). William Samuel Drew's Draft Registration is there, as is his marriage record in Bibb County Georgia. Other stuff too:

Also, if you know any men with the Drew y-DNA (pure male line back through the Drew surname) you might encourage them to submit y-DNA results to the Drew Family y-DNA study which is now located at FTDNA:

Even if you do not know anyone to submit test results, the Patriarch list in the "Results" section can be useful when you get a little further along with this branch and the accumulate Y-DNA chart is very interesting, though presently I am not seeing the group you are after.  

Good Luck! Hope you can connect them to the larger set of American Drews before long!

by R Adams G2G6 Mach 1 (17.1k points)
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I found some stuff which seems to fit.....

Here's a link for who is resting in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon:  

Looks like your William Samuel Drew is there with dates 1893-1924. (I added that to his profile)  

I was looking for a Jas. or James to be his dad and think there is one in the cemetery, but this James lives to 1905 in contradiction to one of your expectations and his FAG dates have a mistranscription on the birth year. The stone says b. 1838 if you blow up the image of it, but it was transcribed incorrectly as 1833.

Using the corrected  birth year of 1838, I found a 1900 US census group that appears be showing (William) Samuel Drew as a boy of seven years with father James born in 1838, and other family members including a sister Jesse of ten years. James' parents are listed as from Georgia. Catherine and her parents are from N. Carolina. Tucorra is a very unique name for a sibling! Hope some of the detail eventually leads you to get past James as a roadblock.  Actual image here:  

by R Adams G2G6 Mach 1 (17.1k points)
Thank you so much R. Adams this has been helpful, I did run into the names Tacora, Jesse, and Andrew that brought a small memory of visiting this family quite frequently, while I was young.. with my grand mother. I thiught they were just some sort of her friends had no idea they were related to my grandfather William Drew.But then I never understood that she had another husband. Maybe she didn’t know how to explain it to us grand kids. Yet then again I was very young and I was a spoiled brat , the world revolved around me ... You know kids! Thank you again should you find anything inyour continued researches I would greatly appreciate it! You really are a wonderful Wiki! Linda Gaye (Becker) Nevins.

That is just so cool you meet Tacora and the others.

I still can't get very far back on William Samuel Drew's male line, though had some break through on his mom's side.

  • Male line: William Samuel Drew's father James (Jas.) Drew lived 1838-1905 based on his tombstone at Rose Hill Cemetery.Then on Family Search contributors suggest this James (b. 1838) had the following parents, but no solid sources and I can't trace them further back in time: James Joseph Drew 1818-1880 who married at Lauderdale, Mississippi to Elizabeth "Eliza" Unknown. Hope someone else knows more about them!

On the other hand, I am getting really good stuff for William Samuel Drew's mom confirming her name is definitely spelled Creech and she used Lany/Lanie as a name. Looks like she is in Rose Hill Cemetery also, and she has a great paper trail. Here are my notes for her that paint the whole picture. 


This is absolutely awesome on the Creech family, Im still learning how to use this app, as well as ancestry. You would think I would know by now.

But R. Adams you are more than just a giving researcher but you are also a  very kind and wonderful person. This has just been so beyond what I could imagine. I can never thank you enough. Hopefully this information will lead us to more information on my dad.William Samuel Drew Jr changed his name in 1942 to his step father’s last name Becker.

My grandmother Zillah Elizabeth Chancellor talked a great deal of riding a motorcycle being wild and crazy with William Samuel Drew Sr. Finding my 1 and 2 cousin led me to a photo of her and my aunt Virginia Catherine Drew Duckworth riding along side of him in the passenger part of the motorcycle.

I thank you again so very much and I cannot wait share with my 2 sisters.
You are more than welcome!

Since you mentioned wild and crazy motorcycle rides, I though of one more thing. It is not proven and it is very very sad, so I was not going to mention it,  but one chart says William had an older relation.... a brother, named Patrick, son of James and Catherine presumably born around 1881. For a while I thought Patrick was his son, but that is wrong!

From Census records you can see Patrick Drew lived to be about 30 and had a small family of his own. Tragically, this same fellow appears from his Rose Hill Cemetery FAG memorial to have died in a motorcycle collision with a milk wagon. He is what I though of when I read your note saying "wild and crazy." Not 100%  sure if Patrick L. Drew really is part of this family, but the motorcycle connection makes one wonder, as does him being there in Rose Hill. His widow, Josephine Brown Land, lived to 1973, and you can probably guess where she is buried....
Oh wow! Thank you again! I will start down that track.

Yes, I remember Tacora we called her Cora n er knew she was Tacora, Jesse also knwe jesse but they were related to the Hamlins either  tacora or jesse. I was young and visited with my grandma who practically raised me, and I never put 2 and 2 together as a child that they were my uncle and aunts... was a bit nervous around Tacora for some reason can’t remembr why. I think she thought I looked like my deceased grandfather William Samuel Drew. So Hamlins fit in somewhere.

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