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Today, I received a message from Kevin Lajiness bringing to my attention that Sicard-6 and Sicard-156 requested merge was denied since they are 2 different individuals (sisters by the same name); I could nor recall having initiated such a merge so I began doing some research.  So far, I was only familiar with "Pending Merges Awaiting for Action by Me" and "Pending Merges Initiated by Me".

This time, out of curiousity, I looked at "Rejected Matches Initiated by Me" and to my surprise, there was 60 such merges turned down.

Comparing a few of these, I was amazed.  For instance Morin-286 born in Quebec & Marino-45 born in Italy have nothing in common and I am certain that I would never have initiated such a merge.  The same applies to many others out of those 60.

As a rule, based on earlier errors, I now always research both profiles before suggesting a merge so my question is  - how can these matches have been imparted to me ?

Thank you
asked in Genealogy Help by Michèle Calonnec G2G6 (7.1k points)

Long list of rejects here

They weren't merge proposals.  They're just a list of possible matches thrown up by the system's "Find Matches" some point (May 26) and rejected wholesale.

The system remembers them so it doesn't show them as possible matches again.  That's the point of rejecting them.

Michèle, I think this is a semantic problem - "rejected merge" may be a poor choice of words for what these are.  As others have explained in answers, they were created when you indicated that the two profiles are not a match while importing a gedcom or while adding a new person and reviewing the list of possible matches that gets displayed at those times.  They are *NOT* merges that had been proposed which you rejected or merges that you proposed which someone else rejected.

Don't bother your head worrying about this - it's nothing!

Thanks to all who took time to answer my query

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Did you import a Gedcom? If so, when you reviewed suggested matches you will have rejected many of them. This action creates the "Rejected Matches Initiated by Me" list.

answered by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (403k points)
It doesn't even have to be a gedcom upload.  Any time you create a new profile (or update the dates on an existing one), you'll possibly get a list of similar profiles to reject.

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