Is there a list of New Jersey TB deaths, 1910s - 1920s?

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I'm working on connecting a DNA match of mine to my tree ... It's one of the closest DNA matches I have ... I have very little information to go on regarding a line that is perhaps from our MRCA. (I have corresponded with my match.) What would help is a list or some kind of source of people who died of TB in the late 1910s, early 1920s. Is there such a thing?
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Nope. I found few deaths from tuberculosis in most states but New Jersey wasn’t created yet.

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Thanks Gurney! I saw those short lists started for individual states and was impressed someone somewhere had started to try to organize this. I didn't expect there was more, but was hoping! Before I met this match, she had been researching this ancestor of her's for years ... trying, she said, literally everything. I'm brainstorming ways to make a tiny bit of progress on this now age old mystery line but may not be able to come up with anything "new".
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Unfortunately, there is not one like that. That would be frankly unmanageable and insane to expect of anyone. You would need to add people to the category like Gurney suggested, and if everyone added the people they came across who died of TB we might have a partial list. Possibly. You’ll never be able to come across every single person. Not to mention trying to search that would be absolutely awful. 

Per the CDC at the time (1912?), the total number of people who died of tuberculosis in 1910 alone was 86,309 people. Newark, NJ had some of the highest death rates from TB in 1910. Document page 31 PDF page 28. 

1920’s stats were published in 1922. Pages 36-39 give an accurate report of TB throughout the previous decade. Relatively, the PDF Pages are 34-37. 99,916 people died of TB in 1920 alone. And that’s just what was reported.

It was estimated that, at the turn of the century, 450 Americans died of tuberculosis every day, most between ages 15 and 44.” citing Shiela M Rothman  

Have you considered trying to extrapolate the data based on your other matches? Or just doing some good old fashioned searching?

ETA: Forgot second link, is now added.

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Per my DNA match, the good old fashioned searching has been going on for decades.

That stinks! Unfortunately the Newark-area stuff is missing from this site, since the Department of Health couldn’t find it. 

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