Closed Account 'Manages' 2700+ Profiles

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I just sent an email to 'Closed Accounts WikiTree' too, but thought the community might be interested in this issue/idea as well.

A search on WikiTree+ tells me Jaschke-5 manages 2782 profiles. Jaschke-5's profile page is managed by "Closed Accounts WikiTree'. I ran into this while doing clean-up on orphaned profiles I adopted. It would appear Jaschke-5's profiles need to be orphaned ...

If not already on the 'to do' list, it may be worthwhile to run a system report that identifies all such situations so the profiles can be managed if there are interested users. I don't think we'd like the resulting count though ...
in WikiTree Tech by Susan Keil G2G6 Mach 5 (53.8k points)
retagged by Greg Lavoie
Usually, they are orphaned, but something weird happened with Jaschke-5's profiles.
Yes, Jamie. That is what I noticed too. But now ... DRAT ... I cannot find a profile that demonstrates that. I should have included that in my original post. Do you see a specific profile that shows what we both apparently saw?
It is a glitch that turns up from time to time. It can be amended by briefly reopening an account and removing the person, then reclosing it (all done by a Team member). I took care of it this morning. Normally, all public and open profiles are orphaned. and private profiles removed unless they have other trusted list members. One in several thousand closures will do this ghost managing for some reason. You should be able to access what you need now.

Jamie, if you want to look into it, there is one private profile left managed by BJ if you check on the old watchlist that you can look at. Maybe you can spot something that indicates why it does this from time to time?

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You don’t think it might cause a system meltdown?
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

Hmmm ... On that aspect, I was thinking positively! smiley

I think the impact on the system does not outweigh the good effect of allowing those profiles to be adopted and to allow quicker merges, etc., rather than tying them up with an unresponsive manager.
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Sounds like a good idea, Susan.  I would think this could be a job for EditBot.  I recommend you add the tag:  improvements  to your question to get the attention of the folks who handle this kind of thing.

The resulting count doesn't really matter - we have so many orphaned profiles that this would be a drop in the bucket.  What is important is that these profiles are available for adoption by someone who cares about them.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (805k points)
Agreed - get them open to be adopted by folks who may be descendants and/or others who can work on them.

Please read my answer, taken from the Help file.  They are opened, people.

The profiles I saw were not open, but unfortunately I did not make note of which profile I was looking at! I'll let you know if I identify an example of what I saw. Someone else saw it too per the first comment in this thread.
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When a person closes their account:

1) all Open and Public profiles where the person was the only PM will be orphaned

2) all Private and Unlisted profiles where the person was the ONLY PM will be deleted.  If there was another family member on the Trusted List, they will become the PM

by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

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