Jan Albertse Bratt didn't have two wives

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I was happy to be able to hook up some later descendants but now have run into a problem - American Genealogist vol 24 has the children with mother Geesie Jansz (or Janse) and birth records at the Lutheran Church at Loonenburgh - all I could find so far on that is the last three children born 1704 to 1708 - but now Bergen county records has Jan married to Maria Post - sister to Johannes de Hooges wife Margarita and daughter of the sea captain Adriaan Crijnen Post - so I am trying to determine which wife was first and it is confusing!, Maria remarried as if widowed to Eduwart Carbert - yet that was in 1699 so the timeline makes no sense!

Looking close again I see that some of these sources are just plain mixed up somehow - will have to go at it this weekend - have to work half of Saturday too - wow - anyhow Jan is reported to have died in 1697 - but not if he kept having kids until 1708 so I better find out what is what - also one of the sources for Maria Post says she married in Brazil in 1699 to her second husband and that she was the widow of Jan Bratt supporting the idea that he died in 1697 so then why do I have (secondary, but supporting) birth records for his last three children, Magdalena in  1704, Jochem in 1706 and Gosetje in 1708?


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still need help with this wife dispute

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Maria Post was the only wife.

I edited the profiles for Jan Albertse Bradt and Geesje Jans to include information about an error that was revealed in 1949 -- and that permeated previous published genealogies for this family. In short, Jan Albertse Bradt had only six children, none of them with Geesje. Geesje was married to a different man named Jan Albertse Jansen.

This was reported by Donald Lines Jacobus, the accomplished genealogist who introduced scholarly research into American genealogy, based on correspondence from Innes Getty, who did a goodly amount of excellent work on genealogies of New Netherland families. We should not be embarrassed to stand on the shoulders of these giants.

Jacobus and Getty said that the name of the wife of Jan Albertse Bradt was not known, but that has changed. I see that Pat Wardell reported a marriage record that identifies his widow as Maria Post. Specifically: "Eduwart Carbert, y.m. b. England, living Albany and Maria Post, widow of Jan Brat, b. Brazil, living Albany. Married 26 Nov. 1699" in Albany. So that record needs to be cited and discussed as the basis for identification of Jan Albertse Bradt's wife -- and it would be nice to toss some credit to Pat Wardell for finding it.  Pat Wardell lists the 6 children that Innes Getty identified for Jan Albertse Bradt, plus three earlier children; she doesn't say how she knows the earlier children were Jan's.

PS - Please don't refer to Pat Wardell's work as "Bergen County records." That threw me off, since I've seen nothing suggesting that these people lived in Bergen County. Her excellent research was posted on the Bergen County genealogy society website, but it's the personal work of a genealogist that has very little relationship to Bergen County church records or public records. Give credit to the lady who did the work, not the county she lived in!

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Well that solves that - I knew it couldn't be both! - six or eight pages of notes and just so many conflicts!  Awesome now I can see who belongs to who thank you!

Like crossed wires - not going to work - ok now to fix my notes
Oh and I sure did not mean to mislead about the Bergen County stuff - I just use that google drive record where it is listed as Early Bergen County families on the NNS resources page that links to where you can see Pat's work - my bad an not citing correctly here as it is on that link page before you look through the records - learning more all the time - can find, still not citing right, but getting there

Oh I had not yet cited - just referred to the source - anyway will strive to improve in this
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I have been working on this part of my tree. There is a profile on Family Search ID # LRC5-HM7. It has sources listed and date of marriage of 1691.  It lists Geesje full name as Geesje Jansz Dircksz. Jans Albertsz profile ID # is MC2L-7HJ. Since these are Project Protected Profiles here, I don’t change anything on this site. Hope this helps. ;)
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thanks Lori, have not yet looked at fs for this line as I have seen some messed up deals for some relations of theirs but there are good sources there too - will check it out and you should join the project -

I was intimidated at first by the complexity of the naming determination and such but I got into it and now I just go with the sourcing and improving some of these New Netherland Settler profiles and I find the history so fascinating

Well looked at that and not finding much of primary source quality unfortunately - but I do know that I did see her for parent of last three

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