my grandmother is full italian but im only 5% was someone lied to or didi get less of her geans?

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I'm only 5% Italian my grandmother came from Italy in the 1920`s. she was ofcourse told of no other nationality. but I should be 25% unless I got less of her geens
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Maybe her parents or grandparent were immigrants from elsewhere.  What other % did you have?

Also to remember, Italy is made up of many peoples - it has been conquered and reconquered dozens of times - you'll likely find a good mix of many different ethnicities in Italy.
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England whales w Europe 45% which I was shocked on

Ireland scot 20%

france 11%

ger 10%

Italy 5%

swed 5%


fin 1%
Speaking to my brother's revised Ancestry results, it shows us as being roughly 25% Norwegian, which on its face is clearly wrong; however, two of our great-grandparents were from Jamtland, Sweden, which is fully encompassed in the 'Norwegian' region (albeit a bit peripherally) on Ancestry-the results make a lot more sense in that light.  If your test had, say, Southeastern France, it would be easy to see that region encompassing part of Italy the way my ancestral part of Sweden was encompassed in Ancestry's 'Norway' category.
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If this is from Ancestry a lot of people have been complaining the test is not correctly showing Italian ancestry, and it’s also possible that your Italian grandmother’s ancestors came from someplace else.   But regardless of where you tested, and where your grandmother was from, you are guaranteed to get 50% of your DNA from each parent, but you could theoretically get any part or no part of what they got from one of their parents.
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yes ancestry  but I'm thinking of doing a me and 23 also
Actually you are guaranteed to get 25% of your grandparents genes - but any genes from any generations beyond that is not guaranteed.
Robynne, my understanding is that while you get 50% of your DNA from each parent, you may not get 25% from each grandparent (you could get more or less from each grandparent).
That’s correct.  Think of your parent as a jar of marbles, 25 red and 25 blue.  Close your eyes, reach in the jar and pull out 25 marbles.  You could get any combination of colors, or all red or all blue.  It’s the same with your parents’ genes.
Not just Italian.  With the exception of a Prussian great-grandfather and 2xgreat-grandfather, my Dad is 100% New Mexico going back hundreds of years, which means Spanish and Native American with little bits of others thrown in.  However my updated Ancestry has 0% Spanish or anything close.  I realize it's not expected to be accurate but it could at least be in the ballpark.
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Have you uploaded to GEDmatch?  They have a lot of very interesting admixture analysis tools.  That said, I've found that ethnicity estimates carry quite a few caveats with them and there's quite a bit of fine print to take into consideration.
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yes I'm on there A457100 but I don't understand how to use most of it
I think I had to watch a YouTube video in order to gain a working knowledge of GEDmatch.  To see admixture information, after you log in, there's a blue box labeled "Analyze Your Data" with a clickable Admixture (heritage) section.  I think the best most people say to use for European ancestry is Eurogenes, which is the second project under Admixture Utilities.  Once you click continue, you'll see a prompt to enter your kit number.  Then for model, there are several but I usually use K12 or K13.  Clicking continue will show the results.

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