Who was the wife of Robert Haseltine and mother of PGM immigrants John and Robert Haseltine?

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Working on duplicates, we have two wives attached to Robert without any indication he had more than one. Anna Unknown and Hannah/Anna Swan.

Can you help us identify the correct spouse and mother of Robert's children?

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in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (760k points)

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I just discovered this possible source citation for his baptism:

Parish Register Section, Yorkshire Parish Historical Records, (Yorkshire Archaeological Society or Yorkshire Parish Register Society); database and digital images, "Yorkshire, England: Church of England Parish Records," Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2006 (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 25 September 2018), citing Yorkshire: Howden Parish Register, 1543-1659; Baptisms, 1542-1659, pg. 140. 

Februarius 1582. Robt. f. Edw : Esseltine de Knedlingt : xxvijo.  


by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (460k points)
Hi Lucy, we already have his and his brothers baptisms.   Seeking here the evidence for the name of his wife.  Thanks.
Where did the name 'Peter' come from?

I don't believe there is any concrete proof this is the father of Robert and John, lots of circumstantial which fits but no real proof. Unless someone has found something.
Jeanie, I believe the evidence is circumstantial but strong enough for including and marking uncertain. The Haseltines were part of a larger body of immigrants many of whom came from the same area of England. This plus the baptisms of two Haseltine males of the right age who end up together in Massachusetts appear to support this theory.
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I was never able to find any proof of Anna/Joanna's surname. A Robert Swan called the Hazeltines his 'cousins'. This could mean anything, but it seems to be the source for Robert Hazeltine's wife's surname.
by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (126k points)
So we should merge the Swan wife into the Unknown wife.
The designation "cousin" by Robert Swan is not adequate proof of the surname, Swan (as Jeanie says.)

yes, it seems good to merge Swan into Unknown.
Have not seen it proven - but been working on a Richard Swan - probably father of Robert - as he had a Robert - and the unproven parents are supposedly also the parents of a Julianna who married a Haseltine before they came over look at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Swan-18 but be aware I am trying to get the profile in better shape and it is a rough job as so far all the sources seem to have some part of the info wrong - chugging along with it - dusty old books
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Keep looking for my Swans - keep getting lots of info on the wrong Swans - long story short when I get this Richard Swan straightened out I shall look into this issue as they were neighbors and came around the same time and it is theorized they were related and then later theire kids married so - I will go back and look at the sources I was just on - give me a bit of time then
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
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Ok swooping back through these sources for the Rowley area of Connecticut - where the Swans and the Haseltines settled after coming into Boston about 1638 - now they were both I believe thought to have come over on the John of London, but neither did - they did join with those who did - lead by reverend Ezekiel Rogers who took those from that ship and several other families and they went off and founded Rowley and built it from the ground up - quite interesting history from what little I have read - anyhow in the "

Early settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts : a genealogical record of the families who settled in Rowley before 1700, with several generations of their descendants" by George B. Blogette

it is stated that Robert and John were from Biddeford, in the county of Devon, England - now I will find the other source about Robert's sister or aunt being married to a Swan here and report back - just looking now
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (145k points)

Joan Auter/Anter the wife of John Hazeltine was from Biddeford but here is nothing that would lead anyone to believe that the Hazeltines were from there. She came over a servant and met and married JOhn in Massachusetts. 

Yes - servant to Holman, but I had a couple of sources saying Haseltines from Devon as well - which one is the other - will find after lunch
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Just got off the phone with Mary Cole - descendant of Robert Hazeltine - she cleared up several things about both families

OK Richard Swan's sister Joanna Swan was the wife of Robert Hazeltine - and that is how she pronounced it - she was in England and looked all this up when she was over there - has records but does not know quite where as she has moved recently BUT she told me about both families and see Richard Swan was only about ten years older than John and Robert Hazeltine but they were his nephews and they all came over from that area of Yorkshire (now Riding) following Ezekiel Rogers being expelled from the church in Rowley, England (16 Jan 1636) for speaking out against sports on Sundays - anyhow that is when he got all of the families together and formed a company and they got a ship and land set up - reverend Rogers had a brother over in the Boston/ Salem area already who helped him set up to get the land - they left Hull on the John of London and pulled in near Salem but the land deal was not completed yet so they stayed aboard ship to wait out the purchase so they could go build their own church - now John Swan was born so  Richard had to go join the church in Boston and get the baby christened - about ten of the group joined and when the land deal went through and they went to build Rowley church and town they were all dismissed to go to that new church - Ann Spofford, Richard Swans wife was on the ship tending the children, the families sheep and cooking for the Swans and the Hazeltines so never joined the Boston church - so that is maybe why some sources thought she died in England - but no she lived and went to the new Rowley with the Hazeltines and her family and had more children and they lived right next door to the Hazeltines!  She will send me more but I am quite confident she has the real story - I have no experience looking up things in England so I will add the places and times of the marriage when she sends it to me - Robert's children were all christened in one parish but the wife's parish is where they married - so I will get the specifics and bring them to this G2G
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
Found this very interesting. I am a descendent by way of Bradford, MA ancestors. I only discovered this after finding a glaring error in Thurston Genealogies and replacing one wife (of the "Bluebeard of Massachusetts") with his previous one.
Stay tuned Kristine!  I may be starting a One Place Study on the Rowley settlement (plantation) in 1639 - maybe you can help
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Here is a source for the marriage of Robert and Joanna:

"Yorkshire Marriages," database with images, Findmypast (https://www.findmypast.co.uk/ : accessed 28 January 2019), marriage entry image for Robet Hessletine and Joanna Swanne, 6 July 1606, Eastringham; East Riding Archives & Local Studies Service. 

Transcription: “Nupt 6 die [July 1606] Robet Hessletine de Knedlington et Joanna Swanne de Dyke”

by Nic Donnelly G2G6 Mach 5 (52.3k points)
Oh thanks so much Nic!  Yes that is the marriage she was looking for when she went to England - and now we have it - yay because she has lost track of it from moving
You're welcome! Keep up the good work on the Swan and Haseltine families. I'm not a descendant, but enjoyed reading about the history of these families on the profiles.
Funny thing is I am not kin to them either - I have Swans but I do not think they connect up to these Swans - but I figured I would source and create any profiles for that line since I traced them back - and now I am all into these folks and their journey and legacy - history is really fun to learn when you do it this way!

The founding of Rowley Massachusetts is one of those stories that sucks you in and you just want to know more!

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