How to research Cornwallis, Nova Scotia ancestors, 1750-1800

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Trying to make a connection, but missing a record of birth for Elizabeth (Fisher-6056) Newcomb that shows whether her parents are Matthew Fisher-2904, 1758-1802 and Mary Pineo-38, 1763-1802.

 Suggestions for researching this?  Did not get lucky with “Vital Statistics of Nova Scotia 1763-1957” or “Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics”,

In “Andrew Newcomb, 1618-1686, and his descendants”; by B. M. and J. B. Newcomb, Page 217, Item 267:

267. David-7 Newcomb (Benjamin-6, John-5, John-4, Simon-2, Andrew-2, Andrew-1) b. 3 Apr. 1784 at Cornwallis, NS, d. there 21 Mar. 1854; m. 1 Jan. 1807, Elizabeth, b. 26 Feb. 1789, same place, d. 12 Aug. 1865, dau. of Matthew and Elizabeth (Pineo) Fisher.

Intriguing to include the Pineo name, but WikiTree lists Matthew Fisher’s wife as Mary Pineo-38 born 18 Jan 1763.  And is a genealogy book a trusted source?

In “The History of Kings County, Nova Scotia, Heart of the Acadian Land”, by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, Page 778, children of Peter Pinneo or Pineo and Elizabeth Sampson includes:

"viii Mary, b. Jan. 18, 1763 in Cornwallis."

But where to look to find the records confirming whether Matthew Fisher and Mary Pineo had a daughter Elizabeth who married David Newcomb?

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Hi Mike, Thank you for joining our one world family tree. Mayflower Families Fifth Generation Descendants, 1700-1880. (Online database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2017). From Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Descendants of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth, Mass., December 1620. Plymouth, MA: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1975-<2015>.  Page 320 of Samson, Henry (Vol 20, part 3), #706 is about Mary Pineo that married Matthew Fisher, son of Richard and Hannah, on 14 Sep 1786.  Elizabeth that married David Newcomb is listed at the bottom of the page. 

The book New Englanders in Nova Scotia ( has numerous names from your question including Pineo, Fisher, Sampson, and Newcomb. 

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (516k points)
selected by Mike Partridge

Mike and Kitty are 9th cousins

Mike Partridge and Kitty (Cooper) Smith are both descendants of Robert Haseltine.

1. Mike is the son of Philip Partridge [unknown confidence]
2. Philip is the son of Emelyn Smythe Newcomb [unknown confidence]
3. Emelyn is the daughter of Marietta (Eaton) Newcomb [confident]
4. Marietta is the daughter of Charles Eaton Sr. [confident]
5. Charles is the son of John Eaton Sr. [confident]
6. John is the son of David Eaton Sr. [confident]
7. David is the son of Rachel (Kimball) Eaton [confident]
8. Rachel is the daughter of Robert Kimball [unknown confidence]
9. Robert is the son of Mercy (Hazeltine) Kimball [unknown confidence]
10. Mercy is the daughter of Robert Haseltine [unknown confidence]
This makes Robert the eighth great grandfather of Mike.

1. Kitty is the daughter of Barbara Jean (Smith) Cooper DNA confirmed
2. Barbara is the daughter of Harold Bunnell Smith DNA confirmed
3. Harold is the son of Winfield Scott Smith [confident]
4. Wynn is the son of Alma Jane (Huntoon) Smith [unknown confidence]
5. Alma Jane is the daughter of Jane (Gage) Huntoon [unknown confidence]
6. Jane is the daughter of Joshua Gage [unknown confidence]
7. Joshua is the son of William Gage [unknown confidence]
8. William is the son of Sarah (Haseltine) Gage [unknown confidence]
9. Sarah is the daughter of David Hazeltine [unknown confidence]
10. David is the son of Robert Haseltine [unknown confidence]
This makes Robert the eighth great grandfather of Kitty.


Before I buy a subscription at American Ancestors, can you tell me if I might find it useful for the following:

I know my Clark ancestors from greater Bangor Maine were in the general Maugerville NB area during the revolution (aka Eddy's Rebellion).  I can find various records of at least one of the four Clarks and some older relatives.  Would this site help me figure out where in Mass/NH/Maine they went to the St.  John river valley from?  Will it have birth records on ones I believe were born there c. 1777?
Hi Jeff, It might help, though a lot of info there is about Massachusetts and Connecticut.  That "New Englanders in Nova Scotia" is a great collection of articles and has helped me track lines in Nova Scotia, but I expect NB will have fewer records.

I suggest getting a subscription for a year and see if it helps your research.  I rely on AmericanAncestors almost exclusively for pre-Revo war records.
Thanks.  I have a potential Clark line in Portsmouth where one of them was married to a Pervey  (or whatever the land promoter of Maugerville was) and my family ran with Joseph and Benjamin Bubier of Marblehead, so I have a good idea where I think they'll be from... just short on leads.  If it were not for the 1800 census in their area tracking where people were from I'd still be stumped at the marriage in 1794 in Kenduskeag Plantation.  In the 26 years after that the county was split, the  Plantation let off some towns, and the state split off.  Also a lot of records were hidden in 1812 and chewed up by mice...  less than ideal geneological environment.

Kitty, I have a few Clarks I'd love to have run through that database as children 1760~1784 or as parents in the same window...

Elias Clark 2 Dec 1768 m. Mary Tinker in Cornwallis,  From CN with two brothers, then in Gage Town for Studholme's survey.

Moses Clark m. ?, Yarmouth <1776; undocumented 1776~1782; Gagetown lot 15 (next to Benjamin Booby) 1782~1783

Joseph Clark (undocumented till 1800 census of Kenduskeag, ME).  Was in St John valley, but likely from Mass/Maine.  Born between 1755 ~ 1774 because >26 and <45 on 1800 US census); assume born c. 1758 or earlier to be in the attack, m. Jane Potter Dec 27, 1793 - Memoirs of Col. Eddy, pg. 56 (Potters owned lots 59 and 66 in Bangor.)  Likely the Joseph in early Levant in "History of Penobscot County Maine".  [1800 US Federal Census Kenduskeag Plantation, ME says 'from St John'.][History of Penobscot County Maine, original settler "Levant" (but really Kenduskeag?)] [1786~1790 Major Treat's Day Book]

Ichabod Clark (undocumented till 1800 census, 1755 < born < 1774 because >26 and <45 on census).  Was in St John valley, but likely from Mass/Maine.   b. Feb 1 1754, m. Elizabeth ???.  Went to Ohio Settlement per 1800 census, so he is real.

Ichabod Clark b.  1777  m. Mary Lancaster 1794; Kenduskeag [Col. Eddy Memoirs, m. by Seth Noble][Original Records of Levant, ME, Picton Press].  Went to Kenduskeag Plantation per 1800 census and Original Records of Levant, so he is real.

Clark-45454 Aaron Clark (undocumented till 1800 census, 1774 < born < 1782; on census as head and <26) m. Margaret _____ [Vital Records of Bangor Maine. Volume 1: Birth Records.  Michelle E. Thomas, Picton Press, Rockport, ME.  ISBN 0-89725-478-3]

Joseph Clark (no family in Gagetown) assume born c. 1765 and nephew/son of the Joseph in the attack on Ft Cumberland and listed as original settlers of Levant, ME.  Gagetown lease, no history, lot 36. Gagetown, NB June 30th, 1783; Studholme Report .1786~1790; Major Treat's Day Book.  History of Penobscot County, Maine, pg. 404

Name searched New Englanders in Nova Scotia and did not see those Clark names except for a few Joseph Smith listings on pages with lots of Huntingtons.
Yeah, between being semi-legal squatters up the river and rebels to boot, they appear to have stayed off paper.  I need Seth Noble's diary... :)

I did find Elias at least.  My sister is documenting him.
I am descended from Elias Clark through his son Thomas. I have so little info on him. I saw somewhere that he married a Mary Tinker in Cornwallis and he eventually moved to Gage town, but that's about all. I did find a Mary Tinker born in Ct in 1745, but no further info. If you or your sister are able to shed some light on these elusive ancestors I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

Elias Clark 2 Dec 1768 m. Mary Tinker in Cornwallis,  From CN with two brothers


[On the river 1779 ~ 1783; Gagetown lot 9 for 3 years; mouth of river (Waterborough?) 1767~1779; Cornwallis prior, so all children born in Canada]

1. Joseph Clark:  b: 21 Dec 1769  m Sarah Palmer


could be the second Joseph in Levant/Kenduskeag but is not Ft Cumberland veteran.


2. Thomas Clark:  b: 4 April 1772 m Rachel Perry settled in Queens County and had issue



3. Martha Clark:  b: 1 May 1774  m Ebenezer Munroe 17 July 1800



4. Elias Clark Jr: b: ?   m: Edith Meriton (or Merrithew) 18 March 1801 first settled in New Canaan, then moved to the USA: 



5. Levi Clark: d:? unm: check death records



6. James Clark:    b: c1783 d after 1851 m: Margaret Maskill born after 1785



7. Nehemiah Clark: b: after 1788 in Cornwallis, NS.  d. after 1861, m: Elizabeth Alward b: c1790 d/o Benjamin Alward and Hanna Wright, they settled 

   in Queens County and had children, unknown at this time, will check birth records


Abigail b: m: George Keith

Charles b: m: Sarah Corey


8. Abigail Clark:  b: 1788  d 27 Nov 1862 m: George Ezra Keith b: 1784 d: 1832



9. Charles Clark:  b: ?  M Sarah Corey d/o Elias Clark Corey 

[Gagetown, NB June 30th, 1783; Studholme Report]


MC1/Price#1: Contains a copy of an Historical sketch of the first settlers of New Canaan by R.H. Corey, pages 29-30: Elias Clark Sr. 

and two brothers emigrated from Connecticut to Nova Scotia before 1775, then moved to New Canaan, NB: see also MC80/364 E. Stone Wiggins, 

History of Queens County, pgs. 18-19: see also MC80/1397 Daniel F. Johnson's New Brunswick Lineages, pages 61-62: see MC80/1707 J. Blois

Corey's New Canaan early settlers, pages 6-8: see also MC80/2354 Saint John Branch, NBGS: Arrivals 99: our first families in New Brunswick,

pages 50-51.


Moses Clark m. ???


[Yarmouth <1776; undocumented 1776~1782; Gagetown lot 15 (next to Benjamin Booby) 1782~1783]

[ business relationships:

13. Lt. Constant Connor as attorney to Arch. McNeil of Quebeck produced an instrument of agreement between the said McNeil and one John Fenton of Charlestown, Massachusetts, wherein the said Fenton engages to give the said McNeil a good and sufficient deed of bargain and sale of one moiety, of his right, title and share of certain lands on the River St. Johns that were granted to Capt. Falconer and his associates in which grant the said Fenton was a subscriber on forfeiture of £50 sterling, in consequence of which Lieut. Connor as attorney, etc., has permitted Samuel Kemble, Richard Kemble, Moses Clark and Simeon Porter, to make improvements by clearing some land in the Township of Gage, but no buildings are yet erected thereon. We do not look upon this as giving any title to the lands.


Moses Clarke, Jr. m. Deborah 'Easterbrooks' (Estabrooks), where the Estabrooks are involved in the Maugerville-Sheffield settlements.

child 2

child 3

child 4

[Gagetown, NB June 30th, 1783; Studholme Report]

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Cornwallis was settled in 1760 or thereabouts.  Most townships in Nova Scotia had township books.  They are kept on microfilm at the Nova Scotia Archives.  I would check with them first.
by Stu Ward G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
Sometimes libraries will also have copies and they are available as inter-loans.

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