Doubtful"connections"were recently on my Wikitree,now gone-what happened?

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I saw little proof for connections-really dating back to Charlemagne???-and wondered who had done this or how this had been added, but now these are no longer there. Any ideas? Was someone posting without sources or just fooling around?
WikiTree profile: Sherry Juedeman
asked in WikiTree Help by Sherry Juedeman G2G6 (7.7k points)
recategorized by Jillaine Smith
it is quite common that someone comes along and attaches a set of parents to a profile of someone with disputed origins.  We see this all the time on profiles included in the  Puritan Great Migration project. Because the project is watching, we are able to catch these and check the research.  If it's not good, we detach the parents and protect the profile so the disputed parents can't be re attached. Magna Carta project  might also have done something similar.  

The result: for a short time you think you go back to Charlemagne or some other royal or nobility. Then hopefully a short time later, the connection is fixed and your line stops -- in your case -- in colonial New England.
I don't see any lines in your ancestry that extend back toward Charlemagne, so I'm guessing that some bad connections have been removed.

If a project hasn't already gotten involved to try to prevent this from happening again, please post here to identify the affected profiles or family lines.
maybe it's too many generations away? I went poking around your tree and found that you're a lineal descendant of Dorothy (Waldegrave) Harris, and RF shows that she's a lineal descendant of Charlemagne:
Thanks to all of you for your insight, especially your answer Jillian Smith! Much to my surprise another Wikitree member has done a little investigating in my family tree and says one of my ancestors was a descendant of Charlemagne! So now, I guess I’ll have to do a little more research on my own in to that line.

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Sherry, can you provide a little more detail or give an example?  Are you referring to connections to another member that would be found by the WikiTree Connection Finder tool by looking back many generations for a common ancestor?  (I think Charlemagne would be quite a few generations back!)  Or are you referring to changes to profiles of your own ancestors that may have been made by others?  The Connection Finder looks at connections by marriage as well as by one's direct ancestry, so changes to connections found that way could be caused by any number of members cleaning up questionable relationships in the profiles they manage.  If it's your own direct line, and there's a specific thing missing that you're curious about, you might try looking through the changes logs on the affected profiles.
answered by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (218k points)
The earliest ancestors included in my family tree dated from early Colonial time, not my research but that of a distant cousin. That’s been consistent for several years. Then a few weeks back, I was refreshing my memory as to someone’s birthplace and noticed there were more red arrows on several of the male lines, started following them and went back many generations on several different lines, which as previously mentioned, included Charlemagne, highly doubtful, as well as other members of the nobility. II checked 3 different days with the same results. Absurd.

I had time to investigate a bit more today, and the ancestors whose lines I’d previously followed no longer had such extensive family trees. Back to Colonial times which is documented.

My question is what happened? Were there some unsourced profiles removed during a source-a-thon or were there some erroneous connections made where there was no proof , then removed? I’m really curious as I’ve never run into this before.
Sorry, I have no idea, and I don't know what red arrows on a profile would indicate.  I have not seen that.
Sorry to confuse you, more of a triangle instead of an arrow. When a family tree is accessed, there sometimes are little red and blue arrows or triangles after the person's name; click on one and you have another generation of the person's tree, male or female. But thanks for trying to help!
I know those red triangles in the family tree view, Sherry - I often explore branches, both related and unrelated to me, by browsing forward in the family tree.

Like you, I would be very suspicious if I suddenly found a branch going back to Charlemagne or the Norse kings - and I'd just be relieved when they disappeared again.

If you are really keen on knowing what happened, you'll have to try to remember one of the true ancestors where this questionable line was connected (and then disconnected again) and see if you can spot something in the change record.

Edit: I say "browse forward" because it goes to the right = reading direction.
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It's a minefield.  There are sources and sources.  There are many many books and websites out there that show connections which are fake, disproved, or just guesses.  People add those connections to WikiTree.  They're not intending to post without sources or fool around.
answered by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (392k points)
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My request to anyone using any of the Wikitree connecting or relationship finding tools and seeing something interesting (or insane) is to please copy-paste it somewhere and contact someone - for example a project or on G2G. This is a great way for us to locate problems and clean Wikitree up.

...and of course sometimes the connections will be real, and by checking you will actually be able to get an idea that these links are real, rather than assuming they are nonsense (which is the safest assumption for now I'm afraid).
answered by Andrew Lancaster G2G6 Mach 6 (68k points)

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