Euroaristo - project box or sticker?

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I'm thinking that most everything will get a sticker.  What raises a profile to the level of the project box?
asked in Policy and Style by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (295k points)
edited by SJ Baty

Stickers are a type of template, SJ.

Are you asking about Project Box templates versus Sticker templates?

yes, I'm asking what is the Euroaristo criteria for project management.

The European Aristocrats Project page should give you guidance on that project's criteria for why particular profiles are included in that project.

Any profile managed by a project is required to have a project box template displayed, and vice versa (if project box is displayed, project management is required). There may be a exception if another project also manages the profile.

Also, if the profile displays the Project Protected Profile banner, project management and project box are also required.

Some projects have stickers that replace the project box if project management isn't necessary. In this case you would not use both templates on the profile. However, other stickers may be used on a project-managed profile.

If I haven't cleared some of your confusion on this topic, just post again - but only probably only confuse you more!!wink

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Project Box = Managed by the Project.

Not sure I see the point of the sticker, except that it replaces the old template, and the alternative would have been to remove it.
answered by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (416k points)
Ok, lemme try this again:

Euroaristo - template or sticker?

"I'm thinking that most everything will get a sticker.  What raises a profile to the level of Project Management?"
RJ gave you the answer: Project Box = Managed by the Project.

So only a profile managed by the project would get the Project Box.  It is decided by the leadership of the Project whether or not they will manage the profile.  I don't know about other Projects, but for the England Project you have to fill in a form, and they get back to you.  There are many eligibility criteria - it is an entire person's job!

If it was managed by someone else (say you or I), it would get the sticker.
That answer doesn't address my question.  I'm asking what is the criteria for a profile to be managed by the project.
SJ, at the moment which profiles are managed by the project is a bit random.  Changes to projects means that any profile that has a project template and is project protected (PPP) has to be managed by the project.

However eventually you are right most of these will have the PPP removed and the template changed to a sticker and shouldn't automatically be managed by the project.

The profiles that I see as being important to continue to be managed by the EuroAristo project (in fact 3 sub-projects with their own templates) are those that are either, important historically/genealogically (Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Alfred the Great come to mind) ;

or where there is some ongoing discussion because sources differ or can't give an exact answer as to dates/relationships and we are often relying on various theories.
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It depends on the Project so I can only answer the part of your question where you ask, what raises a profile to the level of the project box: 

If there are a lot of duplicates or if there is a high risk a profile or family is (still going to be) duplicated a lot or if for example the LNAB needs protection for many projects these are criteria to Project Protect Profiles (PPP).  PPP automatically raises a profile to the level of the project box...

Because now if a Profile is PPP't it should also have the proper project account added as co-manager + the proper project box added (above the content ==Biography==)

And as RJ also explained: Project Box and Project Account always go together now, so if a profile has a project account added as co manager, the profile get's a Project Box (and the other way around) if the profile needs project management, so if there's a Project box added to a profile, but the project account is still missing, it should be added as co-manager.

If a profile doesn't need PPP and if there's no need for Project Management, so if the profile has an active manager that does a great job, and if they all are well sourced and don't need any help, stickers (or categories) can be added, all stickers go below the content ==Biography== 

The difference between stickers and project boxes also varies, some stickers also will add the profile to one or more categories and some are just telling something about the profile/person.. Project Boxes should not be removed by anyone from Project managed profiles, but stickers can be removed if a manager doesn't like the stickers added to profiles he or she manages...

answered by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (238k points)
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SJ, Let me try to explain. I have a friend who has won multiple Grammy's as a recording engineer. He has a Wikipedia page so he qualifies for the Notables project. That project states that they want to manage any profile for living people who have profiles and qualify for the project to help avoid the creation of duplicates. If I create or manage a profile for one of my relatives who is deceased but also qualifies for the Notables project the project does not need to manage his profile unless there is a reason to PPP it so in that case his profile would only need the sticker. Both cases the profiles are part of the project but if the project took on managing all profiles in the project they would become overwhelmed very quickly.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
What about for all of the other notables who don't warrant project management?  Sticker can be removed by anyone - is there any designation, besides the sticker that indicates they're part of the notables project?  category perhaps?
Yes, there is a category.

SJ, while it's true that any full WikiTreer can remove a sticker from an open profile, that is true for ALL of the text in the Edit Text box. But we generally trust our fellow WikiTreers to follow the Honor Code and the relevant style guidelines when adding or removing stickers.

If a fellow WikiTreer is not following these guidelines, then we can  attempt to resolve the situation together through communication and education.

From my reading of the rules, collaboration is required for bio text but not for stickers.  Any member can arbitrarily remove stickers and you can't put them back, very different than just text.  That rule always seemed a bit unilateral to me, but its the rules:

Stickers can be removed by any contributor to the profile. They should not be added back without communicating with this contributor. 

(emphasis [bold] not mine - that's on the Help:Stickers page)

And I've read some threads on G2G wherein some members HATE stickers and remove them every time they see them and refuse to budge and allow them to be put back.  All profiles they encounter are now sticker free.

Seems rather rude!  Well I guess it depends on the sticker, but it seems like a nice little highlight to a special profile - I use very few but They are nice on those profiles - like the Military ones - Honor our vets - always nice of the Ones about where someone came from - then in a quick glance you can see if that is where you have people from too - I have changed some stickers that were wrong - and that is because they were using the wrong sticker that had rules within a project - but I would not take away a sticker unless it was really wrong - and I would tell the PM about it too

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