A 30X Full-Genome Sequence for $199 (€169 £150)?

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Debbie Kennett brought this to my attention this morning (and Andreas West's email was exactly 30 minutes behind hers wink). Debbie explains it fully here: https://cruwys.blogspot.com/2018/11/a-30x-whole-genome-sequence-from-dante.html.

In short, it looks like the real deal...but that deal ends at midnight Pacific Time (9:00 p.m. Eastern) on Monday November 26. It can also be purchased via Amazon in the U.S. only.

More in a bit...

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My collection kit was handed to FedEx today. And I have a strange feeling that the companies offering these WGS tests for 200 bucks--and maybe the other DTC companies, as well--might just have underestimated the level of interest. Blaine reported that the Veritas $199 sale offer, which was valid for only the first 1,000 orders, sold out in about 6 hours.

The genetic genealogists I know of so far who have bought this Dante Labs 30X test include Ann and Andreas, of course, plus Blaine, Louis Kessler, Randy Whited, Stiofan Perkins, Greg Liverman, Alan McHughen, Gene Sweetser, and Elizabeth Overbeck Balkite. At the very least, we'll be able to stage a killer WGS testing party next year!  laugh

It's now 14 days since I ordered (and paid) for my kit. I still haven't even received the email that my spit kit is on the way, nor have I received.

I know from Ed that his is back to them but what about others? Am I the only guy who's getting the worst service ever from this DNA testing company?

I mean how can you not send the spit kit? That's nothing complicated and I ordered way before the masses of people went for the Amazon offer.
I was about to say I'm in the same boat, but I just got a notice from Amazon an hour ago that my order has shipped. It's coming from Dante Labs, not Amazon.

Ann: I'll bet that was the reference I made earlier about Amazon displaying a "number available" count. Bet that Dante Labs gave them 20 to stock in-house for fulfillment, and I was just lucky enough to nab one of those. FedEx shows that mine was delivered in New York today. At least I'm glad you got notice that yours has shipped!

Andreas: Not so glad that you've heard nothing. frown  If your kit is coming directly from Dante, I'd use their website's contact form and ask for a status. I had good response when I was over-eager and wrote them within minutes of receiving my kit...there was no shipping label; turns out that Amazon sent me a printable label the next morning anyway. But Blaine Bettinger had even better response: he asked them a question and they got back to him in only a couple of hours.

I fully expect this $200 deal was only dabbling a toe to test the water, to test the response. I believe they got their answer: at that price-point, there is demand. On the plus side, they know that this initial offering gleaned notable marketplace influencers, like you, Ann, Blaine, Louis Kessler, Randy Whited, and a number of others. I'm prepared to be patient and don't expect the 12-week turnaround shown on their website, but if they totally botch the handling of these initial few hundred, they could be excoriated on the interwebs and create an uphill climb for themselves. Potential market leader to battlefield triage.

Since it's 2:45 Saturday morning where you are, I'm hoping you'll wake up to find a note that your kit has shipped. I'm forever an optimist (I just sound like a curmudgeon most of the time).  angel

As I still haven't received even a notification that the spit kit is on the way I have demanded a cancellation of my order. I have described my "customer experience with Dante Labs" in a separate post Warning on Dante Labs DNA tests! and I leave it up to everyone to make an informed buying decision after reading about my experience.

For the record, I never had such a negative experience on any sales offer with 23andMe, FTDNA or Ancestry from whom I've bought DNA tests before.

Here's the note I posted in response to Andreas on the GENEALOGY-DNA mailing list. Some of the details differ from previous posts. Does anybody have a different status notice about their sample?


I ordered through Amazon on November 24th and received the split kit on December 2nd. My sample was delivered to Spectrum DNA in Utah on December 7th. They appear to be a contract organization for delivering and accepting sample kits and have their own branded collection kit. Incidentally, I found the cap on the blue preservative solution VERY hard to open -- I eventually cut off the "bow tie."


The status is still given as " Waiting confirmation from Dante Lab."

You can get free whole genome sequencing done on this website for free in exchange for answering surveys about your health:

Well, no; not quite that simple: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/718053/startup-company-nebula-genomics-using-different-business. The $99 low-pass sequencing that Nebula offers is essentially useless because it's only 0.4x coverage, or "resolution"; doesn't even look at the whole genome and doesn't perform multiple passes to resolve potential no-calls or allele disagreements.

The "free" sequencing does seem to be 30x coverage; perfectly respectable and useful. But my understanding is that it requires a minimum of 1,000 "points" to get a free test. One of our WikiTreers registered, answered every question available to answer, and also uploaded his raw data from AncestryDNA and 23andMe. That garnered him a total of 650 points. Presumably the only way to top those remaining 350 required points is for one of Nebula's research or pharma partners to take interest in your profile and pony-up the difference to start the test.

On their Twitter feed, Nebula announced they went live on 16 November 2018, same date as the G2G post linked above. But two-and-a-half months later I can find no mention anywhere of any 30x WGS tests having been qualified for and started. In fact, I can't find any news or press releases about them at all since that mid-November announcement. Their Twitter feed contains some interesting general news about genetics, and some self-congratulatory posts about things like being finalists for the March SXSW 2019 "Pitch" Award for start-ups, and co-founder George Church being featured in Newsweek's Creative Class of 2019. But nary a single, solitary mention anywhere of any WGS tests being performed. Not to say that none have; just that one would think it would be mentioned somewhere after two-and-a-half months if the company hoped to gain credibility with potential test-takers.

And thanks for visiting, Liberator26. But does that link to Nebula look quite a lot like an affiliate or associate link? As if you might be trolling here for commissions? The temperatures are gonna plummet there in Bucyrus, Ohio, over the next couple of days. Stay warm and safe!

Edited: "...Since that mid-December announcement" changed to "since that mid-November announcement." Yeppers. I can tell one month from another; I can read a calendar...

Ed, that was the first thing that came to my mind as well but I was on my mobile so you beat me to it to check the IP address.

At least state it's an affiliate link or that the posted is from this company. There is no harm done. But by doing it in such a sneaky way it's way more suspicious and leaves a bad taste.

Thanks Ed for clarifying on Nebula and it almost needs a separate thread? Care to open a new one and write it?

Hey, Andreas. I started a thread on Nebula two days before this one: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/718053/startup-company-nebula-genomics-using-different-business. But I admit I haven't been monitoring their progress, other than their being a follow on my Twitter account. I did register with Nebula, but didn't proceed through the questionnaires toward the potentially free WGS. The Dante Labs option became available almost simultaneously with Nebula's launch, and I decided to go that route.

FWIW, on the Dante front, I expected no status as of yet because it's only day 50 since my sample arrived at their New York office and I logged into my account just to see. No status as of yet.  laugh

I saw that you purchased the external drive--in order to receive the BAM file--at the same time you ordered the test. I didn't. I dropped them an email today asking if it's better for me to buy that now, in advance of the sequencing completion, or wait until the test is finished. Not knowing if the HD would be prepped at the lab in China or by Dante in Italy or New York, I may have made a mistake by not purchasing the HD option at the time of the original order, like you did. We'll see.

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It's our plan to eventually not only offer matching and comparison on the current raw DNA data size (650-750k SNP's) but also on NGS data.

So the URL to note is Your DNA family - please check out our feature list (though NGS isn't explicitly mentioned there.

To go ahead with exploring it I have ordered Dante's test myself. It has the benefit of giving me more detail on the mtDNA (where I'm currently stuck on H4a1a via 23andMe) and hopefully on Y-DNA as well (stuck on E-V13). With FTDNA I would have to pay a lot more for their specific mtDNA and Y-DNA tests and wouldn't even get a full sequenced genome of my autosome on top!

So IMO this is a great offer (Disclaimer: I don't have any financial interest with Dante DNA labs or relation other than now being their customer) and they've got excellent reviews (albeit those reviewers got the test for free):

DNA Sequencing Reviews for Dante Labs

Dante Labs Full Genome Sequencing: A Medgadget Review

The future for DNA genealogy is bright, though the massive amount of data will bring new challenges (in that I agree with you, Ed) but it will also solve the problem that we do have now (low overlap between different versions of DNA tests or between different vendors, eg. 44.3% for FTDNA vs Ancestry or 14%/13.3% between 23andMe vs FTDNA or Ancestry!

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Rebekah clearly states the following (but please read her whole article as it's very informative):

Dante Labs' whole genome tests are running on BGI equipment in China.*

Are you OK with that?


Very well, keep reading…

It costs more than $199 US to run a whole genome on the BGISEQ-500 equipment BGI in China is using. It even costs more than $899 US. At the coverage they are testing, the real cost of lab equipment time and materials for one human genome is very likely just about $1000 US. That means that part of the cost of running the test is coming from someplace else and someone else has a vested interest in your DNA results. It means that you are both a customer and a product.

Are you OK with that?


Very well, keep reading…

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