GEDCOMpare: "There are no suggested matches on WikiTree"

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Currently there are 3 GEDCOM files have been uploaded by me and connected to WikiTree. Let us name them V3, V4 and V5 respectively. This files represent actually ONE tree.

The first one, V3, has been uploaded few months ago and was the basic file that had been used for adding profiles to tree. This file always had so called "suggested matches" after any refreshing on Gedcompare Report page because the work with it has not been finished.

Some time later I uploaded new file (V4) in order to test some new information added in it. It had a great number of suggested matches too, but I have never used it for adding profiles.

Then there was a break for several weeks and then I returned to work and opened file V3. There was NO any suggested matches at all and after refreshing they had not appeared!

The more recent file, V4, STILL had a lot of suggested matches. Because at this time there was a newer version, V5, I have uploaded it too. And there was NO suggested matches again in it!

Finally I have deleted all three files (including V4, which was the only one containing "suggested matches") and uploaded them again - the same copies.

And - bingo - now there is NO suggested matches in ALL three files!

Has anybody any idea: what and when has happened and what shall I do with it?
in WikiTree Tech by Владимир Комиссаров G2G1 (1.5k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
Maybe it is "cyrillic problem" again? All names in GEDCOMs are in the Russian language.
That seems like an excellent guess!

There was a technical upgrade to the Gedcom process in the last day or so. It may have broken the ability to handle the Cyrillic alphabet.

The tech team needs to look at this...
The tech team can use any of these gedcoms. At least, half of each has exact matches with WikiTree. If that's the case, it may affects not only cyrillic alphabets, but any non-latin.

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Thanks for reporting this.

There were some issues with non-latin characters and the new search, and that ties into the matches. I didn't think to test the new match algorithm with a GEDCOM with non-latin characters, so thank you for offering the use of your GEDCOMs.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (368k points)
selected by Ellen Smith
Are there any perspectives to repair GEDCOMpare?
We've been looking into the non-latin character bug, but I don't have an estimate for when it will be fixed.
Is it possible to make some rollback of these "technical upgrades"? From my point of view, GEDCOMpare process became totally useless.
Hi Владимир,

I'm sorry for the trouble you are experiencing.

We didn't think we lost any functionality in the recent changes. We knew that some of the search functions we added, e.g. with birth and death locations, were not working with some non-Latin character sets. But we didn't think that first and last name matching had changed.

I know it's hard for you to be certain but can you give us any specific examples of profiles/names that suggested matches before and that now do not? The more detail you can give the better. This can be hard for us to test as Americans.

Again, my apologies. And thank you for your patience.

It is very simple task: you can take e.g. any name from this list:Комиссаров. All items have been added from GEDCOMpare procedure (except the 1st one), and any time I have taken a new GEDCOM these names were in 'suggested matches'.
(There is one more gedcom now in my profile, test.ged, it contains only latin characters and always has a new 'suggested matches' after every refreshing. It is only an example file).
Almost 4 months have gone since I wrote this issue and there's been no change at all. Is there something like a huge brick wall between WT coders and simple codepage bug in WT engine?

I think that at least cyrillic segment of this project is totally dead. Since October I can do nothing with my Gedcoms. I regret wasted time working with this project.
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And there is one more issue seems to be connected with above.

On the page "Find Ancestors Matches" with any combination of "advanced options" everytime I get the message "Sorry, no matches were found".

Some times ago there was a lot of these matches. Of course, they were actually "bad suggestions" but it is better than the total absence.
by Владимир Комиссаров G2G1 (1.5k points)

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