Florence Adeline Wilson b. 1882 in Goldsboro, Caroline County, MD

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Looking for information on parents and siblings of Florence Adeline Wilson (b.11 Feb 1882 in Goldsboro, Caroline, Maryland, USA d. 2 Sept 1954 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA m. Robert Orville Mullikin

Betsy Horstead Ansel

daughter of Sydney Alfred Horstead and Iris Elizabeth Newman

granddaughter of Joseph Earl Newman and Iris Elmyra Mullikin

great granddaughter of Robert Orville Mullikin and Florence Adeline Wilson

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Hi Betty,

Have you tried familysearch.org?  It is a free site where you can search by name, date, location, residence, etc. for birth, death, census and marriage records.  :-)
by Lauren Conte G2G6 Pilot (115k points)
Yeah, they have nothing. This search is a major brick wall which has existed for years. I just thought I'd put it out there. Thank you.
Ok, sorry!  I have a few walls too, but more records will show up eventually.  Hope you have luck soon.  :-)
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Hi Betsy,

 No direct help at th emomment, but I've found that I periodically toss those brick wall names into a Google search, or search Google books- they have scanned a lot of 1800/1900 local histories and sometimes you get lucky. I was able to sort out a mess with three generations having the same names among cousins and living in the same place via a history of that county published in 1890.
by Jennifer Wilson-Pines G2G6 (8.0k points)
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Here is what i have,Florence A. Wilson born Feb 1880 in Maryland,Father Robert C.

Wilson,Mother Annie B. Wilson  ,Florence A Wilson has sister Grace M. 1900

census.I have more info to give you if this is your person.

Wayne R Morgan 5487  Wiki Tree
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (916k points)
Is any of this information linked with Caroline County? Just curious.

I also have another family of Wilsons that I strongly suspect may be contemporaries (cousins?) of Florence Adeline Wilson. Mary Elmyra (Elmira) "Molly" Wilson who married James Addison Mullikin. Molly's father is Robert Edwin Wilson (we can find absolutely nothing on him).

Incidentally, Mary Elmyra "Molly" Wilson was Florence Adeline Wilson's mother in law and she is the mother of Robert Orville Mullikin, my great grandfather.

I'll do some searches tomorrow and tell you how that Wilson family turns out. This is my biggest brick wall and I would love to knock it down.

Thank you Wayne. :)

Betsy (DR: 11.036)

Hi Sis,   

Mary (Mollie) Elmyra (Wilson) Mullikin (DR: 7.022) b: 6 Dec 1861 d: 3 Mar 1903 is the daughter of Robert Edwin Wilson of Jumptown in Caroline County and Sarah Anne Wilkinson (DR: 6.012) b: 4 Mar 1823 d: 28 Mar 1869 [Daughter of Christopher Wilkinson, IV)  They had three offspring, 1: Marion DeRochburne Wilson (DR: 7.021) b: not recorded d: not recorded  2: Mary (Mollie) Elmyra Wilson (DR: 7.022) b: 6 Dec 1861 d: 3 Mar 1903  3: Anne Marie Wilson (DR: 7.023) b: 30 Apr 1859 d: 7 May 1872.

Mr. Morgan,

Here is what I have, Florence A. Wilson born Feb 1880 in Maryland, Father Robert E. Wilson, (Robert Carroll Wilson was not born until 2 Apr 1886). Mother was  Annie B. Wilson  ,Florence A Wilson had a sister Grace M. 1900 census. Acordening to my sources this information is in error, however the other books may verify your data.  I have more info to give you if this is your person.   Wayne R Morgan 5487  Wiki Tree

Terry L Horstead (DR: 11.032)


It's difficult having both a mother and a wife of Robert Orville Mullikin both having the last name of Wilson.

Robert Edwin Wilson is the father of Mary Elmyra (Molly) Wilson, who was the mother of Robert Orville Mullikin. Robert's wife was Florence Adeline Wilson.

This topic can easily confuse people (I was confused for a while myself).


Thank you Wayne Morgan, I"ll see what I can find on that.  Much appreciated. I assume this census shows them in Caroline County, Maryland. If not, please advise.
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New Source:  The Decendants of Dr. Lewis DeRochburne of Queen Anne's County, Maryland      George B Wilson  1976   Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD   LCC 76-45691

Mary (Mollie) Elmyra (Wilson) Mullikin (DR: 7.022) b: 6 Dec 1861 d: 3 Mar 1903 was married to 2nd Cousin James Addison Mullikin (DR: 7.033) b: 1 Jul 1856 d: 21 May 1934  They were married  1 Feb 1877 on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  They had 3 offspring 1: Robert Orville Mullikin (DR: 8.036) b: 21 Jan1879 d: 2 Mar 1950  2: James Alonzo Mullikin (DR: 8.037) b: 24 Nov 1883 d: 15 May 1955  3: Tarleton (Tarlie) DeRochburne Mullikin (DR: 8.038) b: 10 Apr 1886 d: 5 Jan 1958.  (Index/Lineage Numbers: DR [DeRochburne Lineage] 7.XXX or 8.XXX [Generation Number and Sequence Number]).  I have access to 4 books but since 2001, I was on long term out of state contracts and the others are stored, I will find them when to weather warms up.

Terry L Horstead (DR: 11.032)

Note: Any offsping born after publication and those offspring that did not survive childhood did not/do not reflect Index/Lineage Numbers
by Terry Horstead G2G Crew (350 points)
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After three years of banging my head against a wall since asking this question, I was able to find the answer about a month ago.  I remembered my mother said something about the name Sockrider.  When I did a search for that information, my Godmother's son's genealogy list appeared in a Google search and sure enough, I found the info behind a membership wall.   Florence Adeline Wilson's mother was indeed named Sockrider. When I did a search for that family, I broke through my brick wall. Just wanted to update on my progress for this question. Thanks!   (Note to my brother Terry:  We still don't know who Robert Edwin Wilson's parents were. That's what i was asking in my second question.)
by Betsy Ansel G2G5 (6.0k points)
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