Notables October 2018

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Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!

If you are interested in people who are famous, notable, noted, significant, important, historic, heroic, or otherwise fascinating, then the Notables Project might be for you!

The idea behind this post is for anyone who needs help with connecting Notables to the tree to post to this thread and ask for help.

Or if you just want to tell us whom you have successfully connected up.

Above is the Notables Project page where you can find unconnected Notables who have profiles and who need to be connected to the tree.

Please remember to concentrate on those Notables who have already passed (died), so that we can see their profiles. If you create a profile for a living Notable, that profile WILL GO UNLISTED and noone can see it except for the PM and anyone on the trusted list!

And remember - Notables should have a Wikipedia page at the very least to qualify. And they should be DEAD!

Above is a list of those who have passed already this year.

Have fun!!

Note - For some reason newbies who want to join the Notables project are still commenting on the March 2018 Notables thread and are not being answered. They need to read the posts and find the right thread. This is OCTOBER, not March.

OK Link to the March thread has been updated to this October thread. I will have to remember to update that link every month!!

asked in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
oh My Grandad's cousin has a Wikiipedia page (I didn't know!) I have some more distant ones too I've adopted them last week :)
Just an FYI; the link on the Notables Project under "how to join" link you to the March thread and that appears to have been causing some confusion for a few months.
Thank you Patricia. I wondered why everyone was adding comments to the March page.  I better go and update that link.

Link Updated!!  Must remember to update that link EVERY MONTH now!!  LOL

Thanks again Patricia!!
I have created a notable page for the recently deceased Arto Paasilinna (Paasilinna-1).

How notable is someone you think is notable if they do not have a Wikipedia page?  (How sure can you be of their notability if the source is Wikipedia?  I've corrected many errors over the years, some pretty basic that should never have crept in.)

I have three folk (full disclosure: two of them are direct ancestors) that I have long believed notable, but not too many people know of them anymore (you have to know about them to even look them up).  So, how does that make them notable?  (I believe they are notable, but .. I don't get to decide such things and I don't exactly have a list of all their mentions in the newspapers of their day., so how would I prove what I claim?)

Melanie. you might want to ask this as a separate answer and not as a comment - otherwise it will get lost.

Scott Fulkerson would be the best person to answer this. He's an expert on Notables.

I shoulda known I'd-a get it wrong!  blush

I have created a Notables profie for Danny Thomas I am new to the Notables Project, this is the first Notables profile I have created. I would like to add his profile link to the Wikipedia page for Danny Thomas. I have read the directions on how to do this, and mid way through reading directions, got 'lost' :(  Assistance needed :)

Hi Sandie - a couple of items. Both photos in the profile lead to links that show significant copyright restrictions - unless you've obtained explicit permission from the copyright holders, we will have to take those photos down. Both a newspaper and a private photography company are notorious for pursuing legal action against the reposting of their photos without express permission. That's not to say we couldn't get permission, as we are not reusing their photos for profit, but it's better to ask first, and post later. If you have permission, post that information on the photos so that there's no confusion.

Also, since he's deceased, you would use the "sticker" version - so instead of {{Notables}} it would be {{Notables Sticker}}.

The profile LNAB will need to be changed as well, since his real name is Amos Muzyad Yakhoob Kairouz, so his profile should read this as birth name and Danny Thomas as his stage name. So this would mean the LNAB would change to Kairouz, his real first name as Amos, his real middle names as Muzyad Yakhoob, and his Nickname as Danny and Other Last Names as Thomas.

For the Wikipedia link, I believe that Wikipedia has removed our links before, so I'd recommend not going into Wikipedia and trying to add WikiTree there. They can sometimes get a bit testy about that. I'll look over our instructions and see if we can't clean that up if those instructions are still out there.

The profile looks good though - nice biography and good links. Just need his family research added (parents, spouse, children) and it will look much more complete. Very good job!
Thank you Scott, I will go back to profile and edit, curious though about the name status, you have his name as 'Danny Thomas' in the list of notable people who need a profile ?, not his birth name. So why would I need to use his 'birth name' in his profile, No One would even do a search for him with that name, and I did include his 'birth name' in the bio on his profile. I apologize for posting photos with copyrights ! I had no idea, but will remember to double check for that in the future !
I happened to be editing some of my family profiles this evening and discovered that the son and only child of my paternal aunt, Bertha Baetz, Han Jurgen Massaquoi, I think is a 'Notable'. If not I can remove that status from his profile, I am new to this group, and still learning
Thanks, Sandie! I suspect his name got into the list with the most common version that people would recognize. I suspect no one would have thought twice about doing a profile for Amos Kairouz.
And how cool is that? Mr. Massaquoi is definitely a Notable! Good catch!

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Been working on James Thurber off and on for awhile. He is connected already but his tree is rather sparse.
answered by Mark Burch G2G6 Mach 3 (39k points)
selected by Navarro Mariott
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I recently connected Norwegian painter Frits Thaulow to the global tree.  It turns out that there are several Scandinavian notables that will be within a few degrees of him once their profiles are created.  Examples include painter Christian Krohg and his grandfather of the same name.  I'll worked on adding those profiles this month.

In addition, I'm close to connecting conductor and pianist Alfred Cortot and François Thomas Galbaud du Fort, who served as governor of Saint-Domingue.

answered by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (164k points)

Famed French physicist Louis de Broglie will show as connected once the system updates.  The connection was quite easy, as his paternal grandparents were already connected to the global tree.

Interesting that Frits Thaulow was related by marriage to Gauguin.
It's even more intriguing given that Gauguin was only pursuing art as a hobby at the time he married Mette Gad.  Perhaps the family connection gave Gauguin some of the inspiration to eventually pursue art full-time.

Léo Major, liberator of Zwolle and two-time recipient of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, will show as connected once the system updates.

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I am currently working on Dr. James Henry "Red" Duke Jr. who was a founding member of the American Trauma Society and founder of Memorial Hermann Life Flight.

Not only a notable Texan, Dr. Red Duke was also known for Texas Health Reports (Dr. Red Duke's Health Reports).

Some may also know him for his association with Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas where he was working as a fourth-year trauma surgeon when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Recognizing that President Kennedy was already deceased upon arrival at the Hospital, Dr. Red Duke attended to Texas Governor John Connally who was also shot while riding in the presidential motorcade.

Special Feature for those interested:

answered by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (203k points)
I grew up outside Waco, near Hillsboro where Duke went to school, and remember Dr. Red Duke on TV doing PSA-type health segments and coming to my elementary school. Good for you for doing this. He did so much for Texas and medicine.

"For your health!"
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Would love to join! I've linked up previously with his wiki article and will be working on others in his family, Hulls, Blackleach, etc.
answered by Patricia Ferdig G2G6 Mach 2 (21.1k points)
edited by Patricia Ferdig
Find A Grave has a rather more complete listing of his children.
Hi Patricia - welcome to the Notables Team!
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I have been advised that the actress Kay Francis (nee Gibbs) is now connected to the tree and needs to be added to the Notables Page.

If someone could do that, I would appreciate it, thanks.
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
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I have been working on the Gen George S. Patton Jr. profile for awhile, just finished adding a few more sources and information. The table needs to be updated since the profile has family members and connected to the global tree. Can I do that as a project member or does some need to do that?

answered by Dean Anderson G2G6 Pilot (210k points)
edited by Dean Anderson
If you can build out his family, and better yet, connect it, then go for it!
You don't have to be a project member, but if you like, I can award the badge. Just let me know. Thanks.
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I made a profile for Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's dutch manager. Maybe somebody could check if I did this the right way

[[van Kuijk-16|Dries van Kuijk]]
answered by Peter Zijderveld G2G Crew (940 points)
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Just making a comment. The Notable for this week (Oct 9th) is Neil Armstrong - the first man on the moon.

Usually most Americans are connected to me through my spouse because pretty much all of them have some French Canadian ancestry.

Imagine my surprise this week, to discover that Neil has NO French Canadian ancestry and is actually connected to me through my mothers mothers family!! Specifically the Scottish branch!!

We have 27 degrees of seperation and not one French Canadian person whatsoever.

I am quite surprised about this. Pleased and Surprised.
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
Interesting! I have a similar situation: usually all my connections go through a Swiss cousin who married a descendant of the Willson Quakers. But my path to Neil Armstrong is completely different, going through the husband of another cousin, who married someone with NNS ancestors.
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I will be adding the new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

EDIT:  Actually, I think it has already been done.  I can't view though because it is of a living person.
answered by James Stratman G2G6 Mach 6 (69k points)
edited by James Stratman
Already done. His father is Everett Kavanaugh
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Keith Whitley, the late, great country music singer, is now connected to the Tree. It should update with the database: Whitley-2133
answered by Jessica Key G2G6 Mach 8 (81.3k points)
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This weekend I wrote a biography for former Denver mayor Benjamin Stapleton Sr., whose  name may still be found on the "Stapleton" neighborhood (which used to be Stapleton International Airport).  I successfully traced his tree a few generations back, and helped add the families of many siblings, aunts and uncles.  The Stapletons are related to the family of George Herbert Walker, and I noticed Walker's tree is very stumpy. What's up with that? I want to work on improving the Walker tree as well. When the political season is over, I will return to my favorite subject: Forgotten movies stars of the silent era.  I plan to retouch and add many photos, then add short biographies.
answered by Mark Shernick G2G Crew (880 points)
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I thought of it too late to do anything about it this time around, but the thought belatedly occurred to me that it might have been fun to put together a Notables Project team for the Source-A-Thon, and work on sourcing unsourced notables. (Who knows, we might have been able to connect some of them!)

Maybe we could put together a team when the Clean-A-Thon rolls around. Only we'd need a snappier name. Notable Notaries? Nah... Genaparazzi? Hmm... PaparaTree? Probably not...
answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
That's a good idea.. I like Notable Notaries!!
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For anybody who's interested in Canadian notables (or archivists), there are now profiles for the following former Dominion Archivists. (But none of them have been connected to the main tree yet.):

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
edited by Greg Slade
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Notables in the News

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
edited by Greg Slade

Charles Aznavour was said to be the cousin of Mike Connors (also unconnected) though I can't find more information anywhere.

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Ooh! These reports may have been in place for a while, but I just noticed in Aleš's latest report that there are some suggestions which may provide leads in merging and connecting notables:

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
These are some of my favorite suggestions to work on!
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Here's a Notables-related question that's been bugging me for a while, but I have never gotten around to asking about:

People criticise WikiTree (and other genealogy sites, or even genealogy in general) as an exclusively white, English-speaking, hobby. But what we're trying to build build here is a single tree for the whole world (not just anglophones). Rather than expecting everybody to learn English so they can join in, we've been creating category hierarchies in other languages, and translating the help pages into other languages, and I think that's awesome. I want people for whom English is not their first language (or not even among their languages at all) to feel welcome here. (And I mean that I want them to feel welcome for their own sakes, not just as helpers to build out the family trees in "the olde countrie" for descendants of immigrants to English-speaking countries.)

However, looking at the Notables category, I don't see any links to equivalent categories in other languages. (In comparison, see the Occupations category, which has links to equivalent categories in other languages, like the Professions (fr) category.) 

What I'd like to see eventually is that the profile for any person who was not an English speaker is that their biography should be in their own first language (with an English biography below it, if they're notable or have English-speaking descendants), and the categories on their profile should also be in their first language (and, in the case of categories, once they're all built out in different languages and linked together correctly, we wouldn't need English duplicates, because we could drill down to, say "Quebec Business Figures", and then follow the link to the French equivalent).

Specifically, I'm working on Canadian notables, and I keep working with francophone (well, bilingual) Canadian notables, and of course, they're listed under the English notables categories. 

So what would be the French equivalents for "Notables", 'North American Notables", "Canadian Notables", "Quebec Notables", 'Quebec Artists", "Quebec Broadcasters", "Quebec Business Figures", "Quebec Inventors", and "Quebec Politicians"?

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
I'm not so sure we would develop separate categories in foreign languages - the categories and such would likely remain all the same. But that would have to go through the categorization team for verification. I seem to remember they just went through a cleanup and removed a lot of foreign language categories and translated them all to English.

Actually, Scott, it's quite the opposite. On the Category Names help page, it says, in part:

Locations in different languages 

WikiTree has parallel category trees in other languages. It is not necessary for a particular location category to be created in every language. When a category exists in multiple languages, they are linked to each other so that people can easily find other languages for a particular category. For example, the top level category in English, Category:Categories, has links at the top of the page to the top level category in other languages....

Do not use different languages in the same category name, such as Category:India (भारत). Use Category:भारत or Category:India (en).

Now, granted, that's about locations, rather than Notables. But a couple of principles apply all across WikiTree: 

  1. There are (or will be eventually) full category trees in all the languages which WikiTreers speak. (I don't actually expect to see a Latin category hierarchy, even though that would be the spoken language of a number of people in the Middle Ages. Then again, somebody might just surprise me by creating and populating one.)
  2. There is an accepted way to link together parallel categories across languages, although it is incompletely implemented.
  3. Category names must not mix languages.

I also remember another couple of principles, although I couldn't turn up the appropriate pages with a quick search.

One of those principles is that categories must link upwards until they reach the Categories category (or the equivalent in another language). If I remember correctly, one of Aleš's reports lists categories which don't link upward and eventually connect to Categories, and those categories which don't link upwards are subject to being deleted if somebody can't figure out where to connect them. So we can't just, for example, create a category of "Personnage remarquable de la France" and leave it that way. We need to have something like "Personnes notables" to link that category up to.

Which, actually, brings up something that I hadn't noticed before: the Notables category only links upward to the Notables Project category, which, in turn, links upward to the Worldwide Projects and Global Family Reunion Project categories (the latter of which links upward to Worldwide Projects anyway), and Worldwide Projects links up to Projects, which links up to Categories. So I'm thinking that the reason that the multi-language categories haven't been created for Notables (at least, not that I've seen) is because most projects (other than country-specific projects) are still pretty much English-only.

It seems to me that notables would be important to genealogists, whether there was a Notables Project or not. I don't mean that I want to get rid of the project. Far from it. But it does seem to me that people who are drilling down through the categories are likely to miss the fact that we even have a Notables Project or categories for notables if they don't happen to detour into the Projects categories. Looking at the Society category, I see that Aristocracy and Nobility and Awards and Honors are already listed there, so it seems to me like it would be a good idea to link the Notables category upward to the Society category, as well as the Notables Project category. 

If we did that, then even if we didn't want to launch sub-projects of the Notables Project in other languages, then at least we could build down category paths like Catégories > Société > Personnes notables > Personnage remarquable de la France and so on.

Another principle which I remember seeing, but can't find right now, is that, not only are we not supposed to mix languages in category names, but we're also not supposed to mix languages in category paths. All English language categories must ultimately link upwards to Categories, all French language categories must ultimately link upwards to Catégories, and so on. So we're not supposed to, for example, link upwards from Personnage remarquable de la France to Notables, but we can (and should) connect Personnage remarquable de la France sideways to French Notables through that language menu system.

(I'm assuming that the reason for that rule is to avoid frustrating people who speak other languages by forcing them to poke through the English categories to find bits of their own language tucked away here and there, instead of just being able to drill down from the top of the hierarchy in their own language. Although it may be that there's some other reason for that rule that I haven't thought of.)

In any case, I'm thinking that that rule may have been what you saw in action, Scott. I know that when I was working through cleaning up the Occupations category hierarchy a few months ago, I ended up moving a number of non-English occupation names into the category hierarchies of the appropriate languages, where they belonged. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other people doing similar "cleanup" tasks in other category hierarchies.

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I just added very basic and rough profiles for Russell Stover [[Stover-1987]] as well as his his father [[Stover-1986]] and grandfather (my 5th great uncle) [[Stover-1985]]. If anyone would like to work on these profiles, you are welcome to do so.
answered by Kimberly Cooper G2G1 (1.4k points)
edited by Kimberly Cooper
Don't forget to add [[Category:Chocolatiers]].
It's added. Thanks.

Thanks. I have a particular interest in seeing that category added to. smiley

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I would like to participate in the Notables project. Here is a profile that I feel should be classified as Notable, but I am not a member of the project and do not know how to designate a profile as Notable. I created the profile for WW II Veteran, from our Justen family here in McHenry, Illinois, Eugene James Justen, profile Justen-89
answered by Sandie Schwarz G2G6 Mach 1 (12.5k points)
Hi Sandie - I've awarded you the Notables badge. Welcome to the Team!

The Notables info you are seeking can be found on the project page, which is here:
+5 votes
It's been a busy few months - sorry if I've not been out there as much as I should be. Hopefully things will calm down a little - not going to keep my hopes up.

I just finished a profile for Edward Begley Sr., who was quite an interesting guy and I'm actually happy with the results. Still need to find a way to connect him to the global tree, but one thing at a time.
answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
He's now connected to the global tree.

Found a really weird connection for Susan Hayward (Edith Marrenner). It should update on the refresh tonight.

Susan was married to Jess Barker. They had an apparently not great marriage followed by a very difficult divorce and ugly custody battle. It would be ironic to have the connection run through their daughter. But it's not that clean.

After the divorce, Jess found a new girlfriend. He lived with her for a time, and then moved out, and shortly after he moved out, she came up pregnant. There was a court case, and he was legally named the father. He never agreed, but was forced to pay child support. It's through this child that the connection runs, back through the mother, through a few more twisty windy paths and out to the global tree.

I'm happy that she'll be connected tonight, but this is one of the most awkward connections I've ever seen.

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Hello, I have a notable who is being warmed up, but cannot get him into a profile until a) I get the linkages correct on how he left his legacy, and b) I have not yet applied for pre-1500 certification.

In the last 24 hours, I double-checked what I needed to do for two profiles that are in entry-level notable status, now. I am interested in - at the very least - the newsletter, too, please..

answered by Fann Fann G2G6 Mach 2 (27.6k points)

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