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To All,

I was out of town for over half of the month of November due to a family emergency.  When I returned I found four requests for merges of one of my profiles and another user's profiles.  In addition, I knew there were three merges that I had just begun to work on when we got the phone call that necessitated our trip.  Also in addition, I found that a family member had joined WikiTree, created several duplicate profiles with my own, then closed his account.

Now I suppose these could have been managed if just the one merge was all that was required.  However, in all cases save one, there were spouses and children to merge.  In one instance I worked on the merge but there was a discrepancy between the mother's date of birth and the child's.  I knew it would take additional research to determine if either or both dates were correct.  I had to stop and keep my therapy appointment.  I also had another medical appointment the next day.  So I left a Public Comment on both profiles stating what happened and that I would work on it again when I returned home after my medical appointment.  When I called up the profiles I found that someone had already completed the merge.  I could only assume that the merge was too critical to wait a half-day for me to return home from seeing my doctor.  I sincerely hope they did the necessary research on the mother's and child's dates of birth.

I am way behind on my Christmas shopping and so far my husband has done all of the decorating by himself.  So, I'm asking could we please have a moratorium on merge requests until 15 Jan?  I think most WikiTree members will be reasonably recovered by then.
asked in The Tree House by Judy Wardlow G2G6 Mach 1 (18.4k points)
If you don't have time, let other people do it.
To All,

My experience with others doing merges for me has not been a particularly good one.  However, I understand the point that has been made and consider myself properly chastised for not considering the community as a whole.
I can understand your stress here - I get that way too but you can always check and make sure all is well- if you feel information may have been lost look at the changes tab and you can get to the old merged away profile memory and see if it has something that was not carried over and add it back in - as to research needed you make yourself a note in your to do list and get to it when you have time - happy holidays to you Judy

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While I understand that you are having serious time problems, you must remember that WikiTree is a world-wide site and many of its users are not celebrating Christmas or any other holiday at the moment. Not to mention that many users are likely to have more time to devote to WikiTree during the holidays rather than less.

A moratorium on all merges to ameliorate issues for a limited number of members doesn't seem fair to those who aren't in need of such a measure and may be inconvenienced by it.
answered by Deb Durham G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
selected by Steven Harris
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You can postpone each merge until you get more time to review it.  I am guessing that you can go to Find then select pending merges. Then select merges pending action by me. With each merge, there is an option to postpone.
answered by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Mach 5 (55.6k points)
And that being said, merges should not be indefinitely postponed by profile managers for personal reasons. Unmerged matches should not persist. Profiles do not belong to their "managers" and unless they are living or close family members (compared to the collaborator), if you do not have time to collaborate it is best to yield management to those who do unless they are clearly erroneous.
Thank you, Nathan.  I was not aware this option was available.

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