Need to change wrong recources that someone else put in my tree Help

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Someone else edited my tree for George Benjamin Hutton and they put in a lot of resources that do not go with my tree My ancestor was married to Geogianna Janr Reeve and I am still in US not England.I need Help to change all of this mess.
in WikiTree Help by Barbara Yette G2G Crew (400 points)
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can you link the profile here Barbara? - go to it in another tab and click on the navigation bar up top and hit control-C and pop in here and add a comment and press control-V and we can maybe take a look and see what is going on
There actually was a George Hutton born in Bishopthorpe in 1836

was someone stolen your George Hutton and changed it?
why does it say it's an orphaned profile?
1891 Census

George with wife Martha

Its like two different people have been merged but I can't see any merge
ok curiosity got the better of me went looking for a Marriage of George Hutton to Martha Aaron in 1858 - and yes there is one in Tadcaster
I looked at the Changes tab for the profile you're working on (Hutton-1330).  It looks like the profile for that George Hutton was created by a GEDCOM import in 2015.  It was edited by a few people since then, but the most recent edit other than you was in May 2018.  So I suspect that you've been working on a profile for a different George Hutton than the one you intended.  I wonder whether it would make sense to revert to the older data for this profile (since it appears to represent a totally different person) and create a new profile for your George Hutton with the right data and sources for him.
Yesthere are two George Huttons but the one I had in there someone changed and added a lot of resources fot the one in England and my line is in America in LI,NY I am positive about this because it is in my family bible
What are the WikiTree IDs for the two profiles?  The one you are currently editing (Hutton-1330) was created before you joined WikiTree, so I think you are adding your US data to an existing profile for the UK George.
How do I do that without having two George Huttons?
It sounds like there actually are two George Huttons.  One from the UK, who had an existing profile, and one from the US, your ancestor.  If he doesn't have a profile page already you can create one and move his information from UK-George to that profile page.
Probably because I tried to change everything back to my original file
On that profile page, click on the Changes tab.  You can see the history of the edits made to the page.  No one but you has edited the page recently.  The profile was originally made in 2015 for a George Hutton in the UK, not your George Hutton in the US.  You are making changes to a profile for a different person than the one you intended, not to your original file.

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Barbara, Having looked at your contribution history and the changes page for the profile it appears that you have taken over the profile for a real English George Hutton and replaced the appropriate data with your American George Hutton. The original profile manager has made an attempt to replace the correct information and then has subsequently given up and removed himself as manager. I think you need to contact him to discuss the matter and allow him to regain management of his profile, then set up a completely new profile for your own George Hutton.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (630k points)
selected by Julie Ricketts
Julie, Thanks for the best answer star.
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Maybe there are two George Hutton's, one from the US and the other from England, and perhaps you're looking at the wrong one?
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
Looks like someone created the English George Hutton through a gedcom import and then later the information for the American George was added to the profile.  All the siblings for the English George are attached, so it looks like the American George needs to have his own profile created and the original information for the existing profile restored.
No the English UKProfile was not added by me and I need to erase it as does not go with the Us Profile that I need for my line
Barbara, you do not need to erase the information in the English profile.  That was a real person and his profile belongs here.  Your George Hutton also belongs here.  You need to add a new profile for him, then copy all the information about him that you put in the other George Hutton's profile and put it in the new one you added.  Finally, you need to remove everything you put in the English George Hutton's profile about the American one.

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