Interested in Norway or have Norwegian ancestry? Join the Norway project.

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The Norway project
is working on improving Norwegian profiles, developing the categories and resources pertaining to Norway, and helping out on Norway-related questions  in G2G.

If you'd like to join and actively contribute, please sign up by leaving an answer (not a comment) in this thread, giving your reason for joining. Please make sure you are logged in using your WikiTree id so we can get in touch and give you the project badge.

asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (278k points)

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I would like to join the Norway project for the reason(s)...

My grandmother was born in Oslo and our family members are currently scattered across Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I have begun researching our ancestry and obtaining information from family here in the U.S., however, some information has gaps and I would like to fill those gaps as well as help others who may be experiencing the same type of loss of information over the decades. I would also love the opportunity to engage and/or interact with other Norwegians/Scandinavians/Fins to keep traditions alive as my aunts and uncles did when they were active in the Order of the Runeberg during the 1920's... Currently we have 7 generations of Swede-Fins and counting...

God Bless
answered by Barbara Cooper G2G4 (4.3k points)
Good morning, Bre!
I have given you the badge. Your ideas about how to bridge the Atlantic gap for Scandinavian emigrants are most welcome.
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I would like to join The Norway project, because I have a Norwegian heritage.
answered by Harald Soleng G2G Crew (780 points)
Hi Harald!

Welcome to WikiTree and Project Norway!
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Hi, I am learning about Norway genealogy to help my son learn more about his (paternal) family tree.

answered by Peggy Watkins G2G6 (6.1k points)
Good morning, Peggy!

Very welcome to Project Norway!
Thanks, Eva!
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I would like to join the group as my Paternal Grandmother's ancestors are from Norway, the family history has a legend of a link to King Harald. Would love to link to the truth either way. As an amateur scientist the truth is my favorite endeavor.
answered by Daryl Morning G2G Crew (830 points)

Welcome to tha Norway Project.

You may find the page on Sources for Norway useful.

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I'd like to join the project, because my wife is Norwegian, and while she is not going to do it, I'd like to help her flesh out her ancestors who came from Norway.
answered by John Cruz G2G3 (3.9k points)
Hi John!

You are badged and welcome!
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I would love to join, I know I have norwegian relatives, but most are elusive to me right now. I want to know MORE about Norway, Sweden, & Finland and how it relates to my family, no better way then diving in head first right?
answered by Karen Neuvirth G2G1 (1.4k points)
Welcome to the Norway project, Karen!
Thank you!
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Both sides of my maternal family are from Norway and Denmark. I have traced my 3rd gr gpa, his family and my 4th gr gpa and his wife from Norway to Grosse Il Quebec Canada and onto Minnesota. I am currently looking for other family members. I am very interested in my family history.
answered by Jennifer Reyes G2G6 (6.2k points)
Hi Jennifer! You already have the badge for the Norway Project as one of the first members.

You may wish to join the Google group for the project:!forum/norway-project
Back when I joined the Norway Project, I had to send a PM to our previous leader Doug with my email address, and then he added me to the Google Group. I think that's because it's a closed group, so only admins can add new members.
I have changed that setting so that anyone can apply, since this is the way most projects currently do it. If someone applies without having posted here first I would check it up first.
Ah, I see. Thank you, Eva!
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I have a pair of 3x great grandparents from Norway (who emigrated to Montana), so I'd like to join the project to learn more about that heritage and help more people connect to their Scandinavian roots.
answered by T Hall G2G Crew (360 points)
Welcome to the project, T.

You have the badge, and I have sent a PM.
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I have maternal Haplogroup H2A5B2 which traced back as far as I have been able to find :

Nina Svensdtr Tveiten 1600-? Sirdal Vest-Agder Norway

Siri Gunleivsdtr Maudal 1620- 1693

Berte Olsdtr Finsnes 1640-?

Joren Torgersdtr Lunde 1685-?

Joren halvardsdtr Austrumdahl 1721-1786

Birte Olsdtr Store Birkeland 1764-1835

Inger Svensdtr Ognedahl 1793-1843

Ingeborg Roaaldsdtr Eikeland 1818-?

Inger Serine Tollaksdtr Ueland 1858-1930

Looking for and additional info or relatives to add to my tree
answered by Claire Kovacevich G2G1 (1.3k points)
Sorry - forgot to say that little "Welcome to the Project" that I usually do after badging a member.
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I live in Norway and therefore I like to join.
answered by
Welcome to the project, Konrad!
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I would like to join the Norwegian project.  My husband is adopted and we just found out who his birth parents are and both sides has Norwegian Immigrants.  He is not going to do the research, but I am.  I am fascinated with Norway and want to learn more abut his heritage.
answered by C Fish G2G2 (2.5k points)
Welcome to the project, C
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most of my ancestors (and myself) come from Denmark, but I just recently learned that a sister of my great-grandfather emigrated to Norway and I want to dig deeper into their history and the online records in Norwegian.

answered by Lise Smidth G2G Crew (820 points)
You can have a project badge if you want it, Lise - but the best way to ask for help with Norwegian ancestors is to ask questions here in G2G and tag them with NORWAY.

There are some help pages here:
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Because my maternal great-great-grandparents came from Norway and I would like to contribute.
answered by Johnny Harris G2G Rookie (200 points)
Welcome to the badge, Johnny
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I would like to join the Norway project to find additional information about my great grandmother, Barbro Johnson, or Johnson from Gulbranson or Gulbransdalen Norway.
answered by Steven Hall G2G Crew (330 points)
Welcome to the badge, Steven.

It's no magic, you know. The best way if you want help is to ask specific questions here in G2G under Genealogy help, with the tag NORWAY.
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I would love to join Norway Project. My GGgrandfather Antone Olsen came from Norway to New York o. To Pensacola, Florida  I just started but am loving researching my family. So excited to find this site  Thank you.
answered by Kerry Olsen Barrett G2G Crew (880 points)

Hi Kerry, and welcome to WikiTree!
Would you please first sign the Honor Code?

The best way if you want help with your Norwegian ancestors is to ask specific questions here in G2G under Genealogy help, with the tag NORWAY.

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My maternal grandfather is full Norwegian. I've completed his 5 gen pedigree, albeit unintentionally as my goal is to complete my 7 gen pedigree (grumble grumble dang German ancestors). Though many profiles still need cleaning and organizing, it's a tediously slow process.

Often I get annoyed with my own research, those darn elusive death records, ect, and I take a break to go peruse profiles in need of sources, often I look at those who are from Norway as I enjoy researching such individuals and adding primary sources to profiles.
answered ago by Lita Christopher G2G Crew (840 points)
Welcome to the project, Lita.
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Because im Norwegian and want to help others to find their roots...
answered ago by Ronny Hansen G2G Rookie (260 points)
Welcome to the project, Ronny!

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