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Whoever is repairing the Bio and Sources  for Osik-4 and Osik-8 please stop while I am still adding information tonight. Thank you very much.
WikiTree profile: Ignatius Osik
in Policy and Style by Jerry Dolman G2G6 Pilot (168k points)

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I think when it comes to the bottom line, the only one you are asking to stop working on the profile is yourself. And it really seems odd you would publicly ask yourself to stop working on the profile until you are done working on it.

Now there IS an alternate possibility. If you had the profile open in 2 tabs then it would interfere with each other. Is it possible you were interfering with yourself?
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (299k points)
selected by Jerry Dolman
It is possible that I interfered with myself. I do not know much about it. Thanks.
I have done that!  I accidentally prevented myself from saving information on a source for a birth because I was adding a child to that person at the same time - have to just do one thing at a time
Thank you Steven and Navarro. Thanks for not stating the obvious. It is refreshing that someone thought out of the typical answer. I know there must be something odd here. Since it did not show anyone making a change. Now I know to do one thing at a time even though it takes more  time. you two are aces.

You gotta love the Pebkac errors. LOL

(If you don't know what that is, by all means google it. laugh

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Jerry, I just looked at the Change pages for both profiles and nobody but you has ever made any changes to either of them.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (910k points)
Sorry Gail but the Bio changed between the 2nd time I added to the Bio and clicked to Save changes. I also did not add the words Biography or Sources and I have done tonight for 3 previous  family members before him and nothing like that happened. I don't know what to say. Are there any other possibilities? What else should I think?
You added the words Biography and Sources at 04:27 GMT on 27 October.
I checked as well and no one but you has made any changes to either of those profiles Jerry.
Biography and Sources were probably already there.  They get added automatically when a profile is created.
Jerry, on the profile page you will see a set of tabs across the top.  One of those is Edit, which you click to get to the editing page.  Another is Changes and you can click that to see a complete history of all changes that were ever made to the profile.  You can click any change to see exactly what was done and who did it.

That is how I was able to see that you were the only one who ever made changes, and Dale also checked the change page, and Ros even pasted here the line listing one of the changes you made.
SO what is GMT compared to Eastern time?
Gale, I added 3 maybe 4 family members at that time it only happened once. So if nobody was working on Osik-8 then there is something wrong with a part of the system because it did NOT happen to the other profiles that I added.  I do know how to see if someone changed anything. I thought maybe it did not show because I was working on it the same time. If I need to know how to work the site I will ask like I always do. Looks like I upset quite a few people even though I said please and thank you. I thought I was being kind. Maybe I do not know what I was thinking and everyone else does. Again sorry for thinking that I know myself.
No problem, Jerry - making mistakes and asking questions are the only ways I know of to learn anything and there is plenty of anythings to learn on WikiTree - it's grown extremely complex over the years.

GMT is EST + 6 or EDT + 5 I think - I may be off by an hour.  Being a girl what do I know from numbers?
Jerry, first of all I do not think any of us are upset with you. As for the time zone problem check out this site
thank you for the site but I just asked my wife. She knew the Answer.
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Osik-4 is locked, so no one else could make changes also.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (533k points)
I only said Osik-4 because I was working on both of them at the same time. I did not know my statements had to be perfect. So Excuse me I was wrong for mentioning Osik-4 even though she is my mother and brother of Osik-8 and I was working on them at the same time.

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