"Can a Pre-1500 Certified member merge Skleraina-3 into Of_Byzantium-40?" in our G2G forum. Thank you!

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WikiTree profile: Theophanu Skleraina
in Policy and Style by Dr. Ted Vandevis G2G5 (5.7k points)
retagged by Isabelle Martin
The last name has not yet been decided for that one that I know of.

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I looked for a suitable LNAB, but (1) her father is uncertain and (2) Skleraina is PPP, so went with Skleraina, which would be consistent if her father was named Skleros.  She is now merged.

I don't know naming conventions for this place and time, so I wouldn't be surprised if her LNAB needs to change again some time in the future when more successful research has bee done.

There's an article on line that says she was considered strange because having come from Constantinople, she bathed daily, and used a strange two pronged instrument, rather than her hands, to bring food to her mouth.
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (368k points)

Sorry Jack but I think if there is doubt about an appropriate LNAB then that should be discussed before the merge takes place.

It has to do with the Multiple redirects problem  When you change the name of a profile you are effectively creating a merge.

Merging Of_Byzantium into Skleraina and then Skleraina into something else, you are merging A > B > C.

If we decide on a correct name before hand then you are merging A > C and then B > C and cutting down on the redirects.

Her name has ben discussed a few months ago, but without result. The thread is linked on her profile. (not criticizing, just stating that no concensus was found last time the subject was visited). I'm sorry,, I 'm responsible for the PPP on Skleraina. I just wanted the merge not to go into Byzantium but unfortunately that was not thought through.

Isabelle, it's a difficult situation with the pressure to merge profiles, and these two profiles were clearly the same person.  In addition, the merge had already been approved for an "Of Byzantium" result which was clearly wrong.  So your PPP accomplished its desired purpose of at least ending with an approvable LNAB!  

And John, I probably should have left it and let someone else take the heat for doing the merge -- but as things are set up right now, it was an approved merge, there is very strong pressure in WikiTree to merge any two duplicate files, so I think someone would have merged it soon if I hadn't.  I did check what I could find, and it doesn't seem like her father's name is known -- so it's possible we'll never know what her LNAB really needs to be!  

I do appreciate that this particular merge has been in the pipeline for far too long and something needed to be done, and that there are still many, many pre-1500 profiles that are a mess with too few of us working to solve these issues, particularly as they relate to profiles from European mainland and what are now called ancient profiles.

Perhaps I should to be more pragmatic about these issues.
Well, leaving the duplicate profiles alone until one is sure of the LNAB, and respecting the multiple redirects problem is the really pragmatic solution!
Being pragmatic, I believe, is realizing that mistakes are inevitable!

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