Joachim Rønneberg, Who Attacked the Telemark Heavy Water Plant in WW2, Has Died. Can We Connect Him to the Wikitree?

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Joachim Holmboe Rønneberg, a Norwegian World War 2 hero and the inspiration for the movie "The Heroes of Telemark," has died at the age of 99. He was one of the team that attacked the German Norsk Hydro heavy water plant at Vemork, Norway.

Can we fill out his profile and connect him to the Wikitree?

WikiTree profile: Joachim Rønneberg
in Genealogy Help by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (329k points)

That's what I would call a true hero!  He may have saved thousands of lives by that act.  Far more worthy of commemoration than most politicians, celebrities, and royals.

See also this parallel thread.

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You can link his profile to Harold Urey, who won the 1934 Nobel Prize for discovering deuterium (which makes heavy water heavy).
by Mark Burch G2G6 Pilot (106k points)
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Connect him :)
And in honour to my relative, connect him to the tree with his correct name, that is
Firstname: Joachim
Middle: Holmboe (the 'e' is silent ...)
Lastname: Rønneberg

by Oddvar Solum G2G Crew (860 points)
That is the way it is now and was originally set up.  Are you saying that there is something wrong?
I have not checked .. if so it's fine, beautiful !!
I "had to" comment b/c there is always people who try to turn norwegian writing/spelling into some kind of quasi-american language. And I could see that some tried both "Ronneberg" and "Roenneberg" in their suggestions.
It would have been terribly wrong ....

I know that one of the marriage records for his ancestor, Rasmus Gerhard Rønneberg spelled his bride's name as "Holboe." 

Rasmus Gerhard Rønneberg b. 1822-07-09 d. 1884-06-14 was married to Anna Margrethe Holmboe b. 1825-01-03 d. 1907-02-20 - their son Joakim Holmboe Rønneberg b. 1851-05-02 d, 1929-09-16 was as far as I have found the first to have "Holmboe" as "middle name".
The marriage record must be wrong spelled, not very special as priests are also human and make faults. And in norwegian church records there is LOTS of them....
Joakim was father to another Joachim Holmboe Rønneberg b. 1892-04-16 d. 1981-01-31. This Joachim was brother of Alf Rønneberg b 1894-05-14 d. 1969-01-15, who was married to Anna Krag Rønneberg (Sandberg) b. 1894-03-31 d. 1987-01-25 - Alf and Anna were parents of Joachim Holmboe Rønneberg b. 1919-08-30 d 2018-10-21, our last WWII hero ...

Why Anna Margrethe Holmboe bwcame so important that close to ever first born son was named after her "lastname" time after, I don't know. It MAY have importance that she belongs to the Holmboe-family of the "Nordenfjeldske Norge". I belive worth a project by herself ...

Why lastname in "dots"?
Naming conventions in Norway up to 1925 said that woman inherited her fathers first name combined with -datter / -dotter (depending of which part of Norway / what dialect the family belonged to). And she would keep her name without adopting her husbands last name when married. Normally.
Anna Margrethe'e name was actually Anna Margrethe Joachimsdatter. Period. But I said normally. Some times before 1925 the woman inherited their husbands last name: ie: when they was notabilities, when the lastname was connected to a big farm or named by city,bigger place. OR when the name had historical roots - and this I believewas reason she inherited the lastname Holmboe ...

"Holboe" is a fault ... Could you send me a copy of that record, or a link to it?

The record with the spelling Holboe is shown as a link at DigitalArkivet on the profile for Rasmus Gerhard Rønneberg: Rønneberg-22. Also, Anna Margrethe Holmboe is shown with the last name Rønneberg on the 1875 Census, linked on the same profile.  I haven't yet set up a profile for her.

What do you mean by "last name in dots"?

I tried to explain, but made an inaccuracy instead - wrong of me to use Anna Margrethe as an example. I'll be back later with more about naming

The transcript from her marriage records in Borgund Church 1850-06-08 contains two "faults": the second half of her first name is written without a "h" and her lastname without the "e" in the end. Else correct.
Transcript Borgund church
I have to admit that Cencus of 1875 is correct and official document, also transcription is. lay mayself down totally flat as I can't find documentation. Sorry. As soon as I find it I'll present ..
Rønneberg family, servants and guest at cencus 1875

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