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Trying to find info on John Carroll (b.Dublin 1839) & Alice Kelch (father Matthew Kelch). That's all the info i have on them. I think they may of lived in Tallaght Dublin & Templeogue Dublin. Info & dates of their children, parents and siblings would be extremely grateful.
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Anthony, there's a John Carroll living with wife Alice, two of their children and a grandchild in the 1901 census in Tallaght. The 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses are freely available at

If you then pop over to another key and free resource,, you'll quite easily find Alice Carroll died in 1904.

That took me less than five minutes. I will not be reading any more of your posts because I believe them to be made in bad faith or at the very least with no effort whatsoever on your part, given the above resources have been pointed out to you multiple times on previous requests posts of a similar nature.
answered by Jason Cottrell G2G6 Mach 1 (14.1k points)
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Jason the info you've stated above i researched and found myself at the exact same sites. I'm trying to find out who john's parents were & also alice's parents as I genuinely can't find them anywhere
And i've written all my requests on here with absolute truth & honesty, so your comment about me writing requests in bad faith has extremely disheartened me very very much.
Anthony, part of the issue, as I see it, is you don’t link to the profile you are referring to.

Therefore we cannot see the work you have already done and what sources you have found.

Also learning to cite your sources is important. It takes time a little to learn but well worth it. Just seeing find a grave but no more info is unhelpful.

The help button leads to the help index, which is full of useful info.

Yes you are welcome to come back and ask for help, we would just like to know you are growing and benefiting from your interactions here.
I don't understand what you mean that i'm growing and benefiting from my interactions Marlon i'm completely new to family research & i was under the impression that's what this site all about asking for help with the difficult parts of your family & every post I've put on here has been with the utmost honest and if you read my above post i have researched the sites all stated above & have the info recorded on them
That's due to the fact that I don't know how to Marlon
Okay, when you find a source there can be a bit that says cite this source, or gives you info you want to put in bio. So you ‘copy’ the info go back to your profile,go to edit mode. Go to where in the bio you want this new info. Write what it is in basics  say John was born in 1999 then you go to the C button at the top of the bio part click it. Next to 1999 will be <re>insert here</r.ef>. That insert here is where you put your cursor and click paste.

That should do it.

Further down the page you should put

==Sources ==


Then go to the bottom to preview changes click to see what the results will be. If you are happy click save chang s

Anthony, if you had found that family in the 1901 census then surely putting that in the question would have been helpful - all of your posts have included outline information only with no background of what research you had done and a comment to the effect that's all you know. I certainly am not attempting to start an argument or to dishearten anyone regarding genealogy but if you had that information already, stating that fact would i) given far more to go on and ii) removed the need for anyone else to repeat the process. A name like Cornelius (John and Alice's son) is gold dust for research because it's rare enough that you can be virtually certain the family in Tallaght in 1901 is them.

If you find parents for anyone in Ireland born in the 1840s then you are certainly doing better than most - the chances of any sources for that period being unavailable are slim to none. Again, that's not to be disheartening, that's just to manage expectations.

Cornelius' birth registration is here - in Dublin rather than County Wicklow.

He was a widower when he married Katherine Redmond in 1914.

He first married Ellen Jones in 1911.

Good luck with your research.

thanks for your help guys
+2 votes has four children for John and Alice (Kelch) Carroll.  Bridget born 26 Jan 1868 at Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland.

A son, Christopher was born 1 Jan 1870 in Dublin, Ireland,

Also, Catherine was born 22 Feb 1871 at Dublin, Ireland.

Alice was born 5 Sep 1873 at Templeogue, County Dublin, Ireland.

Have a Good Christmas and New Year!
answered by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
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Anthony, he emailed me and I am pretty sure you are both related.  I think his Mom is your Aunt???  I am waiting for his email meanwhile, I will tell him to email you so you can get together and compare family. Regards, Kathy
answered by Kathy Landi G2G1 (1.5k points)
That's fantastic news kathy

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