Y-DNA as confirmation of Scotland origins for John Witt, VA immigrant [closed]

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My question is whether the following DNA and paper evidence is sufficient to link Witt-1075 to Scotland.

John Witt/Whitt, the VA immigrant, has been well researched, but there were 2 likely candidates for his European origins (based on David Whitt's book of 2004): one from London and one from Scotland. Y-DNA & SNP testing for an established descendant & his brother has linked them to Scotland and the MacGregor Clan (White being a known branch with Quhyt, Qwhyt, Whyt, Whitt, Witt  as known variations). The brothers are participating in the various DNA projects for the Clan, and were recently granted acceptance into the Gregor Clan Society based on their application which also includes a paper trail. The likely Scottish ancestor is well documented in David Whitt's book & possible ancestors were thoroughly researched by a professional genealogist in Scotland. That person found Robert Quhyt (Qwhyt) as John's likely father, including a 1645 christening record which coincides with his estimated birth year. Based on additional information (siblings, uncles)  found by the researcher, several of those male given names were repeated in John's descendants. Interestingly there was also a 1636 record of a Robert Whytt (mariner) found in VA. Based on headright records, John Witt likely immigrated to VA as early as 1666.

I have also tested my brother's Y-DNA and will be adding the SNP tests needed to determine a Scotland connection. If positive, it will add additional evidence. He was a match to the brothers mentioned above (0 distance at Y-25), with our nearest common ancestor being John the immigrant.

It appears to me with the above evidence and extensive research, along with the DNA results which has been analyzed by experts, that adding Robert as John's father is warranted. Please let me know if there are concerns I haven't considered.

Thanks much! Holly
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Hello Holly,

Please see: https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Witt-1075/890 (it takes about 13 seconds to load)

Ron Witt is a direct paternal line Y-DNA tested descendant of William Witt (who is a son of John Witt, VA immigrant).

You need to Y-DNA test a direct paternal line descendant of William’s brother (Richard Witt).  If they are a sufficient Y haplotype match (e.g. matching 34 out of 37 markers or closer) then it would confirm you have the correct direct paternal line ancestry back to John Witt.

answered ago by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
But confirming descent from the immigrant won't confirm his possible Scottish origin.

You'd need somebody with a paper trail back to a non-immigrant relative of the immigrant.

And there's still the possibility that the London candidate had similar DNA, unless you know his ancestry.  There were always Scots in London, but especially in the Stuart era.

That's supposing you can really whittle it down to 2 candidates.

That's correct; we have no Y-DNA matches of a verified descendant of Robert Quhyt from Scotland, which would make it straight-forward. The Y-DNA analysis shows a Scotland connection through Haplogroup and SNP analysis. Both the Scottish and English candidates for John Witt's father were the result of searches by professional genealogists within those countries and are very thorough.  No researchers have found a record of John Witt's immigration to VA.

Your point is well taken that ancestors of the English candidate (Richard Whitt, b.1613 London) might have immigrated from Scotland to London.  I'm not versed in English/Scottish history enough to know whether immigration is plausible. All of the English records were Whitt/Witt, but that could be attributed to the scribe since "Quh" was pronounced W in old Scotland, and surnames were written by sound.

There are other bits of evidence in the 2 reports that might sway the case farther one way or the other (such as witnesses in christening records). I may follow those farther to their conclusion, but for now will simply capture the data we have in WikiTree, but not presume a father for John W(h)itt.

Thanks for your reply.


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