French Roots Project, what are you working on?

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Here's a little update for our project!

The theme this month was inspired by the Paris Fashion Week, which took place late in September/early October. So a few of us are working on notables connected with the fashion and luxury industries (list here).

We're also continuing other tasks such as reducing the number of unsourced French profiles and working on the Suggestions report. We've also formalized our structure for French location categories, while several members are continuing their more personal projects.

What have you been working on? Please answer here and share!

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asked in The Tree House by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (213k points)
I am trying to see if there is a link between the Marucheau family and Me.  My dna was matched with a descendent of the Marucheau family and I am working very hard to make connections.  The Marucheau Family is from Bordeaux France but they settled in the caribbean atound the 1700’s.  They owned sugar plantations in Grenada, St Vincent and St Lucia.  Many of the Marucheaus also lived in Guadeloupe.  In the 1880’s the Marucheaus Mobed to the Bexar Texas, USA.  Most of them  are descendants of Pierre Marucheau. Pierre was married to Charlotte Aquart.   The Aquart family is a was a wealthy family from Bordeaux France.  I have gotten a lot of information on the Marucheau family but I am still Unable to make a connection between my family and them.
Is it the family from Basse-Terre whose ancestor is Barthélemy MARUCHEAU ? He got married in 1687 in Basse-Terre. His marriage record says that he is a son of Guillaume MARUCHEAU and the late Marie REQUIS and a native of Melan in Gascony, bishopric of  Bazas.

Barthélemy MARUCHEAU passed away in 1729 in Basse-Terre at the age of 65. He was a joiner.
I do believe that there is a relation between Barthelmy and The Marucheaus from St Lucia.  There is not much on his Pierre Marucheau in St Lucia but I am found a lot in the marucheaus in Guadeloupe.  Pierre wanborn around  1755.  I know that he was in the French army and fought in  The Battle of the Saints and was held captive by the British.  He escaped and swam to St Lucia. This was written in a genealogy book by his great grandson Charles Marucheau. I have to go back to my notes for confirmation,  but I think I read that Barthelmy Marucheau had a son or brother named Pierre. Pierre also had a son named Pierre.   The dates kinda made sense to me, but being that Pierre was a very common name back then, I don’t know if the Pierre jr (from Barthelmy’s line) was the same person who lived in St Lucia. The only birth record I am getting for any Pierre Marucheau is from the Guadeloupe’s online birth records. All records and mention of Pierre in St Lucia and Grenada was when he was a grown man and all the Marucheaus lived in Guadeloupe around the time he was born.  There really have to be a connection.  I can’t remember clearly but I think I was able to place the admiral who conducted the Battle of the Saints in Guadeloupe (I will clarify this soon). Pierre was sentenced to execution for treason in Grenada around 1795 and he escaped.  Then he and his mother went to St Lucia.  Then he got married to Charlotte aquart.
Thanks you for taking time to comment!

This family tree on Geneanet says that the father of Pierre Jean Marie MARUCHEAU was Jean François MARUCHAU.

I wonder if it's the same as the one born in Basse-Terre in 1731 to Pierre MARUCHEAU and Catherine DECOUCHE, Pierre MARUCHEAU being a son of Barthélemy MARUCHEAU.

I have found the baptism record of Barthélemy MARUCHEAU in Meilhan (Lot-et-Garonne) in 1665. He got baptized on March 4th 1665. Born on February 26th if I understand correctly. His father is Guilhem MARUCHEAU and his mother Marie ROCQUIS. He has siblings. He still lived in Meilhan in 1682.


I was thinking maybe the one married to catherine Desalle was his dad.  Because the Pierre wjo libednim st lucia was born ariund 1955.  

Therewas a Barthelmy born in Gasconge.  In 1862 he went to the West In on the "I Oranger" and settled in Guadeloupe.  He was a carpenter.  His wife was Agnes Laine.  He died in 1729.  Kids Pierre Marucheau (wife Catherine Decouche). He was born around 1698 and  was a carpenter.  Other kids Marguerite, Marie Agnes, Marc Antoine, Jean.

Pierre Marucheau (wife  Marie Elizabeth Pierret).  His wife was the daughter of Anne Elizabeth Marucheau and Jacques Pierret.  This Pierre had a done with Marie Catherine Desalle.  

I also found a Pierre Bruno Marucheau born around the same time with Pierre Marucheau who lived in St Lucia.  He was a decendant of Barthelmy.  

I feel like I am just going in circles.  Another thing that puzzles me is I am seeing that Marie Catherine Aquart nee Coulon  the mother in law of Pierre Jean Marie Marucheau. And she is has a sister/cousin (not sure) named Marie Madeline Marucheau nee Coulon ( they claimed to be the mother of Pierre Jean Marie Marucheau).  They were the joint  owners of an estate and were compensated after slavery was abolished.  If they were sisters this would make Pierre jean Marie Marucheau ar his wife Charlotte first cousins.  I think that Pierre's great gandson Charles,   would mention that they wrer first cousins in the genealogy book if that was the case.  Instead, Charles referred to the Charlotte's Aquarts as a member of a very wealthy family of France.  This is one reason why I believed that this info may be incorrect.  Also,  land was sold by Marie Madeline and a guy named Jean Baptiste Ollivier (a man whom they claim to be Pierres brother in Law).    It is possible that  Pierre and Jean Baptiste might have had somes relationship,  because thetauthor of the book  mentioned that they visitednwhere he was at some point,  in a book about the Fedons rebellion in Grenada.  I am just wondering   if Marie Madeline was jean Baptiste first wife and not his mother in law. I have to go back and and check the dates.  The dates are really important.  Ollivier did have a second wife and child during the Fedons Rebellion (it was mentioned in the book about fedonsFrebillion. He spoke about them)   The dates on Gene are accurate for ollivier.  Maybe I am just overthinking all this but Pierre's dad had to come from somewhere.
I am afraid that the answer is in the British records in Grenada, not in the French ones.

The only records of Sainte-Lucie kept by the French Overseas Archives are online

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I'm still working on Saint-Barthélemy, I've managed to connect two family lines to their French roots with the help of David Quénéhervé. There are lots of the other families and I am slowly working on them. I've also done work on the connections to the Danish West Indies/US Virgin Islands most notably St. Thomas where there is a large French community.
answered by Lynnette Dovy G2G6 Mach 1 (12.9k points)
Thanks Lynnette, I am impressed by the amount of work that has been done with these communities! And very happy to see them documented, they are unfortunately forgotten by French genealogists.
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I have 2 Projects that are related to France

Feuerstein (Firestone) one name study Alsation Feuersteins and

Irish Military Diaspora in France

answered by Richard Devlin G2G6 Mach 8 (82.3k points)

Thanks Richard. I found the Irish military diaspora fascinating (I knew nothing of the subject, so this was a discovery).

By the way the ancestry of President Patrice de Mac Mahon has now been expanded up to his ancestors who left Ireland - I'm unable to explore the Irish side of his family and hope someone will be able to take that on.

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I expanded the profile for Yves Saint Laurent [] to celebrate Paris Fashion Week. I may work on Givenchy next.

I'm going to try to work more on Catherine De Baillon's ancestry to clean up those profiles.
answered by Kyla H G2G6 Mach 2 (26.8k points)
Thanks Kyla, for this and all your help in other parts of the project. Very much appreciated.
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I am currently working on my One Place Studies, Martinique du Nord and the Comte de Nice.

In Martinique du Nord, I am concentrating at the moment on the exended family of Ludger Sylbaris, the famous survivor of Mont Pelée. This family, and the families of many other descendants of slaves may never connect to the World Family Tree. I think this is a flaw in the World Family Tree concept, as it is by its very nature Eurocentric.

In the Comte de Nice, I am concentrating on the village of Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée.
answered by Duane Poncy G2G3 (3.3k points)
Thank Duane! Yes, it is very difficult to connect some communities to the main tree. That should not stop us from working on them though.
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"Greatings"  Isabelle Rassinot !

I've been adding Barbeau family profiles of families in France from 1700-Present and looking for connections to Nouvelle France and Louisianne. . .. and .. I've been categorizing French_Roots.
answered by Jerry Baraboo G2G6 Pilot (476k points)
Thanks Jerry!
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Bonjour Isabelle,

Mon travail consiste actuellement à trouver les sources pour les profils des Côtes d'Armor; comme pour les Courtillon, de nombreux profils ne donnent aucun renseignement si ce n'est le nom des parents ou du mari et il faut donc aller à la pêche avant d'aller plus loin.  Quelle est la règle ? Suffit-il de trouver une date avec sa source ou doit-on compléter le profil avec toutes les dates et toutes les sources primaires avant qu'il soit retiré de la catégorie "Unsourced"  J'ai été aussi loin que possible pour les Courtillon mais cela prend un temps fou; bien sûr cela permet de corriger certains liens mais - est-ce le but de l'exercise ?
answered by Michèle Calonnec G2G6 (6.8k points)
Merci Michèle de faire ce travail parfois frustrant mais essentiel. La règle pour {{Unsourced}} est simple. On peut l'enlever dès qu'il y a une source. Evidemment quand un profil a toutes les sources de base (naissance/mariage/décès) c'est mieux, mais ce n'est pas indispensable. Une source avec une date et un lieu permet de confirmer l'existence de la personne à ce moment-là et à cet endroit-là et vu l'état de nombreux profils, c'est déjà beaucoup.

Merci infiniment... et ne pas oublier d'alterner ce travail un peu ingrat avec des recherches plus amusantes.
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I've been working on finding the regions from France my French Canadian ancestors came from and the specific French roots of their surnames!
answered by
Thanks, Callie!
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In November we will be working on The Great War (and other conflicts for those who feel more comfortable working on  World War II for example). See the G2G thread.

For a little variety here are this week's anniversaries:

These profiles could use help!

answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (213k points)
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I am working on adding profiles for French-speaking Protestants who emigrated from Montbeliard to Halifax and then Lunenburg in Canada around 1750.  I have started with the ancestors of my 5th great-parents, Pierre Christophe Maillard and Elizabeth Margareta Gretteau.  They are among the 400 founding families in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

I also have a reference book by Terence M Punch about the Montbeliard emigrants which has a brief genealogy that I can use if others have questions about the group.
answered by P Hanrahan G2G1 (1.5k points)

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