Challenge of the week: Correct simple errors in reference tags [closed]

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Hi WikiTreers,

Will you join our "Data Doctors" Challenge of the week?

This is an easy one to participate in, once you know how reference tags work, i.e.:

  1. A footnote needs to start with <ref> and end with </ref>.
  2. There needs to be a <references /> tag directly below the == Sources == headline for the footnotes to display.

Using these tags is naturally confusing for Newts. It's very frustrating for new members when a tag is missing or misplaced and they can't figure out why footnotes aren't appearing.

Once again, Aleš has come up with something incredibly helpful. He's prepared a report of profiles from around the tree where a reference tag appears to be misplaced. Click here for the list.

Can you help fix them?

The member with the most points at 11:59pm EDT on Sunday night will get the Winner badge this week and the bragging rights. But we'll all benefit from a neater, cleaner shared tree.

If you're participating, please post here to let us know. It's nice to cheer each other on. Or post if you have any questions about how to participate.

Thanks for helping!

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closed with the note: Challenge is finished
asked in The Tree House by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
closed by Eowyn Langholf
I’m in
There doesn't need to be a space before the slash either.  It works with or without the space.

The <references/> tag is supposed to be directly under the ==Sources== tag because sources shouldn't have any ref tags anyway. There shouldn't BE a footnotes section because the reference notes ARE the footnotes. If you want ==Research Notes== then you put those ABOVE sources.

Proper Order

Greetings everyone and happy Saturday!

I enjoy cleaning and building up biographies.  Especially, when good solid sourcing and citing is presented.  Good solid sourcing is needed to connect to the global tree.  However, sometimes, wait... excuse me, most of the time I can't make heads or tails what the (already in place) sources are from an auto-generated GEDCOM import.  Dear Lord, help me understand who, why, where, and what determined that-that would be the answer.  In my opinion, it brings clutter to the universe.  The time and effort that goes into these can't be verified when not readable.  I apologize for sounding somewhat frustrated, but, in the amount of time it's taken me to write this comment, I've could of briefly built and cleaned at least 7 orphaned profiles.  Those who tackle GEDCOM's you have my blessings.  Thanks for your time.  

Paula Ann
I corrected one yesterday by adding the references tag that was missing, when I went to change the status, it had already been changed to corrected by someone 2 days earlier. I added my correction to it. I thought maybe someone had changed it back in the interim, but when I looked at the changes log, there were no changes since Sept 2017 before mine. I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't trying to get a point on one that had already been corrected.
Margaret, I have also seen that happen, which seemed like it was corrected.  When I made my change and saved the record, frequently, there would be an error in Red at the top because of a different critical error.  If the Save Anyway is not selected, the change is not actually saved, so I suspect the previous person didn't do that and thought they changed it, but they didn't.  I have seen the same thing when a suggestion shows a previous comment that it was fixed a while ago, so I always re-check and usually the change was not done or not done properly.
Hi Linda, yes I did think maybe they hadn't saved it, and I have seen that red warning you mentioned, but wasn't one in this instance. I thought also that the tracker wouldn't have come up to change the status if they hadn't saved? Still learning about it all every day, but fun learning!
Tracker would still come up.  You would see the most recent comment, if someone had recently changed it, since the Data Doctor list was created.  The 'other' problem could have been resolved by the time you made the change also.  

The other possibility is that the person made the change, didn't save it, then updated the status Tracker and forgot to change the profile.  As long as it is fixed now, that is the important part.

Selecting the Preview is always important after making a change to make sure that the change you made did fix the problem, ie. Footnotes now appear when they didn't before when the <references/> is done 'with or without' a space before the ending slash, since it does work both ways.

Yes I always look at the preview to make sure I've got it right, great how one little typo can make such a difference to the profile and I like how correcting that can make such a huge difference. Glad it's all ok, I didn't want a problem with there being 2 corrected comments on the status. All good smiley

I cant open this weeks challenge is anyone else having problems Thanks


23 Answers

+7 votes
I'm definitely in!
answered by Amy Utting G2G6 Pilot (115k points)
+7 votes
I will give it a go.
answered by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (144k points)
+6 votes
I have started on the last page of 863 Missing <references /> tag
answered by Esmé van der Westhuizen G2G6 Mach 7 (79.5k points)
+7 votes
Good use of my spare time !

I will concentrate on UK mostly with some unidentified profiles.
answered by Paul Shepard G2G2 (2.9k points)
edited by Paul Shepard
+5 votes
I'll give it a try!!
answered by Kathy Carr G2G1 (1.1k points)
+5 votes
I will try to clean up the Wisconsin errors.
answered by Dana Johnson G2G6 Mach 1 (16.8k points)
+5 votes
Count me  in
answered by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Mach 3 (37.8k points)
+5 votes
I'll do some
answered by Joan Whitaker G2G6 Mach 5 (50.4k points)
+4 votes
I'm in this week!
answered by Traci Thiessen G2G6 Mach 2 (26.3k points)
+5 votes
I'll spend some time this week fixing ref tags!
answered by Shanna Leeland G2G6 (7k points)
+7 votes
I'll tag along this week!
answered by Patricia Ferdig G2G4 (4.3k points)
+5 votes
Yes I'll do some this week
answered by Margaret Haining G2G6 (9.3k points)
+5 votes
I will do some, will start on the Surrey ones first
answered by Janet Wild G2G6 Mach 4 (40.5k points)
+5 votes
I'm in, do I I need to have a Data Doctor badge to participate ?
answered by Sandie Schwarz G2G6 (10k points)

No! smiley I've been participating for weeks without one.

+4 votes
I'll try to do some. Thanks for organising the challenge.
answered by Gillian Thomas G2G6 Mach 7 (78.6k points)
+5 votes
I'm in. I'll focus on Pennsylvania.
answered by
+4 votes
I'll be working on Vermont profiles.
answered by Amy Wiemer G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)
+4 votes
Tried to work on them, first five I opened were locked down.  No edit function.  Not worth leaving a message on a profile that was created in 2013, locked for edit, then abandoned. So discouraging.  Makes me cranky.  :(
answered by Kim Williams G2G6 Mach 1 (11k points)
+3 votes

I worked on a few. Don't forget to use Ctl-f to easily find those unbalanced ref tags!

answered by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (192k points)
+4 votes
I will do some because I need to learn how to do my own!
answered by

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