Why is Lawrence Pearson-5018 PPP by Quakers Project?

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Posted this basic question to general email box for Quakers Project but did not get a reply as yet. I know the last Challenge kept many of us in the that project busy (good busy). Thought I would toss this out to G2G for broader input.

There are some fairly significant issues with the profiles Lawrence Pearson and his wife Elizabeth Pearson Janney. Lawrence is PPP by Quakers Project but the reason is unknown. These are parents of at least three Penn Project offspring.

Lawrence: wrong dates on quite a few things, wrong children headed to Pennsylvania wrong years, daughter born after proven death of mother, etc. Seems like a lot of info proven wrong is being protected. Even a basic reorganization of the info would help in sifting good from bad info in the profile. I've posted a few things as comments.

Elizabeth. This has been a genealogical stumbler for quite a long time. Is she or isn't she a Janney? The profile currently contains quite a bit of inaccurate information. This is not PPP. As the mother of at least 3 Penn Project offspring maybe a group can work on attempting to solve the parentage question. Some of those offspring lead to some well-known Americans. At the moment I personally don't believe she is the daughter of the listed parents (much of that to do with the wording of Lawrence's will after she predeceases him). But, who is she?

WikiTree profile: Lawrence Pearson
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Thanks T, for asking this question.

The profile was protected on June 6, 2016 to protect the last name in anticipation of a merge (which has long been completed). At the time the profile did not belong to any project.

The Quakers project was added earlier this spring to comply with WikiTree policies i.e. a PPP profile must be managed by a project and the project box must be on the profile. It seems the Quakers project was thought the best fit for this profile. There was no leadership for the Penn project at the time.

We weren't sure that we would keep the PPP but it was kept on pending a decision. (All this information can be found from the Change log, though you will have to scroll down quite a bit to see it).

The profile being PPP should not prevent you from editing the information on it, since you are doing a great job of communicating about the issues!
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (477k points)
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I am from this line of Pearsons : as I understand it, Pryor/riot “Lee” Pearson of Hawkins Co TN was my paternal ggf; his father was Christian Pearson who is buried in Hawkins Co.  Then his father was Lawrence in Bucks Co PA son of another Christian Pearson who was “probably” son of the Lawrence and Elizabeth Janney from England. I believe I was told by a cousin that it was Thomas Pearson who came over with William Penn; but they were all Quakers living in Bucks Co. PA.  I would love to connect with ppl in the group; also I have had my DNA test through Ancestry but don’t understand how to upload it to the sites.
Thanks Elizabeth. I'll first clean-up the profiles, sort the sources that exists, and include notations on the erroneous info that has been changed. That should assist anyone working on these.

Hi, Pam. I've been working on the children of Lawrence known to have come to PA (if the profile has the Penn project sticker on it I've been working on it). They weren't specifically "with Penn" as far as is known but one of them is referred to by Penn as "my friend."

There is currently some erroneous info in both Lawrence and Elizabeth's profiles but now with Quaker project OK I will start to bring these up to speed on currently known information before starting additional research.

I have not seen a son named Christian for Lawrence and Elizabeth but I will be going over those birth records again working on the profiles. Most of these birth records do exist in Quaker MM minutes in England. There were several Pearson families both in this part of England and then in Pennsylvania and confusion among them is somewhat frequent.

One thing you might do is search passenger records for Penn's Fleet and see if you can locate Christian and if he was with any family members. The records are not complete for all ships nor is it certain all ships are listed. Various different sites will include some ships and not others based on their various criteria for being part of Penn's fleet.

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