I have two questions reference my free space page for photographs

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Question 1:  Today I uploaded my 12th image to this page.  I then wanted to look at all of the images I had uploaded since I created this page to hold my photos.  It thinks I have two images.  No matter what I asked for It responded by showing me two.  Yet the profiles where I told the page/WikiTree to put the photos did so exactly where I told it to.  I don't understand.

Question 2:  When I upload an image it always asks if it is a photo or a source.  I'm seldom sure what to answer.  I uploaded one image of a couple today and the remaining three images I said were source.  They sure weren't photos of people so the only other option was source.

I like putting images there because frequently the same image is used in more than one profile like the image I uploaded of the married couple today.  I used it as the primary for both the husband and wife.

I have to sign off now for my daily therapy but I'm hoping that by the time I sign back on tomorrow someone can tell me what I've done wrong.

Many thanks for reading, Judy Goodman Wardlow
in WikiTree Help by Judy Wardlow G2G6 Mach 1 (19.6k points)

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Judy, I think I see why the images aren't appearing in the free-space profile (I fixed one of them as an experiment).  The thumbnails do appear in the Changes log, and if I click on one of those missing images, go down to "Edit Image Details / People & Things in the Image" on the left side, the name of your free-space profile does not appear there.  If you add it in the box provided (same format as your link in the question), it'll show up in the free-space profile.

On the other question, I don't think the software treats a source versus an image any differently, so I can only suggest looking at this explanation in the help file for the explanation:


And for what it's worth, it isn't necessary to have the free-space page in order to upload images to more than one profile.  You'll get the opportunity to add other profiles in the editing section mentioned above regardless of what profile you uploaded the image to.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (318k points)
selected by Gaile Connolly

Judy, Dennis nailed it - here's what I think you did:

  1. You uploaded an image to your free space page (that's how the image file got named for the free space page).
  2. You added 1 or more other pages to the image.
  3. You then removed the free space page from the image.
Now that the image is no longer on the free space page, it doesn't show there.  It still keeps its original name, though, so it looks like that's where the image would be, which can be confusing.  If you ever remove all pages from the image then it will be deleted permanently after a few days (they leave it hanging around for a short while in case you want to re-claim it).
The other thing Dennis said is also right-on - about being able to upload the image to a profile and then, just like you did on the free space page, you can add more pages to the image.  You didn't ask this, but I have two comments (strictly my opinions) about putting images on profiles as opposed to putting them on a free space page.
  1. When you upload an image to a private page it will only be displayed for people on the trusted list of that page.  Since the image takes its privacy from the page (and you have no control over image privacy), if you connect another page to an image that was uploaded on a private page then the image won't display there either, even if the new page is public or open!  If you upload an image to a free space page that you set as public or open and connect a private page to the image, it will still not display there but if you use the {{Image}} template to put it in the Biography or Sources instead, then it will display even on a private page.
  2. This is strictly my personal preference - I don't like the appearance of a page with a bunch of images in random order (that you have no control over when you upload them to a page) marching down the right side of it.  I like to put pictures in the biography at the place in the narrative where they are relevant and I embed source documents in the source citations where they belong.
You can see an example of what I do with source documents in my grandfather's profile and my own profile has examples of pictures sprinkled throughout the biography.  The code for the image template is:
|file=file name assigned by WikiTree (page name + hyphen + a number + ".jpg" or ".gif" or ".png")
|align=l or c or r (for left, center, or right position on the page)
|size=s or m or l or a number (the number would be how many pixels wide to display it)
|label=whatever you want to pop up when a mouse hovers over the image
|caption=whatever you want to be displayed under the image
|wrap=y or n (for yes or no, to continue text alongside the picture instead of stopping text, then continuing it after the end of the picture)
Please note that only the file parameter is required - the others can be omitted.  Default values, if an option is omitted are align=c, size=m, label=WikiTree's file name, wrap=n.
Any questions? … you know where to find me!!!
Thank you Dennis. I started this free space page when I wanted to display a photo on G2G and reserve the possibility of using it on one of my profiles if the community correctly identified it.  As it turned out I didn't even get any guesses.  At the time I couldn't see any other way to do it.  

Thank you also for providing the link so I can educate myself a little better on image types.
And Gaile, every day I learn how much I have yet to learn and what a great teacher you are.  You always provide a detailed explanation of the situation, what you believe led to the situation, how to avoid the situation in the future, and real profiles, etc. to look at as examples.  That's exactly what a great teacher does.

You are a gem and WikiTree is fortunate to have you.

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