What is the Wiki policy about still-born births please?

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asked ago in The Tree House by Arthur Buckland-Pinnock G2G Crew (530 points)

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If you have that source and the child’s birth was over 100 years ago I would add the child. If it is more recent and immediate family are still alive I would tread carefully. In fact I would prefer for the mother to make the choice.
answered ago by Marion Poole G2G6 Mach 7 (74k points)
selected ago by Colleen Bake
OK, thanks Marion, - but is there a Policy or direction?

viz my grandmother had 9 sons and 2 daughters and 4 still-births in marked graves.

 My mother had 1 still-birth, my named sister Patricia and now in a marked grave.

This IS our family history, and although there will obviously be no genealogy attached to them, it IS part of my heritage.

I was just curious as to the general Wiki consensus about recording such events as I do not 'see' such facts recorded anywhere.

Thank you for your response and the 'living relatives' caution duly noted.
It is even helpful for genealogy to list them, because some sites and programs give research "hints" based on gaps between births.
Great answer Marion, I wish more thought that way. I have seen on findagrave messages to others and on findagrave complaint websites that rightfully so the deaths of children shouldn't be added by any stranger.
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I'm not aware of any site policy, but there was another recent discussion on the same question that might be of interest:

answered ago by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (218k points)
Thank you Dennis for the links.

I DID do due diligence by searching for any threads to my question BEFORE asking it.

Obviously I did not use the correct terminology because there was no response. Hence the question.

NOW that I have followed your links, my question has already been answered, I see.

My apologies for taking up your time unnecessarily. Put it down to a 'senior moment' and a newbie finding his feet.

My thanks for a fantastic genealogy frat that I should have discovered years ago but life got in the way :-))
No need to apologize.  It's tough to find things here, and I happened to remember that one because I participated.  There may be a newbie factor involved, but that doesn't qualify for 'senior moment' (I know something about those!)
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I don't believe we have a specific policy for stillborn infants, but Marion's advice is excellent, in my opinion!

My practice is to create a profile for the child if I have proper documentation - meaning a death certificate. The death certificate should have most of the information needed to create a profile, since the child would have the same birth date and location as the death date and location.

If the child wasn't named (no given names on death certificate and no other source for a name), use Unnamed Infant in the First Name fields.

answered ago by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (150k points)

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