What is best way to merge a family tree with multiple profiles that need to be merged?

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I am currently in the process of trying to merge 3 tree togather with multiple profiles in the McCall line. I am a little overwhelmed with process and seems very time consuming as well... At time I created my tree not enough infomation was posted on other profiles to merge anyone now there is... and alot of merges need to be done.

 Any suggestions on what would be the best practice on merging these trees so it is not too messy? Should I start with earliest ancestor and work forward to present day?

And what do I do while waiting on the merges to happen I dont want to edit if I have to undue my edits after a merge seems counter productive to me. Here is a profile Im talking about if any one can advise on best way to manage this apprecieted.
WikiTree profile: Francis McCall
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I've just done a similar effort on the Fairchild name, finding as many as five duplicate profiles of the same individual. Along the way, I worked out the following procedure:

Connect everything to the lowest number duplicate profile. All the spouses, all the children. This makes it easier to identify duplicates and find the lowest numbered one to merge them into.

Make sure the lowest numbered profile has all the best data. (e.g. exact birth date from a birth record vs. close but approximate derived from Census or cemetery records.)

Merge each duplicate into only the lowest numbered one, not each other.

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Hello, I agree that it's generally easiest to start with the most distant ancestor and work your way forward.

You might want to keep these pointers in mind:

1.  You can usually send a message to the manager of the other profile.  Some people will be delighted to hear from you.

2.  Of course the manager of the other tree might not be active on wikitree anymore.  In that case, simply wait a month, and the the merge will be automatically opened for you to complete.

3.  To facilitate merges, make sure that the profile you want to merge is well-documented.  Right now Francis McCall has only one source -- a big web page with a whole lot of information on it.  This isn't very helpful.  For example, Francis's profile shows the names of his parents.  What is the source for that?  A Bible record?  A land record?  Grandpa's memory of what his grandpa told him?  Is it just somebody's guess at ancestry.com?   Does that website mention the source for Francis's parents?  If so, it's a good idea to put that information into the wikitree profile.  The same with Francis's birth and death dates.  Is there a gravestone?  If so, where?

If your profile is well-sourced, it looks a lot more trustworthy, and people will be less likely to object to the merge.  I wouldn't worry about editing a profile while waiting for a merge, especially when (as in this case) the other profile doesn't have any information at all.

4.  If you are sure of your facts, and if you have waited a couple weeks with no reply from the other profile manager, there's no reason not to edit the other profile while you're waiting for a merge. For example, you could link the parents (if you have proof), because the other profile doesn't show the parents.  Of course you have to be careful and diplomatic if the other manager suddenly appears, but the whole point of wikitree is to collaborate on a single profile for each person.
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It would seem logical to start with the earliest ancestor and work forward.  You would have to merge until you reach the lowest number of that profile.  If you need help, contact an arborist. Their link is here:  [ http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Arborists ]

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While waiting for the merges to process there is nothing wrong with creating the final Biography in your profiles, when the profiles are merged it is then just a case of deleting the 'other' Biography from the new profile. Additionally by adding narrative and sources for all your facts you are ensuring the other PM will accept your proposals.
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