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WikiTree profile: Chris Ferraiolo
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asked in The Tree House by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (197k points)
closed by Chris Ferraiolo
Thanks for hosting, Chris.
No problem!
Thank you for hosting, Chris!
Don't forget to check page two! More craziness on that page!

Thank you for hosting again Chris! smiley

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Our puzzle today is unscramble the surnames.  All of these have its own One Name Study.  Some, but not all, of our participants have studies.  See if you can find them! 


























Docs and pdf versions located at::  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqo8mt2eobujwgd/AAAzB3IGNHqNKXBfdE985NBZa?dl=0

answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (197k points)

One Name Studies Puzzle

The One Name Studies Project makes your surname(s) shine!  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:One_Name_Studies

A project of project leaders. Members of the One Name Studies (ONS) Project help to lead surname projects — genealogy collaborations that are centered around a particular surname.


Leaders: Sarah Heiney.

Project Coordinator: Ros Haywood

I don't see my ONS, hmmmm.
Hmm. Gonna have to talk to someone 'bout that.
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Hails and horns Wikitreers! Laura's not up for posting the weekend chat this week as she's not feeling well and can't be at the computer. That's okay because I'm here with my usual brand of humor! I hope she feels better soon. I can't imagine what it's like not being able to use a computer. For hours.

Yeah. Must be nice. *cough*

ANYWAY! How are we all doing? I'm good. Just been working on the comic. I was going to do a Halloween comic, but, I think this coming one will be spoopy enough.

I do bring some genealogy tips from around the Internet! Feast your ears on these nuggets of wisdom from Carolynn Ni Lochlainn at Ancestors Alive: https://soundcloud.com/stations/artist/carolynn-ni-lochlainn

There's also the Generations Cafe brought to you by Amy Johnson Crow: http://www.amyjohnsoncrow.com/

Last but not least there's the hashtag #genchat for those of you on Twitter. There you can talk to many pro genealogists or other hobbyists about the fun and exciting field of genealogy. Now, what are you sitting around for? GO! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE!

Genealogy has been in the news this week as FTDNA updated their chromosome browser. There have been rumblings on the political front. Please keep that stuff outside the terminal at all times. Grazie. =)

As for me, I'm approaching 60 cousins identified on a spreadsheet. I know where they go and it's actually almost evenly split between my parents. OCD? Maybe. Just a little. HAHAHA! 

Not much else to go on. Just been checking out Gedmatch. It was down yesterday and it was like YouTube being down a day or so prior. It's running and I've been checking things out on it. I gathered a huge family of matches together and found that they are between 3.5 and 5 gens to the MRCA. That is pretty awesome.

Well, I'd better post before I run out of things to say. I'll be keeping an eye on ya. Especially you in the back. Yeah. You. *narrow eyes* I'm watching you, Greg.

answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (197k points)

Thanks Laura she is such a cute little girl and grandma's best little friend, so yes Chris we all love to spoil her rotten and let the parents deal with the aftermath angel

And Betty congrats and have fun ! like I said time flies eeh, just imagine that, Christmas stockings..woow.. it's almost Christmas again 

=) That's awesome.
Spoil them with love vs material stuff.  That is best spoiling ... lots of encouragement and hugs and kisses.
Sure is. =D But, a few good movies or bribes couldn't hurt....
Enjoy the vacation and time with your family, Bea! Your granddaughter is a cute little girl and I know you are proud of her.
What a darling grandkid there Bea! Do not spoil her too much!  Hi Chris - keep on watching us - we will be good but we won't be idle!  Vibes of healing to you Laura
Thanks Navarro.  It is going slower than I like.  Change in weather was a set back.
My best wishes for a quick recovery also.  It can be so frustrating for a person as busy as you are to be laid up.
It is maddening.  The pills make me sleepy .  What upsets me the most is not being able to lift my granddaughters or have them sit in my lap.
60 cousins, that is great! I'm adding more all the time, but I haven't found that many.

Awww Laura. Hope you feel better soon! I would be sad about the granddaughters also.
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Hi Chris!! Thanks for hosting.

I haven't got much to report. All the excitement for me happened last weekend when my mother met up with her new found 2nd cousin and the visit went very well.

The second cousin has joined wikitree and is currently working on adding her DNA details so that my mother gets her DNA proof, since there is no paper record.

My family chat is due to start in just under 4 hours from now.

I have been busy adding new names (and profiles) from my mothers new found family to Wikitree. These names are from the Ledingham, Ryan, Kilkelly, Forde and Ellis families and all mostly based in Southland, New Zealand.

One of the more interesting connections I have found is the surname CRENGLE.

Back in England and Ireland it used to be CRANGLE but for some reason the spelling changed to Crengle once the family arrived in New Zealand. I still don't know how or when they arrived here either. I think there is yet another spelling that I haven't found yet.... (sigh).

Anyway, I have found new Crengle in-laws in 2 different branches of my mothers tree. One from the McDermid line, and one from the Ryan & Kilkelly line.

There is also a Fairbairn marriage with a Crengle, but I don't know if that Fairbairn person is related to my family or not. I must check that one out.

Otherwise it looks like a quiet weekend for me.

Except for one thing. It's labour weekend in New Zealand and that is my wedding anniversary. I have been married for 18 years!!

Already?  And my son is already 16 years old?

My how fast time flies!! LOL
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (504k points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
Welcome to the weekend chat, Robynne! So glad everything is working out for you. Congrats on everything! I hope this second cousin joins the fun here in the chat.

Good luck with the Crengles. =D
All fantastic news !  And hope you have a wonderful anniversary.
That is so cool Robynne!  Love it when things come together.

And Happy Anniversary!
How awesome that that cousin joined up!  that is just really fun for you I bet and happy anniversary
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Well, this is my birthday weekend and my wife and I are going out to eat after church.  But today I take our miniSUV to the shop to get the oil changed and tires checked as one of my brothesr will be in town on Sunday and wants to borrow the car to go golfing.

I have been doing a bit of cleaning up my watchlist before I get busy and add more sources to some 3300 names on the list.  Admittedly I could start trying to add sources, but I think it's quicker to do some clean-up first, and I do get a couple of months 1000 club badges instead of the "boring" 100 club badges.  For those who don't know, the 100 clup badges have the same shape of "c" every month of the year while the 1000 club has a different shape K C every month.  

Anyway, I also got going on adding questions on g2g and responding to questions as well.
answered by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (368k points)
Hope you are back in time for your birthday. We'll have cake here for you. =D

I tend to get those club 100 badges the most. Doesn't bother me. Maybe I should edit my dad's profile 999 times.....
Happy Birthday, Dave!
If I could use my computer I would post the cake image...but you are just going to have to imagine a cake with candles... happy birthday!
Well, the MiniSUV trip was a no-go as they didn't have an oil filter, but they promised one if I bring in my vehicle tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, I'm cleaning up my profiles here.
Happy birthday
happy happy!

have fun!

Happy Birthday Dave! And thank you for wanting to clean up those profiles. It certainly helps the health of our tree smiley

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Chris!!!  Thanks for hosting!

Greetings, Treefolk!

I finally got through the tax morass, with a visit to the local post office well before closing Monday.  Yay!  We had a little blast of winter while most of the trees are still greenish.  A little snow, lots of damp, a couple of days with highs around the freezing point.  Today is the first sunny day in almost a week.  That's rare in these parts.  And I got new tires so I'm almost ready.  Have to see if my once-or-twice-used chains fit them.

One of those questions without context sent me down a good rabbit hole, and I spent most of the week among Skaggses in Kentucky.



Pumpkin by Jo Nakashima.  (The paper really is orange, cross my heart.  Darn camera.)

answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Nice Pumpkin - even if the colour is off....  LOL
I think I saw an enemy that looked like that in the first Starfox game,
Thanks, Robynne!  Thanks, Chris, I think!  It's a totally nonthreatening pumpkin.  Step right up for a closer look.
Slippy: It's a trap, Fox! Do a barrel roll! Now I want to see origami Andross: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/warehouse/getpubliccontent?contentId=faecf362-a6a3-4ff6-bcb1-28e863b20558
May it looks more like Halloween candy with the camera making it red.  But since I missed your creations I am happy to see it

Thanks Laura!  I hope you feel better soon.

BTW, the pumpkin is sitting on a super-bright primary yellow sheet, like a fake lemon.  Somehow my phone read it as manila-folder color.  angry

Huh. Looks more orange on my Ipad than it does on my PC. Weird.

Once again, Herbert, you fold to amaze! I just don't have the patience... or small enough hands. Too much farm work! laugh

Thank you Pip!
Neat Origami, Hebert!
Thanks, David!

It is a very nice looking pumpkin Herbert.

Thanks for the awesome origami Herbert, we missed it! And congratulations on getting those taxes done.
Thanks, Nicole and Mindy!
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Dorothy is not available this week so no today is unless you are all up to the challenge to post one.  She always finds such interesting stuff
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (482k points)
Today is no day in particular. Go out and enjoy today.
Today is eat cinnamon rolls and drink coffee with friends.  See food theme.
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answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (197k points)
reshown by Chris Ferraiolo
Yeah. This isn't gonna backfire at all!

Tried to copy and paste something but guess it's still no copy and paste with Google browser day eeh :P

That suit is loud, yo. VERY loud.
well I spent about forty minutes trying to get a pic of another loud suit here that I had just seen on a rerun of a show I used to watch  - anyone else a past fan of the Closer with Kyra Sedgwick!  Anyhow in season four there is a reporter in this horid suit - could not get a pic dang it
Like Steve Erkle?  I loved that guy.
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Today is October 19, 2018 :

  • Seafood Bisque Day

  • Mammography Day

  • Kentucky Day

  • LGBT Center Awareness Day

  • Constitution Day, in honor of the country's independence (self-governing in free association with New Zealand) in 1974. (Niue)

  • Mother Teresa Day (Albania)
answered by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (276k points)
Way better than what I found on Twitter. Thanks, Lucy!!

"Dress like a dork day" Yeah. Okay......


Cool stuff. =D

Ladies, be sure to get your annual mammogram!!!!

Thank you Lucy! Today is also International Nacho day and National Apple day. Can you tell I'm hungry? lol...  and by the way, I live in Kentucky and didn't know it was Kentucky day. I'll bet if someone had won the Powerball last night they would have celebrated it big time wink

Today is Labour Day in New Zealand when we commemorate the 8 hour day. See Samuel Duncan Parnell for details.

Thanks everyone for sharing this weekend's "Today is''... posts!

I especailly liked the nerd day one... brought back memories of what we wore to school in the 60's... we all would be nerds today lol!!

Have a great week everyone and many "Thanks" to Chris for your awesome job in hosting this weekend's chat!! Job well done :).
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Hi all and thanks for hosting Chris!

I haven't been able to get on a weekend chat since the first I did a few weekends ago and wont be on much this weekend either....However, that's because we're doing something really cool that pertains to genealogy.  

Tomorrow we head to the Houston area for my husbands 1st family reunion in 20+ years.  We've lost several people in the family this year and last and they all wanted to start back up again.  Now, what makes this one really cool is that everyone will be meeting a new family member, my husbands new oldest Aunt!!   

My husband ran his DNA through Ancestry a few months back.  He got an oddly close hit that showed a woman born in Germany (now livin g in the USA)who had her father listed with the same name as my husbands paternal grandfather though she had her father listed as having died in 1949 (the year she was born).  Apparently she had been looking for her fathers family for over a decade, since her mom and passed, but all she had was a name and that he was from Texas. So since the DNA had them listed so close together we all knew there had to be something there.  After a few messages back and forth she and my husband finally got on the phone together, then my husbands father as well whom then contacted his father to confirm everything.

The story is that my husbands grandfather had a girlfriend back when he was stationed in Germany after WWII.  They ended up having a car accident where they were both injured and he was sent back to the states before they were able to see each other again.  She later found out that she was pregnant, but had no way of knowing where he was or how to get ahold of him.  She went on to have the baby and told her daughter that her father died in the car accident before she was born...hence to why she had him listed as having passed away in 1949.

Now obviously to us, this man was quite alive and had gone on to be married 2 times and has had 13 children between the 2 women.  When this DNA hit came between her and my husband (her half nephew) we were all rather shocked.  She didn't expect such a close hit as she assumed he had died so she was looking at it maybe being some kind of distant cousin at the closest and we had no idea that there would be even more children of his grandfather out there. So after a few months of connecting with her over the phone and facebook, she and her husband have flown in from New Hampshire to Texas to be here for her very first family reunion of her fathers family ****did I add that he's actually still alive too?...yeah, she's about to meet the father she spent her entire life thinking was dead****

So, we are all hoping that this will be a really great weekend and are super ready to welcome in the newest family member.  Little did she ever assume just how big of a family she was going to run into.

So now that I've rambled long enough, Happy Weekend all!!!
answered by Leah Miller G2G1 (1.6k points)

Great story!  Thanks for sharing.  smiley

Sounds like there will be a happy ending, but still bittersweet for her to have grown up with no father.
Amazing story!  Enjoy the weekend!

Now that's really cool and a great story Leah, really awesome and thanks do DNA woohoo ... have a great weekend and enjoy the family reunion !  heart

Leah hope you have a great reunion.   Families are full of surprises.
Glad I could help. Very cool story!
I love this story, Leah! I hope it gets even better with this weekend's in person meetings. Thank you for sharing!!
Great story. Hope that you have a good weekend.
I definitely thought it was worth sharing...the whole situation has been crazy exciting.

Lucy, thankfully she Did grow up with a very loving father that she never knew as anything different until she was almost an adult and her mother finally told her that her dad wasn't her biological father.  He and her mother married when she was only a year or so old so she never knew any different.  Both he and her mother have now passed on though which has made finding this other biological connection even more important to her as it gives her another family to continue on with.
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I ran a bit through the Wikipedia-calender of Oct 19.

Mother Teresa day is in Albania today because she was beatificated (?) today in 2003, and because she is of the Albanian minority in Macedonia.

In Germany was today in 1913 founded the "German Life Saving Association" which works to teach people swimming to prevent they are drowning. Here is a bit more about them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DLRG
answered by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
Thanks to Jelena and Lucy and Bea and Chris for taking up the today is challenge for Dorothy.  Lots to choose among there
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Very busy week. We just had most of the windows in the house replaced so it has been somewhat chaotic. During all of this had to do research on a possible Confederate Civil War soldier as the first assignment in the Salt Lake Institute for Genealogy Advanced Practicum. This is turning out to be a lot of work but I'm learning a lot. I don't have any Confederate ancestors so haven't looked at those records much. We have our review of the research tomorrow afternoon. If I survive it, I'll have learned a lot. basic idea is to research 4 problems (1 per week) and discuss with other class members and the professional genealogists who pose the questions. They have already worked the problems. Personal genealogy is mostly on hold for the next 3 weeks.

After last week's weather roller coaster, we are back into normal territory (60s to low 70s and sunny). Need to get the garlic planted for next year's crop and dig some of the root vegetables this weekend.
answered by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (261k points)
There are a lot of great Civil War records.  Many at NARA....Alexander Street.... regional archives....and the rosters at the National Park Service website.
+13 votes

You never know when inspiration will strike.

Yesterday as I was watching the news there was a story about someone who found a stone grave marker in his yard covered by a pile of rubble. The stone had a name, birth and death date and military information but they had no idea where the person was buried or any information about his family. Within 15 minutes I found his full name birth and death location as well as his mothers name, including her LNAB and the names and dates for his wife along with at least 2 of their children. I also found where his grave is located and a picture of his new grave stone. I did start a profile for him and his wife but did not do much more yet. The profile is here https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Starry-38 if any are interested but I have to head out again very shortly for the evening. I should have more time Saturday and Sunday for the chat but that is all I can do for now, Sorry.

answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
The person of the profile above could have at least a couple of children still living so I hope someone at the TV station found out the same information I did. I just did not have the time to even send them what I did find.
Dale great find and I hope living family contact you
They posted an update on the news this evening with a lot of the information I found. The grave location is now public knowledge but they still have no idea why the other stone wound up in someones yard. It was a military stone and those remain property of the military so it should have never gone anywhere except back to the branch he served in.
+13 votes
Hello! I'll try to participate a bit and/or follow along as I'm able this weekend. I'm curious to see how this works and ... whether maybe, just maybe, I'd consider "hosting" one myself some weekend. Do you have a hard time finding enough hosts so the same set of people are getting awarded with this responsibility over and again?

Oh, and just fyi, I live in the central portion of the USA but belong on the east coast as that's where I grew up. I have 2 dogs (Keeshonden) and I won't tell you how many cats. My ancestors are German/etc., Irish, Swedish or have been in the USA for quite some time. I'm relatively new to WikiTree, love it, and for the last several months (primarily outside of WT so far) have been enjoying bringing myself up to speed on some genetic genealogy techniques.
answered by Susan Keil G2G6 Mach 2 (21.1k points)
Welcome, Susan!
Thank you, Herbert!
We welcome guest hosts.  There is information on how this works by clicking on the link at the top of the page.  Take a look you get a neat sticker to put on your profile
That and your point count skyrockets. =)

Laura is in the central time zone. We tend to post the weekend chat at 12 pm/11 am Central.

Welcome to Wikitree! If you have questions, please ask!
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Busy genealogy week here... spent some more time working on Evanses but then my mom read me some old family letters and now I'm hip deep in Tovells and Tregos.  I'm still waiting for Ancestry DNA to finish processing so I can play with those results (as of a week ago they said the sample was extracted and being analyzed).  Got a paid DNA Painter account so I could bulk dump my FTDNA and GEDMatch results there, and I've been slowly cleaning that up.  Meanwhile, my mom has nearly finished organizing the old family documents and letters.  Waiting for her to investigate the family bibles tucked away in an old wooden box.  I'm hoping they're full of information.

Weekend plans:  grading, chores, and a big family dinner with the in-laws a couple of hours away.  Maybe I'll find out if any of them have done any genealogy.  I haven't really done anything at all with my husband's family yet.
answered by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
Lisa I helped my mother in law document my husband's family and I know more of his relatives than he does

I have not started adding them to WT yet.  Too many still alive while my side are mainly dead.  I am still entering my side.
I'll probably tackle it at some point, but for now I'm hoping he'll get interested and work on it himself since I have plenty still to do on my side.  We have some resources to work with- his paternal grandmother wrote a short self-published book on her family history with some cool stories and details of relatives going back at least a couple of generations from her.
Some of us have locked out that way having relatives who were like us pursuing our family stories.
Well, I didn't get a whole lot of info at dinner, but it did prompt me to do some digging online today and start an email conversation with the family elders.  I now have info on my husband's family going back 3-4 generations from him.  That takes most lines back to when they arrived in the U.S.  There's one that appears to go back a lot further (1600s), if I can trust the FamilySearch tree.  So next I'll get to slowly source and add all those profiles.  I've started his parents and grandparents but that's enough for one weekend.
You have to start somewhere

.  Little steps lead often to big things.
+12 votes
Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

I suppose a usual sort of week Seems it was alot of routine....       Did some work on the Bird family from Westmorland & Cumberland, England. My paternal grandmothers (Bird-3462) family and have made quite a bit of progress there and still have some avenues to follow up..

Probably need to do some more work on the Burrow family. .......

More soon, Have a good weekend everyone.
answered by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 7 (70.9k points)
Chris this is a good time of year to get some research done and visit with family
+12 votes
Hi Chris,

Thanks for hosting. It's been a while since I had a moment to hang out here but it's always fun to hear how people are doing and what they're up to. I'll be tying up some loose ends in the Canada Project tomorrow and working on a proposal for the structure of the Global Cemeteries Project (I'll post it on here when it's ready). I'm also helping Neil Perry get the England Project Newsletter together. November will be the anniversary of our regeneration as a project so we're having a bumper issue. I'll get Neil to post that on here too.

I'm also part-way through a Post-Graduate Certificate in Genealogy, Palaeography and Heraldic Studies with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and this term/semester we're beginning our introduction to genetic genealogy (gulp). I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm also gearing up for NaNoWriMo. This year I fully intend to mute the inner critic and get the novel that has been floating around in my head for the past ten years finished. Famous last words...

Then I have a friend's birthday party to go to on Saturday evening which should be fun. And on Sunday our village has "Apple Day." We are surrounded by a beautiful park and in the park is an ancient orchard with over 100 varieties of apple. Every year they have apple day and sell the apples and apple juice. I belong to a Knit and Natter group and we always have a stall on the day. Am hoping the weather holds out.

That's about all from me for now. What's everyone else up to?

Susie :-)
answered by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (155k points)
Not a problem. =D

And good luck with Nano!
Thanks, Chris! I'll need it! :-)
Wow you are busy...good for you!!
My life is boring compared to what you are up to Susie.  Good luck with all your endeavors..
+11 votes

My new technique for finding rabbit holes:  Search some random name and find profiles with no dates or places, and then date and place them.  Last week I did some James Bonds.  Today I tried Dale Cooper, but there were no good candidates.  Likewise Gordon Cole and Leland Palmer.  But I did get to do two Henry Jenningses.  smiley

answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Look for Joe Jones in New York and you'd be lost. Forever.

You could try John Doe.  smiley

Actually I did a search once on FamilySearch and found a whole bunch of birth records for John Doe and his sister Jane.

Hmmm.  I just tried Jessica Jones.  No joy.  The profiles all either have dates, or they're locked.  No Thomas Magnums, either.  Rats.
That's funny. I found Jessica here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessica_Jones

You knew that was coming, Herbert!!!

Thomas Magnum. That is like the coolest name ever.
But will you look for Dennis or Denise Bryson?

Oooh, Lisa, that's good.  I'll try both.  yes

BTW, no William Munny or Harry Calahan.  indecision  Chris, I only search WT for this game.  If they aren't already here, I'm not gonna create them.

Go for it. I still have people I should make. So many Italians. Sigh....
+12 votes
Genealogy-wise I can't thank [[Jan Terink|Terink-1]] enough for his help this week with my uncle (add some g's in front of that) who had emigrated to the Netherlands. He really digged a lot in the Dutch archives for me where I with my guessing of Dutch would have been completely lost. He found me (a little exaggerated, but only a little) tons of documents about this uncle and his children born over there.
answered by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
I know what it is like to get that kind of help, so to Jan thank you on your behalf.

I had found a post on G2G about a suggestion to add a new badge for those who help with that kind of "digging".  I tried looking for it again but could not find it.  The suggestion was (I am going by memory - ouch) on the line to award a bronze, silver, gold shovel.  I think Jan would be in the running for such a badge.

Have fun with your tons of documents.
+13 votes
Hi WikiChatters,

Thank you, Chris, for hosting! Laura, praying for your recovery!

Busy week. The wife left for SC on Monday to take care of our daughter who is recovering from having 18 inches of her large intestine removed due to a constant battle with diverticulitis. Daughter came through fine, but had to go back to the hospital yesterday due to 102 fever. Heavy duty antibiotics. the CT scan showed everything holding together well, so the docs figure it's a post-op infection. Wife won't be home until next Wednesday unless something else comes up and she needs to stay longer.

Wednesday, I made the sad trip to Charlotte with my mom and stepdad to attend the funeral of my mom's last surviving sibling, World War II veteran Ralph Sidney Underwood, Jr. Mom's took this one pretty hard, but she held up well. I got to see some cousins I hadn't seen in over 20 years, which was great. Here a pic for y'all...


The funeral was held at the historic Paw Creek Presbyterian Church, one of the Seven Sisters, Presbyterian churches founded around the same time in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. My ancestors helped to found that one and also two others of the Seven Sisters, Hopewell and Steele Creek.

I found a little time during the get-together afterwards to walk through the large, old cemetery at Paw Creek. This was a very nostalgic experience as I remembered as far back as 50 years ago my grandparents, Ralph and Reamer Neal Underwood, frequently walking me through this cemetery, pointing out this grave and that of relatives and ancestors from long ago. It was a history lesson for me. They shared stories about people and of times before. Often, my grandma would take me with cleaning supplies to work on the stone of her grandfather, Pvt. George Alexander Neal, Co. A, 11th North Carolina, wounded at captured at Gettysburg,

I was sad after it all. Uncle Ralph dying, my cousins (and I!) looking our age, youngest 50, oldest 72. And missing my grandparents.

A bright spot: the pastor of the church is a g-grandson of Confederate veteran Larkin and Amelia Lawing Hipp. Amelia was the sister of my g-grandmother, Hettie Lawing Underwood. So, we had a great time talking in a corner about genealogy, history, and such. Now I have another project.

It's good to be back home amonst my WikiTree family.
answered by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1m points)
You didn't tell the pastor that you associate with Yankees did ya? I kid. Maybe. =P

Condolences to you and yours, Pip. It's never easy to lose a loved one. People handle grief in their own way. Some are pragmatic. Some need support. It's fine.

I remember when my grandfather died, all of my aunts and uncles were there. So were a ton of other family. It was then that my Uncle Brian made me the family genealogist. That was kinda cool.

I digress. So sorry about your loss, man. He looked like he lived a good, long life. =D

I hope your daughter recovers soon!
Thanks, Chris. Much appreciated. (It was my grandparents who made me the genealogist, all those stories and cemetery visits.)
That's usually how it always works, man. =)
So sorry for the loss in your family. Sending prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery of your daughter. What's one more project Pip, add it to your list!

Thank you, good friend. Yeah, just one more project and my WikiTree branch will snap, right? laugh

Sending hugs and prayers.
Speedy recovery for your daughter Pip, that is an ouchy!  My mother-in-law also was a last survivng sibling.  My prayers for your mom, you and family.
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A question to the Canadians here, as I sometimes still work on some unsourced Canadian profiles:

There are profiles that have as town "Assumption Sandwich; ON; Canada". (Like e.g. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belisle-56) Does that "assumption" really belong to the name of the town or is it the written version of "Uncertain, but I assume he is from there"? Google maps shows me there is/was a town Sandwich in Ontario, but in combination with assumption it only shows a church there. So I am a bit lost now.
answered by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (112k points)

Fellow Canada project leader Dave Rutherford is a native of Windsor, so you might want to check with him to be sure about location fields.  Given the time and place, I believe the correct location field is Sandwich, Upper Canada.  I would note in the bio that the marriage took place at l'Assomption de Sandwich parish in Sandwich.

Do you have access to the Drouin collection?  I couldn't find a copy of the act on FamilySearch, but was able to find it in Drouin.  It indicates that he was the son of Auguste Bélisle and the deceased Charlotte MacDougal.  The former has a WikiTree profile already, linked here.

No I don't have access to the Drouin collection. The sources I got of Drouin were pdfs that were sent to me by mail of someone who has access to them.

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