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I am looking at a page of the 1841 Scotland Census.  The rightmost two columns of each entry are headed:

"If born in Scotland, state whether in County or otherwise"

"Whether Foreigner, or whether born in England or Ireland"

Supposedly, the second of these columns was to be filled in with 'F', 'E', or 'I'.  But the enumerator who filled out my page left these boxes blank.  I notice that he placed check marks over by those columns and only in rows where the first column had an 'N', i.e., only for people not born in the County.  

These check marks either appear in the otherwise blank second column or else to the left of the 'N' in the first column. I am trying to determine the meaning of their placement.

Has anyone else seen this particular system of enumeration?  Right now I am guessing that a check mark in the second box indicates that the person was born either in England, Ireland, or out of the country (without specifying which), while the check mark to the left of the first column indicates a person born in Scotland but in a different County than that of the census.  Is there another reasonable interpretation?
asked in Genealogy Help by Barry Smith G2G6 Mach 3 (31.6k points)

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If the second of those columns is blank then the person was born in Scotland.

The check marks you are seeing may be those that were added subsequently when the census results were being summarised. Difficult to answer you question on those without knowing which page you are actually looking at. Look to see if they are consistent with where there is an N in the born in county box or an entry in the not born in Scotland box. They checked them off as they added to the tally for the summary reports.
answered by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (618k points)
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A later addition for a tally makes sense. And since you point out that all of these people were born in Scotland, so my hypothesis was wrong, I went back and looked for something completely different.  And now its obvious -- they apparently tallied not just those born out of the County but also separated by gender.  The check marks to the right side "in" the blank country of origin box always correspond to women, and the check marks off to the left only correspond to men.
That makes sense. Thanks for the best answer star.

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