Former President George H W Bush has died

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He died Friday 30 Nov 2018. He was 94 years old.

His profile has already been updated and is now open.
WikiTree profile: George Bush
in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (749k points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
I think it is just fine.
The US Presidents project, that manages the profile will take the lead at this point.
Thank you Robin. I hope they consider my request.

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Respect is not given to anyone, they earn it. George H. W. Bush has earned his respect over and over. If  it  according to Wikitree rules then people from the US should be  able to honor him this way. So his profile is open, does that hurt anyone? Is it a danger to national security? No on both counts. I am all for opening his profile.
by Jerry Dolman G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
selected by Debbie Parsons
I think people honor and respect in different ways. Some wish for a few moments of silence. Others ask for prayer. Perhaps we operate in the area of our expertise, which is to honor our ancestors, our ancestry, and even our remote relations by providing them with the best profiles and best research information we can.

I'd rather open the profile and give those the opportunity to memorialize former President Bush through his profile than hold it back and wait. If anyone prefers to wait, there's nothing stopping them from doing so.
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Wouldn’t it wait until after he was buried? I mean, I am not American, but kinda feel odd about doing it so soon.
by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (805k points)
It is pretty common on this site to add the details of a notables passing as soon as it has been announced.

Usually because the profile would have been unlisted, and we now can have access to it and see it.

I felt the same way as Marion back in June when John Julius Norwich died.  I suggested waiting a few days out of respect until the poor man was buried, but others felt that opening his profile straight away was a sign of respect. And 'the others' prevailed, and so his profile was opened.

The condition to open a profile is that a person has died and not that he or she has been buried.
Thanks Ros, glad I’m not the only one who sees waiting as a sign of respect.
Of course "the condition" is that he or she has died.  All I'm saying is - "show a little respect, please" and wait a few days.  But I can see this is a losing battle.... so I will shut up now.
I guess I’m on the other side where I think it should be opened right away. To me it is a sign of respect to just look at it and remember and even add an item if it is available. I went to high school and college with one of his kids and he spoke at the high school and college graduations.
This. Another aspect that has come up now with living people being unlisted, is imo that opening the profile right away prevents from making duplicates. In the case of dying presidents that might not be such a big problem as it should be known that all presidents have their profile here, but there are more than enough artists of any kind that still don't have a profile. So opening a profile in the moment when it becomes public someone died prevents that a user accidently creates a dupicate profile.
I agree with Ros and Marion on this one.

The findagrave source, I really felt was premature. Apparently the linked memorial has now been removed.
Helen, The memorial is still on his profile. I agree there should be no link to FAG until at least after he has been buried but everyone is in a big hurry now.

I also checked and he was a 17th cousin of mine.
It was removed from Findagrave. I've added an older memorial.
Aaron, How can you have a grave location when he has not been buried yet? I would consider that a false source at best.
The memorial linked also has links to others who are still alive, so it should be removed from both WikiTree and Find a Grave.
Sigh. Same problem as finding profiles for unlisted (therefore living) people in cemetery categories on WikiTree.

It would be nice if we could afford to wait a few days before opening the profile as a sign of respect but the sad truth is that it's more practical to open it right away, for many reasons.

Because his burial place was known ahead of time. See Death and state funeral of George H. W. Bush The findagrave memorial was created way back on 7 Jan 1999, by Findagrave. His son's memorial also has a note saying *–This is a future burial site, same for his wife.

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I'm amazed. I last looked at his profile before the 'new' security rules were added. While our relationship got three points closer (was 14th.2x now 11th.2x) the common ancestor dropped from 309 to 2.

Given this development, I wager a similar sort of thing would happen with Bush Jr
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
Hang tight Richard, we are doing a "scrub" of his ancestors.
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Added another connection to his family this afternoon - we'll see if it changes any of the connection paths tonight. If anyone is curious, it's with this Aunt:

Her spouse was not there, so I added him and her husband's family was already out on WikiTree. I thought when I saw the LNAB of Clement, that there might be a Mark Twain connection (and might still be) but I didn't see an obvious one. Plus his name is Clemens, so there would have had to been some "adjustments" up the line somewhere to align them together.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (810k points)
Exactly what we are finding....lots of aunts and uncles with no spouses, and once you add that family.....lots of new connections.
One more and then I've got to get back to some others. (James Smith Bush) - another Uncle of George HW Bush - married Janet Newbold - she had a brush with fame as one of the most beautiful women in New York. Her photo of "woman in mirror" with the Tiffany's ad was all over the place at one point in time. If you look at her Find A Grave someone has placed another beautiful photo of her as well. Either way, she did not have a profile, so once I added her, I was able to successfully trace her line back up to a chain existing in the 1700's on WikiTree. The links should update tonight.

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