Somethings I do not understand.

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I imagine there is a simple answer to these questions but I still do not understand these things.

Why is there a memory on my mother's profile from 6 June 2014 When I did  not add her profile until 24-October 2018?

When I was connecting my mother's and father's marriage today, why did it already know where and when they were married? All I did was just check the box. the information was already there.

Why is my mother, Osik-4 and my grandfather Osik-3? I created my mother's profile before my grandfather's profile.

How can I tell if anyone else is doing research on any of the profiles that I manage? We may learn something new about the person. Any new finding is helpful..
WikiTree profile: Freda Dolman
in WikiTree Help by Jerry Dolman G2G6 Pilot (166k points)

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Hi Jerry,

Looking at the change history, you originally created your mother's profile with the last name Osik (WikiTree ID Osik-1) on 5 May 2014. You then changed her last name multiple times, from Osik to None, then None to Unknown, then Unknown to Private, Private to Anonymous, and finally Anonymous back to Osik. Each time the last name is changed, a new profile is created and the old one is merged into the new profile, which is why it says you created your mother's profile on 9 May 2017.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (299k points)
selected by Jerry Dolman
Jamie that explains that question, I just did not know where it came from. Do you know if we  can find out if someone is also watching one of the profiles that we manage?

"Watching" on WikiTree amounts to being either the manager or on the trusted list of the profiles in question. If you have added people to the trusted list, then they get notified when changes are made. I created the profile for your grandfather's first wife and I could have remained on the trusted list when I orphaned the profile but chose to remove myself completely. If there are profiles you manage that you adopted rather than created, they may have members on the trusted list that were added before you adopted them. Otherwise, the only way someone could watch without being a manager or on the trusted list is to check the profile periodically for changes. There would be no way to discover who might be doing that. It would be a lot of trouble to do that in any case when someone could simply ask to be added to the trusted list.
Jerry, click the Privacy tab and scroll down to the section on Trusted List.

There you can see who is watching the profile.
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If you look at the profile it says Deb added some info. Check the source she provided, it should answer that question. Did you know if you add a marriage record to one spouse it automatically appears on the other.?
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
I did not add any information on either parent until after I  created my mother's profile. All the information on my fathers is just from memory. There are no sources. I did not add sources to my mother until after I noticed info about their marriage Thanks for your help :)
To clarify Marion's comment about marriage records - she means if you add the marriage date and place to the relevant fields, they are shared by both parties. Adding a marriage record source to the sources list has to be done on both profiles.
Gillian Thanks for answering and I understood what Marion said. The more people that answer the better :) I appreciate the time and effort that you take to answer questions. Sometimes answers do need clarification and it helps every single time. By the way, do you know if there is a way of telling if someone is searching a profile that we manage? If they are searching too maybe they have info that we do not have.

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