Why upload a gedcom if you have to manually enter each individual into a tree? Or am I missing something?

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I've uploaded several gedcoms, but my tree has to be updated one by one. (Unless I'm doing something wrong, which I hope is the case) what use is uploading a gedcom if it can't be accessed?
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It saves you retyping some of the basic data and sets up relationships, but you do have to check that you are not loading duplicates and it helps to tidy up the layout for each person that you add.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (627k points)
I don't understand what you mean by "saves you retyping" if I have retype every person in my gedcom. Am I just not getting this?
Ok I see from other questions this is just how things work. I can't imagine a more tedious endeavor.
right... we don't allow the bulk uploading of gedcoms. Its more of a pseudo bulk uploading -- one at a time. But even though you have to add people one at a time, your gedcom keeps them linked together (otherwise, you'd have to also create the family connections as well).
You do not have to retype. After you have done all of the comparisons the Add buttons appear. You then go through the list and add them from the gedcom. The names, dates, locations, information and sources transfer with the add, but may need some tidying.
Thank you
W, at one time users were allowed to upload whole GEDCOM's - and we're still suffering from the mess!  Since WikiTree is free, users would upload their GEDCOM of 10000 people, then find that WikiTree did something differently than they were used to, and walk away, abandoning thousands of unsourced unverified records, full of their copied trees, full of errors.  At WikiTree we believe in evidence-based genealogy, and a profile is not complete until it includes the sources that back up the facts and relationships presented.  Unfortunately, WikiTree still has numerous records without sources, and *still* allows entry of unsourced profiles, but only one at a time.  We hope that users will take more time with each profile, get it right, and add the appropriate evidence for each included fact.
W, you get your choice of tedium:

A.  Upload your GEDCom, and check every record against existing WikiTree profiles for duplicates, then clean up the resulting biographies,


B.  Type in your relatives one by one, checking each against existing WikiTree profiles for duplicates, and copy/paste or otherwise enter the source citations and biographical info.

We've all faced the same choice of how most efficiently to integrate our data into the existing database without creating duplicates.  It's usually not clear whether A or B is less work.  The best advice is to try out a small (20 or fewer people) GEDCom, to see for yourself how easy or difficult it is with your data.  Good luck!
I like "C. Use WikiTree-X".  I like to find the person in both FamilySearch and Ancestry, and fill them out as completely as possible, adding all possible sources in each, and where necessary, citing sources from one to the other.  Then when complete as possible, use WikiTree-X to import the person into WikiTree, then use lots of cut-and-paste to bring over all of the sources.
Not everyone has WikiTree-X.
WikiTree-X is a free extension, but only available for use in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, such as Vivaldi which I like and use.
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Hi W. Kuberski. I agree with Lynda ...

When you first start on WikiTree, this sounds like really bad news. Like you say, lots of typing, lots of tedious activity. I think as you become more familiar with contributing to a "single" collaborative tree, though, you'll grow to appreciate this setup. As I understand things (still being relatively new myself), this rule is to help avoid our collectively, unknowingly from adding duplicate profiles for the same ancestor/relative.

Imagine if my brother and I each had a Gedcom of essentially the same family tree, where each of us did not know the other was working on genealogy ... and especially did not know of the other trying out WikiTree. If each of my brother and I simply uploaded our Gedcom's to WT w/o the rule you bumped into in place, UGH, soon there would be 2 WT entries for our parents, our grandparents, our cousins, etc.

So, to avoid THAT, I think this is why WT is set up this way. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about something here ...
by Susan Keil G2G6 Mach 5 (51.6k points)
Susan, you're right that the detection and minimizing of duplication was a major reason for the change to the new one-by-one system, but not the only reason.  We used to allow wholesale dumping, the importation of huge GEDCOM's.  There were some that would back up the garbage truck and dump thousands of awful records into the system, then leave!  This makes it harder to do that.  I still see batches of records being added with no bio, no sources, no dates, and no places, but now they have to add each one by itself - at least it's harder to add thousands of them.

I personally wish we would disallow saving any record without a single date or location.  We should require at least a century and a continent, would help hugely when looking at a long list of names in a search or match list.
Thanks for that added insight, Rob! Your enhancement wishes sound reasonable to me ... I'm sure it's controversial though ...

Here, here Rob.

Creating a Profile with just a name is as egregious to the WikiTree Global Tree or lets call it what it is, a database, as creating a duplicate Profile or one with incorrect data.  No data is bad data...period.

If someone is added to WikiTree there should be dates and locations, both. Not dates or locations. If you don't have at least these, how can you be sure they are who think they are.  We have all followed red herrings in our research and sometimes these are added.  Or you have a birth or death certificate with a parents name and that's it.  Not adding them until you have good data does not cause the end of the world or WikiTree.

Sorry we got away on a tangent W. Kuberski.  Please take a look at this page I put together to help the new user of GEDCOMpare understand how it is used to add to WikiTree from your GEDCOM file(s).  Some hints and tips.  When first viewed, a GEDCOMpare Report may seem daunting, but it does get easier with familiarity.

GEDCOM File Primer

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