Spanish Flu pandemic - 100 Years

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What is the best way to commemorate victims of 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic?

Is adding profiles to the following category remains the preferred way?

The category is not extensive for a relatively recent genealogical event that claimed about as many victims as WWII.

For example, exactly 100 years ago on September 27, 1918 city of Boston barred all public gatherings for the following ten days in an effort to prevent further spread of the Flu.

I keep coming across people and whole families who perished in this pandemic. Whole family trees got mutilated or seized to exist by this event.

My father had an uncle who died as a toddler in Copenhagen in 1918 from this Flu. This might have been the reason why the grandparents of my dad then returned back to Latvia instead of trying to persevere and make it to America. Decades later that decision costs many lives in my family due to Holocaust. But on another hand it led to my existence.

So, is categorization still the best way to get such affected profiles organized? Perhaps the category just needs some clean up and review, or is there a better way now (tags, something else)?
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I watched a very interesting documentary about it on the television earlier this week. Explained how it started at a farm in America, developed at an army camp and then spread across the Atlantic on a troop ship.

The documentary Lynda refers to is entitled 'The flu that killed 50 million' and you can read more at People in the UK can watch on the BBC iplayer for the next 27 days.

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Generally speaking, stickers are a better method of providing recognition than categories.  It only takes a couple of people to request a sticker. And then it can be put in the biography wherever you want it. It could go at the top, or you could put it near the death information to draw attention to the death or near the age for children.
I think that a sticker would be a lovely idea.
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the Spanish flu epidemic was so spread out across the Western world that a single category for it seems absurd, wouldn't give much help for anybody interested in the subject.  Minimally it should be a mother category with sub-categories by country or region to be of some use.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (422k points)
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I lost my maternal grandfather  and my uncle, his son, within days of each other in that pandemic.  I'm sure I mentioned that in my  his profile, but I have no interest in a sticker.  If I had known there was a category I might have used a category.  I have no problems with 1776 stickers for people related to the Am. Revolutionary War whether they survived or not, whether, they were in the Continental Army or a loyalist, but the pandemic is a little closer in time and more emotional for me.

by Peggy Moss G2G6 Mach 2 (23.0k points)

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