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Can't tell if my DNA linked to this site or not.  Can someone tell me if it is linked.
asked ago in Genealogy Help by Geraldine Eversole G2G Rookie (220 points)

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Hi Geraldine,

It appears that your AncestryDNA test is reflected on your profile and also on some of your ancestors that I checked. For new ancestors that you add, it can take up to 24 hours for the DNA test info to propagate to those profiles.
answered ago by Rick Peterson G2G6 Mach 2 (24.8k points)
It appears under the DNA Tested section on the right side of your profile and appears under the DNA Connections section of your appropriate ancestor and cousin profiles.

Thank You.  How can I tell which ancestors the DNA is linked to?

Hi, Geraldine. If you're asking about DNA matching, Wikitree doesn't and can't do that because it can't view your actual DNA results. What it does is go by the genealogical connections recorded here in the tree.

Now that you've entered that you've taken a AncestryDNA test on your own profile, that information will propagate through the tree to every person shown who might share DNA with you. Autosomal DNA information, like your Ancestry test, will travel up to eight degrees of separation, eight birth events. That means your test info will appear up the tree as far as your 6th-great-grandparents (even though autosomal DNA isn't really useful that far back) and across the tree as far as your 3rd cousins...who can be goldmines of genealogical information.

On your own profile, if you click "Test Details" under your own DNA kit information--or use this link as a shortcut--it will list everyone to whom your test information has been propagated. It isn't DNA matching, but it can give you great clues about cousins you might want to look into for further research.

Edited to add: As new profiles are added that connect to you in the tree, your DNA test info will propagate to them in overnight batch operations...and theirs to yours, provided they've also taken a test. It's automatic; no one needs to do anything. Add more of your own ancestors, connect to branches of the larger tree, and those connection possibilities can spread out impressively far.

Keep in mind, though, that because it's automatic things can look like they're in flux one day to another. For example, someone could change a marriage or parental relationship on the tree at, say, one of your 3rd cousin's great-grandparent's, and the next day you could see whole blocks of profiles appear or disappear as "DNA Connections" depending upon the relationship changes made.

And again, keep in mind that for any new profiles and/or changed relationships on WikiTree, the DNA test info may take up to 24 hours to propagate or re-propagate to/through those changed profiles/relationships.

Dangit, Rick. I was still typing.  laugh You're too quick for me...

Oops sorry Edison - didn't know that you were still replying. I just wanted to make her aware that since she has been adding to the tree today, some DNA connections may not appear right away.

Très bien! There will come a day when you're replying to me and thinking I've gone away--the messageboard equivalent of, "Can you hear me now? Hello? Hello?"--and I'll have been hunt-and-pecking my way through some gosh-awful-long tedious reply. The reply will post, take up multiple screens of scrolling space, and already be outdated in the discussion. The really scary part is that some of those are written on a tablet, not a keyboard.

Sigh. Life is hard when you're not a person of few words... crying

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