Is it possible to delete a profile someone else made after making the the same profile

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I made a profile about a year or two ago. I noticed that someone copied same profile of my granny and is somehow now manager of it. Even has a date of this year as being made.  I am still getting a hang of this site, but I feel its just just done for numbers and rankings?  Why take all the info copy work for word then make another?

This person has pretty much taken over a lot of my profiles. I was able to remove this person from 4 of mine and now she is sending me emails demanding I put her back on.  She was a looker on my tree on another site and I had no clue she was editing, but not adding, just taking over. I have all the emails of this make no sense. I feel this site should be about integrity, not numbers. This person also has no links to my family name, just "likes to help others"   I logged on last night to add docs that were sent to me and change some info that has turned out to be wrong ( birth mothers name) this was when I saw it all.  I guess this is more of a rant. I don't like being used by others to make themselves look better.
in Policy and Style by Cheryl Empey G2G1 (1.3k points)
Do you think it possible that she copied your work to the profile she created so that it would go through the merge process easier? As far as being the profile manager, that only means that you are taking on the responsibility of watching over the profile. Perhaps you could leave her as on the trusted list. It does not look like she has done anything bad with the profiles, she's the one proposing merges, which is good.

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Cheryl, the way WikiTree works may take a while to get used to.  All members, including you and the other member you're referring to, signed the Honor Code, which comes into play a lot for this situation.  We don't have "my profiles" or "his/her profiles" here - we only have OUR profiles on the one single family tree that is for the whole world.  Because it is one single monster-size tree, only one profile per person is permitted.  The way all this applies to your question is:

  1. If someone knowingly created a duplicate profile then he/she is in violation of the honor code.  Duplicate profiles are often unknowingly created, though, when someone doesn't realize that the person they are adding is already here.  Another part of the honor code is that we always assume that someone has good intentions, no matter how big a problem the result of an incorrect action may be to make right.
  2. When we know a duplicate profile exists, the way we deal with them is to merge them.  This results in a single profile that has the correct data selected from either of the two being merged, with all the biography content of both in the resulting profile.  It is the task of the person who completes the merge to combine these biographies into one single biography, incorporating all the information unique to both that is correct and including all the sources from both that are relevant.  All profile managers from both original profiles automatically become profile managers of the resulting profile, except in a very small number of special cases.
  3. A profile manager has the power to remove other profile managers, but this should not normally be done unless the other profile manager requests to be removed.
  4. Profile managers are very different from profile owners - here, nobody owns any profiles - the entire community owns all profiles together and the main concept of working on WikiTree is that we all collaborate - we work together - and any member is permitted to add information - with sources for it - to any profile that is open.  Think of profile managers as caretakers - they watch over a profile that they have knowledge of and serve as a clearing house for profile maintenance.
  5. There are provisions here to handle any problems that may develop between members, where one or both are not willing to collaborate or are not complying with the provisions of the honor code.
It sounds like your situation may include elements explained by all these points.  When there are problems in these areas, they almost always result from one or both members not realizing how WikiTree works and how the honor code impacts our privileges AND responsibilities for working here.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (838k points)
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Hi Cheryl, unfortunately I don’t quite understand. Can you please send a link to a few profiles that were affected by this?

Do you mean she is now the profile manager (her name appears as such on the profile)? Or that she simply edited them? Wikitree is a shared family tree website, so people can edit whatever and whoever they want, so long as they have sources to back it up.
by Liz Marshall G2G6 Mach 8 (82.7k points)
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If you have two (or more) profiles for the same person, just merge them together.

At the bottom of the page, there's a link to "initiate a merge"
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (536k points)

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