What do I do with suggestion for missing DNA confirmation

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In my list of "suggestions," there are several profiles that say "Missing father's (or mother's) DNA confirmation. I did not post any of this DNA information as I have not had my DNA tested, so I do not know how to correct these suggestions. A couple of them are not even my profiles; I just happen to be the PM for one of the relatives. For example, I am not on the trusted list for Mary (Murray-3396) Johnson, but I AM the PM for her mother, Ella (Kabrich-31) Murray. I have a few Pikes with the same issue. So what do I do?
WikiTree profile: Ella Murray
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You can see who set the indicator by looking under the "Changes" tab on the profiile. 

You can reset the confirmed with DNA indicator and let the person know that the indicator should not be set before the documentation needed for the DNA confirmation has been added to the profile. Point them to the help for DNA Confirmation for guidance.

John Kingman

by John Kingman G2G6 Mach 1 (17.8k points)
Thank you for your reply. First, MY name is ROBIN, Ella is the profile I posted as an example. Second, I KNOW who set the DNA confirmation - they entered THEIR DNA information on many profiles. We share many of these profiles. Third, I really do not understand your answer, but thanks for pointing me to the "help for DNA confirmation," I think I can go with that to solve my problem!
Sorry about that.  You've probably noticed the indicators on the profiles you've edited where the parents are shown.  There are four to choose from and 'confident' is usually checked before 'confirmed with DNA' is selected.

Thank you John - I get names mixed up ALL the time. And I do appreciate your help. I've gotten a couple of other responses that also helped. Now I just need to educate myself on the DNA stuff so I know how to handle it. Eventually I WILL do my OWN DNA! Thanks again.
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That 'suggestion' indicates that there is no obvious DNA confirmation statement supporting the 'confirmed with DNA' entries for either or both parents. You could contact the relative who marked the relationship to the parent(s) 'confirmed with DNA' and ask him/her to add the appropriate statement(s). Or, if you prefer, you can just change the relationship(s) from 'confirmed with DNA'  to 'confident'. The DNA Confirmation instructions specifically tell you that's appropriate: "If there isn’t a proper source citation, the "confirmed with DNA" relationship status should be changed, by you or by someone else."

by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (171k points)

I would go with Kay's second suggestion of changing the status yourself, down one notch to "confident", with the added advice that if you do so, please drop a note to any other profile managers or Trusted List folks that you are doing so (or leave a polite public comment on the profile in question), and that it's because of the guidelines on DNA confirmation (in other words, that they're free to set it back to DNA confirmed once they've added the proper verbiage.

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I had this come up also in my DBE report also...     https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jester-226


Burgess M. has not had a direct Descendant report their test results yet. 

So as far as I'm concerned, THIS IS A TOTAL NON-ISSUE!  And if its required, then DNA project and WT can open up their pocket books. 

by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 5 (50.8k points)

The issue is that the Confirmed with DNA button has been selected without the supporting information (the DNA Confirmation statement) being added to the Biography.  It's like adding a death date or other piece of information with no source given- there's no way for other people to evaluate the claim.  Best approach would be to change the status to Confident for now, then change it back to Confirmed with DNA once a DNA confirmation statement has been added.  It's explained here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:DNA_Confirmation  Best of luck!

Lisa, this family relationship was actually confirmed with ACTUAL GENEALOGY done 40 years ago, before DNA became so popular, thru census records, interviews with descendants, cemetary walking... ALL DONE BEFORE THE INTERNET!
Lynette, then use the Certain tag for those lines that have not yet had DNA testing done on them.  "DNA confirmed" is only for lines where DNA testing has been done.

And whether or not DNA testing has been done, please add sources to support the various data on the profiles (if not there already).

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