Can the German Roots Project help with LNAB merge?

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Possible birth record may be found here.

We want to complete this merge and bring it into compliance with WikiTree's style gude regarding using the language of birth for LNAB.

From the record, which may be behind a pay wall and copyrighted and in German, the German letter ß ( may be being used as well as the long s, which appears to be used in German as well?

I think we need an experienced WikiTreer who works with German/American profiles.

Andreas is the German immigrant and we want to recognize his proper German heritage.


If you can help, send me a PM as well and I can provide additional information that I can not put on WikiTree at this time.


WikiTree profile: Andreas Casselmann
asked in Genealogy Help by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (357k points)
edited by Michael Stills
Sorry, record link was missing from original post.

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Do you mean it should be Caßelman? or an archaic version with the "long s"? If I read the wikipedia article correctly, the long s does not exist in modern typefaces, but only exists only in Fraktur typefaces.

Unfortunately, neither link goes to the page for the record.

answered by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (134k points)
George is right about the Fraktur "S"
George I would have sent you a copy of the record in question.  I withheld it from WikiTree because it is behind a paywall and may be copyrighted.

I am familar with the long s in English but I am unsure how it is used in German.

The record I have does list his father as Hanß as I interpret it but I wanted to put other eyes on this record.  The surname does look like Casselman but with the first s looking like a long s to me.

Ok. I understand your point now.

Considering that spelling was inconsistent in the past, personally I would go with a modern rendition of the name.

For example, in my ancestry I have a person whose name is written Carl, Karl, or Čarl (this is the letter C with a caron (in English) or háček ( in Czech)) since it is different in different documents. The reasons why are varied. I use Karl in my genealogy software. If I were to quote from a specific record, I would use exactly what is in that record.


On the long s use, Wikipedia says the German rules for its use are complicated, and then does not go into meaningful detail. Since modern typefaces don’t use it, I just use ss, and leave it at that.
Thanks George, I sent you a PM.

I was working hard to determine a LNAB and to get his name recorded as per WikiTree recommendations to record it in the language of the record used at the time of his birth.
In very early records Hanß is common, but not universal, but later spelling is consistently Hans. I use Hans.
George and all:  I like George's straight arrow approach. It is easy to adopt the familiar and it is NOT incorrect to do so. Further, George approves the practical and quick SS or ss as a normal use.
Thank you all, we seem to have come to a consensus on Casselmann from what we are seeing on the record.
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Hi Michael,  This past week, I took on the position as Interim Leader for the German_Roots Project until they can find a Leader for it. My experience with the German Script is plentiful but very, very slow. I am more adept at German records written in Latin.

I can not access that link ( it is a paid wall).
answered by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (505k points)
Thanks Maggie, Looks like the decision was made for us.
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I completed this merge into Kasselmann, as Geogen does not recognize the spelling with a "C".

If further records are found, this can be reviewed again.
answered by Dave Rutherford G2G6 Mach 2 (29.2k points)

I understand that you may have thought you were being helpful, however by not collaborating and responding to the question asked, your action circumvented the discussion I was having with another member about WikiTree policy on LNAB and Merges.  

I brought the question to G2G to collaborate on the final decision.

WikiTree asked that Merges be completed into the LNAB as decided by the profile managers, persons on the trusted list, and others involved in a collaborative effort.  One of the reasons for this is to reduce the number of redirects. This profile has been through other merges.  

The original birth record, which is behind a pay wall, in fact does use the letter C.  Had you responded to my request to contact me, I could have provided you with a copy of that record.  

Had you brought your insights to the discussion we could have collaborated and felt good about the process.

I feel like I have just been run over by a truck.
My apologies Michael,

This was a mistake on my part. Fighting a terrible cold and I guess I wasn't thinking straight. I should know better than to try and Wiki when I feel like this.

Please accept my apologies and continue your search for the correct LNAB.
Apology apreciated Dave.  If you feel you up to it, I would be happy to send you the record in question to get your input.  Please PM me with your email.
Will do.

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