Do you have, or think you have, Jewish Roots?

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We Welcome You to join the conversations of all of us who know we have them and those who don’t quite know if we have Jewish Roots! 

Our chief goal is to support research into Jewish ancestors (known and rumored) of WikiTree members to clarify a person’s line into a solidly accurate family tree. 

Simply select "Answer" to this G2G Question and indicate your desire to join and introduce yourself including your focus of interest in Jewish Roots - surnames, locations.   

We have good links to resources that may help in your search on our Jewish Roots Project Page:

Of course, if you have ideas we haven't come up with (or ideas for a sub project you would like to undertake), we'd like to hear them.

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Thanks, Sharon.  It is an intriguing idea, but as you note, it’s massive. We’d also need Poland, Russia, Czech, Romania, Hungary, etc., and we just don’t have the manpower to tackle this. has separate resources for these various entities and has searchable databases for Latvia and Lithuania. If you haven’t looked there yet, there are good links on the Jewish Roots Project page.


Daniel, this explains why my maternal ancestors are from Flanders.

Thank you for this.

My name is Aranzazu de Jesus and I'm loocking for my roots, my haplogroup is j1b1b1 wich is not common...I would like to now if you have a gedmatch and we can compare, mine is AT947340
Shalom Aranzazu. Can you tell me more about your DNA test? Was it the Y-DNA or Autosomal DNA? My J1b1b1 haplogroup was reported as a result of my mtDNA test, which is inherited along the maternal line. I'm not sure how to check for GED matches, but this is something we should look into.
Is my mtDNA too...I woul like to talk to you about that...I can help you with gedmatch.
Todah Ari. Tell me what you need from me to get started. I will try to find more information about GEDmatch and the mtDNA specifics on my profile, but now it is harder to find with the new format. I am open to explore. HRV1 ad HRV2 were tested. The sample number was 775971. Is this information of any use?
Hi! In FtDNA I have 5% sephardic and 3% ashkenazi, and with my haplogroup j1b1b1, is all I know about my ancestors...I'm very happy to find somebody with my haplogroup...maybe we are relatives..I have no idea about my maternal side and I would love to see if I can find some informatio
Shalom Ari. I think that our maternal ancestors were from the same Semitic tribe, which dates back 8,000 years to Iraq, Yemen, and Morocco well before the time of Avraham Avinu. Percentages Sephardic, Ashkenazi, and Mizrahi are interesting but according to  Halacha (Jewish Law) there are two ways to be Jewish. Either your mother was Jewish, you converted to Judaism, (or both). Percentages don't matter from a Halachic point of view. Genetic analysis may help to rule out or include hypotheses regarding lineage, but mtDNA determines whether your mother was Jewish. My mtDNA shows multiple Sephardic, Ashkenazi, and Mizrahi markers. I can go back about 10 generations to the Netherlands using genealogy. They were Huguenots, or at least they presented to the public this way to avoid persecution. To go back father than that requires an examination of history. Many B'nay Anusim (children of Jews who were forcibly converted from Judaism to the religion of their oppressors) took Huguenot names. We are very fortunate that we live in an era of technology when we can probe our past beyond where we can go with genealogy.

Whereas you don't know about your maternal side, I have lots of questions about my paternal side. Our family has an Italian last name but Y-DNA shows English ancestry and a descent from Sir John Field, the noted British astronomer.
Marion, thanks for adding your comment. (And more important, I must say I wish I had a notable in my family history. But even that is really silly when I think again of all our millions of notations on this site who have given us all such strength, imagination, and rational perceptions.) We all need basically a rallying cry for perseverance and a feeling for what's accurate. And the will and insight to fix what mistakes we make.
My mothers brother was raised by Jewish father, both buried in Jewish cemetery in west vancouver.

Aser and Vernon rothstein

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I Would like to be part of the proyect, in FTDNA I have 5%sephardic and 3% ashkenazi and my mtDNA haplogroup is J1b1b1.
My gedmatch number is AT9467340.
We’d love to have you join our project, but I’m unable to find your Wikitree ID.  Are you logged in to Wikitree for this discussion? I see your IP address, but it seems to be for two different names: Ari Paw and Aranzasu de Jesus.
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Yes, I have Jewish roots. My family on my mothers side was from Lithuania, Vilnius. I think it was Russian occupied when they left in the late 1800s early 1900s and was called Vilma. I think my grandmothers maiden name was Grodzwsky (sp?). My grandfathers name was changed to Glasgow when but I think it was Klyatchko (sp?).
We’d be happy to have you join our Jewish Roots Project, but I’m unable to find you on Wikitree.  Were you logged on to Wikitree when you sent your message?  You can contact me through the Wikitree Private Message system and we’ll try to connect.
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Please include me in the project.

I'm an adult adoptee and because of DNA, recognize something definitive about my roots for the first time in my life. How wonderful - 24.7% Ashenazi Jewish. What does it mean? I am going to find out and hope for help.
ago by Marie Hart G2G Rookie (240 points)

Welcome, Marie!

We’re glad to have you!  You’ll find helpful links on our Jewish Roots Project page. We all work pretty much independently on our own lines, but if you have questions, post as you did here.  I’ll get a badge to you.

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