The Quest for Parents for Sally Janette (Nichols) Rogers

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I first enoucntered Sally Janette (Nichols) Rogers several years ago. I've run across some connections that proved to be erroneous. I've found her in  6 census records; USA Census for 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880, and Minnesota State Census for 1875 & 1885. All list her birthplace was Connecticut, but none has an exact birth date. She's buried in Oregon. Findagrave has a specific birth date, but no indication of a source. Our WikiTree profile was created with that FAG info. I made a query to the keeper of the FAG monument a couple weeks ago about this. (No reply yet.)

I've ruled out the parents put forward by others. First, we had Philo & Caty (Curtiss) Nichols as parents here on WIkiTree. They had a daughter called Sarah Pamy, called Sally P. on her tombstone. But she stayed in Connecticut, where she is buried.

Secondly, James & Lucy (Beach) Nichols have been adopted pretty much universally as her parents on . But they had another child, a son called James, born 6 months earlier. So that doesn't work so well.

When it gets right down to it, there's no source for exact birth date, though all those Census records makes the window for that narrow, and the CT birthplace is consisten throughout, too. But I have yet to find a record that confirms that her LNAB actually is Nichols!

I have returned to Sally several times over the years. But all I've accomplished is to discredit parents proposed by others. I have yet to find her parents. And it's not for lack of trying!

It's time to put this out for assistance. Anybody have any insights or inspiration?
WikiTree profile: Sally Rogers
asked in Genealogy Help by Elizabeth Winter G2G6 Mach 6 (63.6k points)
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Is it possible she was born and married in England?
answered by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
I don't think so. Here's why: 6 different Censuses enumerate her as born in Connecticut.
I have a document put together in 1966 by granddaughter Myrtle Nash that states that Sally Jenette Nichols was born in Connecticut 13 November 1812.  Sally gave information to the 1880 census in Danville, MN that her parents were also born in Connecticut, although she doesn't supply the parents' names or location in CT.
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Her first child, Sarah Ann Rogers,  was born 7 January 1830 in Greenfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  The next four children were also born there.  The rest were born in Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wisconsin.

If anyone has any evidence of where and when she and John Edwin Rogers were married, that MIGHT give a clue as to where she was born.  I have seen a lot of "genealogies" that say they were married in Sidney, Delaware County, New York, but I have never seen any evidence to substantiate this.

She is my 2ndf great grandmother.
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Familytree app has her as 2769-LY2. Parents Philo Nichols and Caty Curtis,both from Connecticut.
answered by Wendy Haylor G2G1 (1.9k points)
You will have to explain this more than a string of 7 digits. How does that string of 7 digits show her parentage? Philo and Caty Nichols have a different daughter called Sally/Sarah, with some good old fashioned sources, who was born, married, raised her family and died, all in the same area of Connecticut. There are no instances of the family giving multiple children the same name, save the occasional necronym.

Please explain how a seven-digit number shows those are her parents.
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Hi, Sorry to not be clearer. The data file for Sally Janette Nichols is now 2769-LY2 after merging. There is a lot of documentation there. She is the wife of my second cousin, 6 times removed.

Here is the find a grave link.  Hope it helps!
answered by Wendy Haylor G2G1 (1.9k points)
I do not know what this means. Telling me there's a number assigned by some computer algorithm does NOT explain how they are related These people have a DIFFERENT daughter named Sally/Sarah who is not this person. I believe this Sally is NOT their daughter, and giving me some number does not show me that she is.

I asked "Please tell me how a seven digit number shows they are her parents" and the reply I got was a " data file number." I am not familiar with, and I have no idea what that number means. In fact, have no idea what you are talking about.

Is there some way you could explain what you said means? Because I have no clue.
BTW, the FAG link doesn't have any documentation or sourcing for that connection either. Someone put it, but that doesn't impress me as correct. Because that family has a DIFFERENT daughter called Sarah/Sally who grew to adulthood, right there in the same town. She's buried there.

I asked that it be disconnected a couple years ago, and it was. In the meantime, recently, someone connected it back again. But, again, there is no source. I have spent a lot of time looking for this woman's parents. I have yet to find a single source that connects her. (I do not consider a 7-digit number which is now "2769-LY2 after merging". After merging WHAT?

BTW, I have just visited, and I have no idea how to find 2769-LY2 there. I'm not particularly interested in opening an account there and spending a bunch of time learning how to use it. Would you please provide either a screen shot or else a summary of all that abundant info you claim is there, info that I have not succeeding in finding after putting in quite a bit of time looking for it in a variety of other venues.
One last thing, about relations. You reported that Sally (Nichols) Rogers' husband, John Edwin Rogers, is your 2nd cousin, 6x removed. Here's my connection:

Philo Nichols: 1st cousin, 6x removed

Caty Curtiss: 4th cousin, 7x removed

Their daughter, Sally P. (Nichols) Mallett's sister-in-law, Cordelia (Mallett) Wheeler, is my 3x great grandmother. I've done quite a bit of work in the area, based on photographing extensively in several early cemeteries.

I have no idea why you putting out a seven-digit number, that I have no idea where it comes from, is supposed to tell me that all my work is wrong. Would you be willing to try and convince me? Because I don't see anything to support it yet.
Elizabeth,  I share your frustration with attempting to find where Sally Jenette Nichols fits in.  I found a family tree on Ancestry by Linda Joyce Oldenborg that claims that Sally Pamy Nichols was born 23 Mar 1811 and Sally Jenette Nichols was born 13 Nov 1812 - both to the same parents.  I have attempted to contact Oldenborg as to where she got this relationship, but haven't heard back.  I am skeptical, but still awfully anxious to find where S J Nichols fits in.  She definitely did exist.

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