Who is Catherine Jonas Roelofs, b. 1582 in Marstrand, Norway, now, Sweden, or Netherlands?

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This is the settler to New Netherland, but her birth location is wildly variant. Either South Holland, or else an isalnd of Norway, now Sweden??

Something is really confused about her exact identity and origin.

She appears to be the daughter of Catharina Jonas of Germany, so maybe that is the entire basis of her name as Jonas as an alternate name. An error, perhaps.

Her father is Jan Roeloff, of Marstrand, Marstrand Island, Norway, where he also married, so I would think that is her correct birth place, if true.

But I don't know if she would be born with the Roeloff surname, or Roeloffdr, or Jansen, or Jansdr, or where the Jonas name even comes in as a possibility from that.

So, does anybody have any good indication of what is more likely the correct form for her LNAB?

I would like to close this in one week, because she has a pending merge and also descendants who are in need of merge. But this appears to be a particularly difficult case.

And to complicate it further, I see this related G2G for a prior Roelofs into Jonas, which may be something to do with this.

So tentatively, I will set a close date for this G2G in one week, on Mar. 26, 2014.

WikiTree profile: Catherine Jonas Roelofs
in Genealogy Help by Steven Mix G2G6 Mach 4 (41.4k points)

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See my comments of Roeloff-1.
by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (156k points)

Thanks Philip, you are referring to her father, Jan Roeloff-1 and for clarity I am going to copy your comment to here:

Karen Simmons tree (Trinjtje should be spelled Trijntje) Maestrland / Marstrand is not a Dutch place (it's in Norway) though there is a region in the Netherlands known as " 't Land van Maas".

So that seems to address the birthplace, as Norway rather than the Netherlands.

But I still don't know what her correct patronymic should be, for a true LNAB. Proably something like Jansdotter.

So I would like to keep this G2G open for resolving that LNAB issue. But it seems clear to me that Roelofs-78 should be the proper LNAB to merge into, for now. The other choice in the match was a Jonas, and that just seems to be very wrong, in any case. Maybe it was intended to be something like Jansen, but I think it is more likely simply confusion with the Jonas mother. Especially since that profile had no parents attached. So I will now move this profile forward into NNS, to complete the merge.

But...on second thought, no.

I'm afraid that I am seeing a total mess merge conflation of two different women:




In a deposition, Tryntje Jonas is called “midwife of New Netherland.” ... She was so called on November 26, 1635. (see entry on columbia.edu for sources)

They have the various children in common, as well as one or both of the Ryckman and Webber husbands.

This really needs to get straightened out. Merges have already occured on all profiles.

See my note on Roelofs-78.
I just stacked all the duplicate Roelof Jansen profiles (under Janssoon-1) as unmerged matches, but I think there are two people represented by all the Roelof Jansen profiles even though b/d is 1602/1637 for most of them).  One, son of Jan Roelof & Catherine Jonas. The other is a son of Wolfert Webber & Catherine Jonas Roelofs. If these are two different couples (and not Catherine remarrying), then probably Webber-713 and Jansen-135 are a match under them & the others a match under Jan Roelof & Catherine Jonas.
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The correct LNAB could be Jansdatter or Jansdotter if her father's first name is Jan. (datter and dotter meaning daughter). Look at this Wikipage for information on Scandinavian surnames: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavian_family_name_etymology

But Roeloff could be just as correct as a family name. Daughters did not always inherit the family name. There were no standards other than the -son, -sen, -datter, -dotter names. 

You could have her LNAB as Jansdotter Roeloff (if wikitree allows it, I'm not sure) and Roeloff as her prefered if that is what she goes by as an adult. 

I know the Danes can have two surnames, and I think it is one from the father and one from the mother. This makes it even more complicated for you. Sorry....

by Lena Svensson G2G6 Mach 5 (50.7k points)

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