Do you know about Richard Buckland (abt 1775) or his family?

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I've been tracing my family history along with my brother (a trained archaeologist) and mother and we have got as far back as 1775 (not all that far I know).

The persons name is Richard Buckland (abt 1775), also suspected to be known as Richard of Lyndby. His wife's name is Elizabeth Davis (abt 1778) and they got married in 1798. We have been told they had a son called Herbert Buckland (abt 1820) though we have not seen records of this so the link is quite weak.

I am wondering two things. Firstly does anyone know if this link between Herbert and Richard is true? (we are able to follow our history back to Herbert Buckland via Birth, Marriage and death documents).

Secondly does anyone know the father of the Richard Buckland in question as this is as far as our searching has got us.

So far the male line of my family has been mostly around Nottingham, England.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get as much together as possible for my sick father. He has always been interested in the history particularly that of his ancestory but sadly he has not been able to look into it as much as he would have liked and now has terminal cancer. I would like to be able to present him with as much info as I can before he's unable to enjoy it.

I am not currently a member of this site but if someone would like to invite me I'd be more than happy to join in and help out with what ever I can.
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There is a Buckland Family History Book by Timothy Buckland.  He has done extensive research into the Buckland family from England til the late 1980's. Its available online and there is little cost.  I do own one but since I've recently moved I haven't unpacked all the boxes yet.  Once I find it and you are on here I will try to help you out if I can.
by Beth Buckland G2G Crew (330 points)
Hi im Karen Buckland
Hi, I have recently started to do my family tree, I saw that you mention the book by Timothy Buckland, could you please let me know where to look, I have looked and looked but no success, from what can tell a majority of my family are from England.

Thanks so much

Samantha Buckland
My mother was a Buckland, with no family to be found after late 1700  in england which makes me think they came from somewhere to england , may be from spain through  Ireland  and might have been gypsies, I have a rare blood type which I got from my mother, A rhd Negative  which is found mostly in Basque people and Irish,   the DNA I did  which I thought would be mainly English was only 35.1%  while North & Western European was 64.9% so really thinking there are some Spanish Irish Buckland family some where, Also my mother had very dark olive skin and my brother also and me, my father was lily pink.. any info would be great...

Cheers Diane

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