Update: Scan-A-Thon is on; Nor'Easters are in!

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We are now in the first ever Scan-A-Thon where you scan in photos and documents on profiles to help increase the look and the sources for these profiles. There is a limit of 10 uploads to each profile.

We party runs until Monday, January 14, at 8 AM (ET). (Eastern Standard Time is GMT -5.) There will be video chats every few hours with updates on how the event is going and prize drawings.  Winners get to choose between a Scan-a-Thon t-shirt of coffee mug.

This is the Official Nor'Easter thread for the event. Please post with what you are doing. Thanks!

Team and user tracker.

WikiTree profile: Space:Nor'easters_Team
asked in The Tree House by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (172k points)
edited ago by Steven Tibbetts
You are probably like me and get distracted. Get the horse blinders on. LOL
I want to make a page for unidentified photos, but I'm not sure how to name it - with my surname since they are my photos? Or do I use the surname of the family from which the photos came - Pike, my great-grandparents?
I'm guessing either would work but if you make it with your name and leave it open you could get help from people with ANY photos you upload there instead of needing a new space page for every family.
Thanks, I was kind of thinking asking those lines
How did we do yesterday?


You realize that is from the team and user tracker link at the top of the page right?
Nope, I didn't!  But I can truly say I learned a LOT about this website this weekend!!


Is an excellent sourcing primer. Hope that helps.

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The page says only the first 10 pictures count in the challenge.Help page

answered by Anonymous Grand'Maison G2G6 (6.9k points)

Only 10 images per profile

WikiTree isn't meant for storing large collections of family photos. If everyone scanned all their childhood photos and put them on WikiTree we couldn't remain a free website. Other websites are designed for photo storage. We are a genealogy website.

Therefore, we have made the rule that only the first 10 uploads to a profile count. That is, if you're uploading more than 10 photos of the same person, only the first 10 will count toward your Scan-a-Thon score.

Thus a tactful way of saying "please don't upload your whole album of photos to your own profile." Yes, you can put 11 or 12 or 14. But only the first 10 will count to avoid 50 on each profile.

10 per profile, I believe.
My gosh, Steve. That was fast! Beat me by seconds.

how do we know our photo uploaded is counted?

Is it any public ie do green padlock open profile or just white padlock open and what if I change profile status after I upload? 

I have the same question because I've uploaded more than one photo today.
If it successfully uploaded it should count up to 10 per profile or space page. The 11th photo uploaded to the same profile by you won't count.

The user and team tracker link is at the top.
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Here's a Big ole Howdy Y'all, 

from the 

Southern Super Sweepers!

Happy Scanning!!!

answered by Loretta Corbin G2G6 Mach 4 (46k points)
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please add me to your team. Thanks
answered by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Mach 7 (77.4k points)
Cabin assignment has been made. Welcome aboard.
Hi Dawn. Thanks for participating as a Nor'Easter! What are you going to be working on?
Hi Chris, I am starting on Woodlawn Cemetery, PEI, then an assortment of family photos, most of which are east coasters.
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This is the link to the G2G post about the video calendar.

So far we have 18 members listed.
answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (172k points)
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Legacy Heirs would like to wish you a super Scan-a-thon! We are glad to be participating with you all.

answered by Lisa Murphy G2G6 Mach 3 (33.9k points)
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Good Luck Everyone from Team Missouri!

answered ago by Paula Reinke G2G6 Mach 3 (31.5k points)
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 The Flying Dutchmen -Vliegende Hollanders wish you all a lot of fun and good luck this weekend !

answered ago by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (236k points)
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I have a box of family photos I'll be scanning. I'm tired of it taking up space on my desk and this event is the perfect way to encourage me to finally upload them for posterity.
answered ago by Judi Stutz G2G6 Mach 1 (19.3k points)
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Sorry I have been so slow to start on the scan-a-thon.  I seriously misunderstood the rules when I signed up!  I am going to my mother's house in the morning and I will see if there are any photos that I can scan in tomorrow afternoon.
answered ago by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Mach 6 (67.2k points)
Just do what you can when you can.
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... and away we go! (Sorry - Just got home from work!)

answered ago by Scott McGrath G2G1 (1.9k points)
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Sadly, my neighbor just died so I'm going to be a little busy helping to get things sorted out. Best of luck on the Scan-a-thon.
answered ago by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (172k points)

my mother in law just died also, and I had to put our elderly dog down. We were besieged with emotions, but I was glad I could do something to get outside of myself

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You all are doing so well! I've discovered virtually everything I want to add images for are profiles that need serious cleaning up. I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel, but at least the profiles will be vastly improved. If not for the encouragement of this challenge I would have continued to procrastinate.
answered ago by Karen Fuller G2G6 (8.3k points)
I hate to encourage procrastination but Images, lady, THEN go back and fix them. LOL
I'm actually having to create profiles! I'm not doing a "good" clean up, but some of these are flagged as having no sources and other artifacts from GEDCOM uploads when WikiTree was started. That's a LOT of procrastination.
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Good job so far everybody.  I think I'm done for this challenge.  I still have more unidentified photos and more recent snapshots that I could add, but I'm feeling a bit burnt out from staring at my computer screen all weekend.

Most of what I've added are professional photographs from between about 1850-1920.  I've tried to create and source profiles as I go; I feel like I've created a lot of connecting work for the future.

It's amazing to see what we've been able to do as a team so far and what the whole of WikiTree has accomplished.
answered ago by Brian Lamothe G2G6 (9.8k points)
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Congrats on a fine finish and an amazing number of improvements to our global tree, from Team Acadia!

answered ago by Stephanie Ward G2G6 Mach 3 (38.1k points)

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