Can't find the last 1 suggested match in GEDCOMpare

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I've spent a good, solid week confirming and rejecting matches in my GEDCOM upload. Now, it says:

Compare: There are 1 suggested matches to consider. Rejected matches: 8892. Confirmed matches: 169.

I can't find that 1 suggested match!

I have tried  refresh the suggested matches numerous times, and all that does is get me a bunch more matches to consider, all of which are rejects at this point. Once I whittle those away, I'm still left with one suggested match. 

This is preventing me from getting to this point: "If you reject or confirm all suggested matches you can use comparison pop-ups to create and improve profiles on WikiTree."

Help! This is driving me nuts.



WikiTree profile: Carl Kugler
in WikiTree Tech by Carl Kugler G2G Crew (560 points)
A possible clue: I tried to run the GEDCOMpare on an Android tablet. The web page there runs so slowly as to be almost unusable. But I did try it for a few transactions. Maybe that exposed some kind of timing problem in the JavaScript.

Another possible clue: I think there is some kind of database problem with Smith-170011 and Smith-140385. In my GECOMpare report, 

I see:

Individuals in Morrison Family Tree.ged

Amanda Fidelia Smith


matched: Smith-140385image COMPARE

matched: Smith-170011image COMPARE

If I try to merge those two, I get:

This action cannot be completed because Smith-170011 has been merged into another profile.
It may be that the merge you are trying to do has already been done by someone else.
If you refresh Smith-170011 you will be redirected to the merged profile.

It's almost like there is a half-done merge.

Well, looks like you have merged them Carl.  I removed the {{Unsourced}} tag from her Profile as you definitely have some sources there now.  Anytime you add sources to a Profile that has the {{Unsourced}} tag in the Bio Text area, you are free to remove it to take it off the Unsourced Profiles list.

Now the Changes tab shows you merged them on the 6th, is your error concerning missing match still appearing?

If so, you may want to go to the row where you are matched to Smith-170011.  Redo the Compare and match it to Smith-140385 as Smith-170011 does not exist anymore.  To do this, Reject the Match to Smith-170011.  This should then bring you back to the Report page.  Click on Compare With and put Smith-140385 in the box and accept the Match. Close the Window and go back to your GEDCOMs page and open the file again.  It probably has not cleared, so you may need to refresh.  I know, more unneeded matches again, but if it works, you should see your Add buttons appear after clearing any new Suggested Matches....hopefully.

Last resort is to reload the original GEDCOM file and start all over again and I would refrain from hitting the Refresh Button.  This should only be used if you have not worked on the GEDCOMpare Report for 4 weeks or so to see if someone added a name in your file during the interim.

Best of luck and you may want to take a look at this for hints, helps and tips on GEDCOM files and WikiTree.

GEDCOM FIle Primer

Thanks, LJ.

I kept playing around, and figured out that if you merge two profiles that each have pending matches, you then have to manually reject the match on the obsolete profile. That got things back to normal.
Yep, GEDCOMpare does not like Profiles that have pending Merges.  Great find.

Excellent Carl.  Now I'm wondering if that is part of the "Bug" problem and you worked around enough to try to figure it out and found it.
Well, I finally finished working through all of my matches. The "suggested matches" number jumped around a bit and finally settled on 1. So, I'm back where I started. But, I don't think I really care about the unmatched profiles.

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Hi Carl,

This is a known bug. We aren't exactly sure yet why it happens to some GEDCOMs.

If you have any "matched" people in your GEDCOM, you should be able to add their family members when viewing the "compare" screen (as long as all suggested matches for those family members have been processed). It will take longer, but there is currently no way to get the "Add" buttons to appear on the main GEDCOMpare page.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (378k points)
selected by Ellen Smith
Thanks, Jamie.

As I started comparing and processing the matches, I saw the count of suggested matches doing strange things. At one point it registered -7. At some point, it hit 0 and the Add buttons appeared. I didn't notice right away, so I'm not sure what I was doing at the time.

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