Um, will you accept feedback about the ads you sell on g2g?

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I understand that ads are needed to support a free service. I don't mind seeing them in the right column of g2g. Most of the time, frankly, my eyes blur and I don't see them, but the recent addition of ads promoting software that helps make women look like barbie dolls is highly offensive to me.  I'd like to think that you could keep ad sales focused on topics related to genealogy and families.

Thanks for listening/reading.

-- Jillaine
in WikiTree Tech by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (803k points)
Okay, I just read an answer to a similar question. So I now understand that the ads are not selected by you, but come from Google Ad Sense.

So, um, is there a way to tweak the parameters or give Google Ad Sense feedback that they are really not making sense?
Google AdSense ads are based on the viewer's browsing history, though I agree they don't always make sense. Mostly I see ones that are relevant to me but some of them I don't know how Google thinks I'd be interested.

It is possible to block ads by category and by specific website. I don't know who takes care of the AdSense account for WikiTree (presumably Chris or one of the behind-the-scenes guys), but it's possible they may be able to do that. Blocking ads lowers the profitability of the ad space, though, so it's not something to be done excessively on a site that's maintained by ads.
I just discovered a little arrow in the upper right corner of the ad; if you click on it, it allows you to choose "never show me this ad again"

I wonder if it was showing me that ad because someone recently shared on facebook an article about this horrid trend in advertising... ugh.

In any case, I found a way to hopefully never see it again.
I don't even see ads. Not that I mind however. Just a curiosity.
They're only in g2g. To the right of this text you're reading now.
Not for me :)


Can't figure out how to attach the screen grab to show you. but it's a large white space.
That probably means you have some kind of ad blocking software running.
I have been getting some rather inappropriate ads lately connected to "apparel" categories on Google Ad Sense. Yes, I like clothing but the ones I have been getting it seems they classify women lacking apparel as an apparel ad.

In other news, I like how G2G anticipates the question you are going to ask because I was about to type up a post similar to the OP and saw it had already been asked.

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Good heavens...  I hate to say this for fear it might change but I never have any ads on g2g.  Anyplace.

by Gail Cox G2G6 Mach 3 (33.6k points)
Fascinating. maybe you never buy anything online or do any online shopping? so google hasn't "found" you yet? I have no idea why you don't see any ads. Lucky you!
ad blocking software perhaps (as Lianne suggested above?)
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I'm with you Jillaine. I get adds that I really dislike & annoy me greatly.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)

Doug, try this:

See the little arrow in the upper right corner of the ad; if you click on it, it allows you to choose "never show me this ad again"

OR, run a pop-up blocker. The problem with this is that pop-up blockers block not only ads, but legitimate pop up menus that you'd want.

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