Do you have Source-a-Thon questions?

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Hi Source-a-thon-ers! 

If you have questions throughout the Source-a-Thon, you can either ask your team leader or post them here and we'll try to get them answered. 

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.9m points)
edited by Eowyn Walker
I received an email confirming that i am part of the Mighty Maple Leaves team, with two links--one to the Team Page and one to the Team chat. However, both links led me to the Great Lakes Region team page/chat. How do i find my real team page/chat??
Congrats to all the Teams!  I don't know how so many people source so many profiles.   I'm not that fast.

12 Answers

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How do I find my group? It is the Sandinavian one and I haven't seen them on for a while?
by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Pilot (124k points)
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Do we have a link for the tracker so that Captains can keep an eye on progress? Thanks.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (987k points)
Thanks Liz
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I forget - if we add a source to a profile that had none but was not in an unsourced category, will that count toward our total?
by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (507k points)
Yes. It will.
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So far I have been adding sources to sourced and unsourced profiles. It seems to make no difference. The Challenger always says that the profile does not qualify. Does this mean I am not signed up. I thought I had bib 199.

Now an hour later it is fixed and I am in the challenge. Thank you for whatever you did.

by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Pilot (124k points)
edited by Judy Bramlage
That was probably Aleš :)
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Hi - It's almost Noon EDT and I have not seen any prizes posted on the G2G page - am I looking at the wrong spot ?  Please advise.  Thanks.
by Chet Snow G2G6 Mach 5 (58.9k points)
Same question from me - I have no idea how to find the numbers that have been selected - help please!
The prize post is linked above in the body of the question.
I can see the prize post, but I haven't seen any winners posted all day. Where do we see the numbers that have been selected?
We hide the answers/comments that aren't current to help avoid any confusion.
Cancel - but it is still not very clear when who wins what.
That's why we hide things. The only things showing are the current winners who need to claim their prize to actually win and comments or answers from those winners if they come and post in time. Otherwise, previous winner annoucement and claim posts are hidden.  There were no 8 AM winners and the 11 AM ones are hidden.
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I'm working on profiles listed under "803 Almost empty profile". After I add sources that I find, do I need to do anything extra to the profile? (eg. click on something to remove from list or comment somewhere aside from editing page/challenge page what changes were made)

by Maria Wisgerhof G2G2 (2.0k points)
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On the prizes, I'm just curious - are you doing 1 per day of the items with (3) next to them? It seemed like some things were crossed off but I wasn't sure if you had completely given away all 3, or if only one was available today. There were three things I wanted, and one had 3 available ;)
by Anonymous Younger G2G6 Mach 1 (13.4k points)
Good question! I split up the prizes over the three days so for example, the ones with (3), there'd be one available each day (and I saved a few prizes for the last couple hangouts on Monday).

But also, prizes carry over, so any not grabbed today will be added to tomorrow's list.
Great, thank you! It’s my first challenge so I’m just learning how everything works :)
How do I find a hangout? How do I find my bib number. I don’t remember it.
Anonymous, you're #231.
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To win prizes it says you have to be online and participating - does that mean on WikiTree, the Hangout, or both?
by Anonymous Younger G2G6 Mach 1 (13.4k points)
Just WikiTree. You don't have to be watching the hangout.
Great, thanks!
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I am finding a few profiles that are tagged "unsourced". However they have some credible sources listed. Would it be reasonable to just remove the "unsourced" tag. For example Sharman-5

Geoff Heise
by Geoff Heise G2G2 (2.7k points)

If there's at least one proper source on it already, I remove the tag and move on. (I've found a lot today where source-a-thoners have forgotten to take it off.) But Sharman-5 only mentions a manuscript called 'Descendants of Jones Dyer, Senior' and that might be anything. Doesn't sound like an original source.

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Anyone else having issues with the Challenge Tracker button - keep getting Problem Loading Page?
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (768k points)

Same with me, Chris sad

Seems to be fixed
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It looks like the tracker is down.
by Sally Mahoney G2G6 Mach 3 (39.2k points)

Yes, Sally, fellow Legacy Heirs (smiley) it appears to be down. Trying clearing cache?

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It might be a temporary glitch. I got the tracker page back:

by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (949k points)
Thanks, yes, it looks like it is back.

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